Network Trap Hole

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update 06/02/2019

Network Trap Hole

Network Trap Hole
TypeNormal Trap


When your opponent Special Summons a monster(s) from the Main Deck or GY: Banish it face-down.

How to Get

PackSelection Box Vol. 02 [SR]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Gets rid of monsters Special Summoned from the Deck or Graveyard.
  • Banishes face-down making them hard to recover.


  • You must have this card ready when your opponent Special summons their monster.
  • Useless if your opponent does not Special summon from the Deck or Graveyard.



Traptrix Atrax allows you to activate Network Trap Hole from your hand or protect Network Trap Hole when it is activated on the field. Traptrix Dionaea sets Network Trap Hole from your graveyard letting you reuse it or at least scare your opponent into not Special summoning from their Deck and Graveyard until your next End Phase.


Hot New Top
What, nobody used this card against AG?

That was like, the entire reason they made this card available just before the AG structure deck lol
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yeah this is free card from card trader. No reason you shouldn't use it.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
People do open the Selection Box. There bounds to be some people who have at least a copy of this card.

So I find it weird that no one is using this card.
How can you get this card with out selection box vol 2
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You can’t unfortunately, not until it comes out in a future main or mini box or until the selection box comes back again
Honestly I always feel that somewhere during development, the R&D accidentally mixed up this card's effect with Break Off Trap Hole's effect.

Based on the name and artwork, Break Off Trap Hole's effect fits this card more, and vice versa for this card's effect and Break Off Trap Hole's artwork....
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yeah, I agree. It's weird.
Got 2 from my 10 gem purchasble packs, may run as tech in and try and see what traps I can substitute for this, may not be too great at the moment
I got 2 of this. So when The Vagabond appeared with Silent Magician deck, I destroyed his SM Lv4 and summoned Lv8 from the deck while I have this card face down, so what I was like "here she goes, be prepared!!" what happened next? NOTHING HAPPENED! The F! What was just happened what happened to this face down card?!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You defeated SM and she SS SM lv8 from deck. Well surely the "defeat" thing happened during damage step and during damage step, only counter trap and trap that modify Atk/Def value can be activated. This is neither one of those.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Sooooo..probably this a sucky card. Not gonna use it anymore. This is just for the blue-eyes and yubel. Not For that cancerous Silent choo-choos.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It works for vampires too.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
it can miss timing it similair to floodgate in this regard so if the sommon oquired as a chain it won't activate
GODDamn I hate Japs that get GOD hands!!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
My hate for hate for that is stronger, raged quit for almost a month ones.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I bet you also forgot all the times YOU get a godly hand
Just came back from vacation, is this card available? :o
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It's in the currently available Selection Box Vol. 02
Extremely powerful removal
I will run this once spellbook has been nerfed.
Going to be hilarious against Yubel.

**Rage quit**
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It should be good against a meme deck which loses and can not recover even from 1 Canadia sometimes
Ho Lee Fuk
Alright guys ... start the sensus ...
-Cosmo Brain (Partial)
-Amazoness Princess
-Silent Mag and literally all LV monster
-and so on
<< Anonymous(Ho Lee Fuk)
Anonymous Reply
Vampires when summon from gy too.
<< Anonymous(Ho Lee Fuk)
Breakin07 Reply
-Yubel... Hard.
Traptrix just got a buff. A huge buff.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Kind of but not really.

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