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update 20/11/2016

Insect Queen

Insect Queen
Monster TypeInsect
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeContinuous Effect / Trigger Effect


Cannot declare an attack unless you Tribute 1 monster. This card gains 200 ATK for each Insect-Type monster on the field. During the End Phase, if this card destroyed an opponent's monster by battle this turn: Special Summon 1 "Insect Monster Token" (Insect-Type/EARTH/Level 1/ATK 100/DEF 100) in Attack Position.

How to Get

Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--
OtherWeevil's starter deck


How to GetRarity
Weevil's starter deckUR


Not useful. Needs 2 tributes to summon and a tribute when attacking.


Summoning categoriesSpecial Summons Tokens
Stat changesThis card gains ATK
Attack categoriesMust Tribute to attack

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Hot New Top
Am i the only one who noticed its tits?
<< Anonymous(Reis)
Anonymous Reply
Those are eggs.
not really useful but fun play with it
<< Anonymous(Player J)
How it can be?
<< Anonymous(XBOCT)
Player J Reply
@XBOCT It can be because I made the deck. It is powerful! I have even unlocked my 100 Summon Insect Queen Mat. I duel with style! I am always in room 2 usually in chat. People have dueled against it several times.
<< Anonymous(Player J)
Enes Reply
Cam you post the deck?
<< Anonymous(Enes)
Enes Reply
You can make a great combo if you have Pinch Hopper beside you : when you are attacking with Insect Queen, you can tribute Pinch Hopper to special summon one (good) insect monster from your hand.
<< Anonymous(Dreekson)
Player J Reply
You are correct Dreekson! I have used this combo many times. In addition, you should tell the people that the best time to use the combo is when your monster zone has 3 monsters. The reason why is because when ever Insect Queen attacks she makes a weak egg at the end phase When you do your combo, Your monster zones have 3 monsters. Insect Queen egg weakness can't be applied. No more zones!
<< Anonymous(Dreekson)
Player J Reply
By doing these things you bypass all Insect Queen's weakness! You turn them into very powerful advantages!
Seriously? 2 weeks and it still hasn't been edited yet? Come on editors.
I have a hard time summoning insect queen. For some reason sometimes I still can't summon her even if I have two insect monsters on the field? Is anyone having this problem?
<< Anonymous(No)
Player J Reply
Pinch Hopper is the best way to summon her to be honest.
It's already been a while since I posted that someone should add that you can get a 2nd one from leveling Weevil up. Why hasn't it been edited yet?
How do you get a third queen I need it I already have 2 I need 1 more.
<< Anonymous
Reiss Reply
You can't.
I converted the Insect Queen I got from Weevil's starter deck for an Ultra Rare gem because I wasn't planning on using it. I got another one from leveling Weevil up so currently I still have one but I sort of want to summon her 100 times to get the playmat. Is there any way to get a third one besides farming him?
<< Anonymous(Wanda)
Daraw Reply
They should put other way to get Insect Queen... Getting only one is hard... They could put it as a reward from the Weevil.
<< Anonymous(Wanda)
Regiultima Reply
Use Exchange while playing with friends
Someone add that you can get a 2nd one from leveling up Weevil in the How to get
Hey guys, just because I see no one talking about this card here is what I think is the best way to use it. Use Pinch Hopper to get her on the field, then use worm bait to summon two insect tokens in defense position. Use Weevill's Insect Uprising ability at this time, and then tribute summon Empress Mantis using one of the tokens. Now you can attack the opponents monster with the Mantis, and the Life Points with the Queen, and since the queen isn't killing a monster she won't make that token in attack position. It's a cool little combo that avoids leaving you wide open and potentially doing some big damage.
Are there any cards/monsters that could change the position of the tokens? That would give this card some serious upside
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Anonymous Reply
labyrinth of nightmare?
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Resco Reply
Desert Sunlight, but that changes also the position of your Insect Queen.
Currently biggest insect that can be easily summoned using Pinch Hopper. The tokens produced by it's effect are very weak and can only be placed in attack position, making you vulnerable.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Heads up - that insect uprising (weevil effect) and tyrant dragon look promising (worm bait for weevils insect uprising...) Need a few more cards and I swear this deck is good!

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ID 736-107-171
I really want to see a good insect deck
If u didnt need to waste turns getting your health to 2000 then this skill would be great
Easily a 1000 damage burn card if played on your first turn. One of the best
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