Special Duel Event [July 6 - July 12]

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Duek Carnival Event
update 16/04/2019

Event Details

Period July 6 - July 12

How to Play

1. Duel in a completely new way!

What is Special Duel?

Special Duel are Ranked Duels with certain conditions and restrictions to the Skills and Decks that you can use. Your rank placement is registered differently from your regular Ranked Duels placement, although the rankings and number of wins required to be promoted, remain the same. For example, you still need to acquire 4 wins to rank up from Platinum 5 to Legendary 1, and 5 consecutive wins to rank up from Legendary 3 to King of Games. Example scenario, if you are King of Games currently in regular Ranked Duels, you can still collect rank placement rewards from Special Duels since you will be starting the climb from Rookie rank.

2. Build a Legend Deck!

Legendary Decks

Legendary Decks are Decks specifically tailored to a particular Legendary Duelist, using Required and Optional Core Cards, and unique Legendary Duelist’s skills, as part of the Deck. The fact that it is mandatory to include these cards into your Legendary Deck (should you choose to play as that particular Legendary Duelist) makes certain Legendary Decks more advantageous than the others, because the Required or Optional Core Cards present more meta value and higher synergy with the latest tech / monster cards used prominently. For example, Masked Heroes have received wide players’ acceptance and usage currently, and it goes along well with Aster’s Legendary Deck, even when Destiny HERO - Plasma and Destiny HERO - Diamond Dude are the Required and Optional Core Cards to be included. This makes Aster’s Legendary Deck very advantageous over other Legendary Decks. Another example is Weevil’s Legendary Deck which requires you to include Insect Queen in the Legendary Deck, along with either Cocoon of Evolution or the Moth monster series as optional Core Cards. These cards must be included in Weevil’s Legendary Deck, and since all these cards are not competitive at all in the current meta, this makes Weevil’s Legendary Deck very unpopular and disadvatageous over other Legendary Decks. The key factors into customizing your Legendary Deck, are to take into consideration the Required Cards, and Optional Cards you need to have in that Deck, and analyse the synergy with the current popular monster effects/Spells/Traps, the possible combos which you can dish out, the relative strengths and weakness against other meta Decks, before you bring your customized Legendary Deck into Special Duels.

3. Duel in Special Duels at the PvP Arena!

4. Aim for King of Games!

Rank Up Rewards

Rookie Rank 2Golds x2500
Rookie Rank 3R Jewel x50
Bronze Rank 1SR Jewel x1
Bronze Rank 2Golds x2500
Bronze Rank 3R Jewel x50
Silver Rank 1Gems x50
Silver Rank 2Golds x5000
Silver Rank 3R Jewel x100
Gold Rank 1Gems x50
Gold Rank 2SR Jewel x2
Gold Rank 3UR Jewel x1
King of GamesGems x100

Regarding Legendary Decks

Skill Allowed

Skills Allowed are unique skills that are only accessible via a particular Legendary Duelist. Skills play an important role and synergy to go along with your customized Legendary Deck. Some examples of popular Skills used are Beatdown, The Tie that Binds, Silent Duelist, Psychic Onslaught, Transcendent Crystals. You will not be able to use regular Skills such as Restart, Balanced, Draw Sense series skills.

Core Cards

Core Cards are divided into Required and Optional Core Cards. Required cards are cards that you must include at least 1 copy in your Legendary Deck. Optional Core cards are a pool of card options that you can choose from, and must be included into your Legendary Deck according to the number of copies written. For example, Yami Yugi’s Legendary Deck has Optional Cards (2) whereby you can choose any 2 copies of: Slifer the Sky Dragon, Dark Magic Curtain, Dark Magic Attack, Thousand Knives, Illusion Magic, to include in your Legendary Deck. If the Required Cards listed are also listed in Optional Cards list, then you can just include at least 1 copy of that card and have another choice from Optional Cards pool in your Legendary Deck. If there are multiple Required Cards listed in the Legendary Deck for that particular Legendary Duelist, you must include at least 1 copy of each Required Cards in your Legendary Deck.

Required Cards - Alternative Art are counted as well excluding Yugi / Arkana Dark Magician

Regulation Details

Yami Yugi

Dark Magician Set

Required Cards
Dark Magician
Dark Magician

Black Luster Soldier Set

Seto Kaiba

Blue-Eyes Set

Joey Wheeler

Red-Eyes Set

Required Cards
Red-Eyes B. Dragon
Red-Eyes B. Dragon

Mai Valentine

Harpie Lady Sisters Set

Tea Gardner

Dark Magician Girl Set

Required Cards
Dark Magician Girl
Dark Magician Girl

Yugi Muto

Silent Magician Set

Weevil Underwood

Insect Set

Required Cards
Insect Queen
Insect Queen

Rex Raptor

Red-Eyes Black Dragon Set


Hot New Top
This seems like a really good idea by Konami. Definitely much better than this latest one. Bring this back!
These used to be fun because you had to use a specific deck type and it eliminated the unfun meta and pay to win people. Now just run exodia and you win but it's not any fun. Waste of a good moment to destress from not placing in the KC at all this year is all I see this as.
<< Anonymous(Ginjuri)
Anonymous Reply
It didn't make you use certain decks. All you were really forced to do was include a few certain cards depending on your character. Last year's special duels was a lot of fur hire. But even then there was still more variety because of that rule compared to this special duel.
My Special Duels King of Games Aster Phoenix deck.
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Valencia Reply
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Anonymous Reply
Too bad, its just another meta deck. ;)
<< Anonymous
Valencia Reply
Yeah, but it was a blast. ;)
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Anonymous Reply
My real rank is Legend 1.
But in special im KoG.
Why my name still "Yellow" :(
Wow I just got kog during last 3 minutes of the event with a classic DM deck... Thanks for the hard grind amidst all the masked hero, FH, and amazon.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Can you share your decklist please?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Im KoG too...
Bud sadly my name still (yellow) :(
Can you unlock skills by playing special duels or it is ranked only(besides gate)?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You can
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
why were special duels removed?
Very sad event. Meet only a few original decks(DM decks with Yami/Arkana) else just specific decks(Pegasus Relinquish) or only Meta decks(SSA/FH/Amazoness/MH). With loaner decks this could have been fun out of meta BS.
<< Anonymous(Xenon)
Valencia Reply
I don't like the monster design (especially murmillo), but I like how GB works. I call it the Gladiator Shuffle (dance).
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Xenon Reply
Yeah that's really nice. Especially with my Tea so I can run into def monster as I want w/o fear(okay only with very few effect monster/cards played during so). Yeah not everything is a beauty, but still they could draw them worse. (^.^)
<< Anonymous(Xenon)
Saladfingers Reply
The thing with Spellbooks is that the duels either end quickly (Turn 2 or 3) or end in the following century (usually against stall). I do feel Grass variants take a lot longer than Silent Spellbook though.
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Saladfingers Reply
There are 2 ways to counter Aliens: Stop their A-Counters or overwhelm their resources (every deck's weakness). If you can't stop their A-Counters, aim for card advantage and play accordingly. If you can't make +s like Spellbook, Amazoness, Heroes, Fur Hire, etc, then your matchup against Aliens gets, that could be the reason you have a hard time against Aliens.
Some dude
I would have liked the event to be 15 core cards and you could only change 5 cards. That would have been more fair and fun. Maybe 13 and 7....really, all I did was remove one super headlong and added to apophis. I lost the balance skill with this deck, but it still was quite a bit more powerful than the decks I faced. 'A new way to duel'....not really. Just another tiny restriction to overcome with meta. Fun, but kinda lame also. 13 to 7 or 15 to 5 would 🔥 meta in this type of event and be a lot more fun for everyone.
<< Anonymous(Some dude)
Saladfingers Reply
That would have made the event a lot more fun, and interesting. So much potential wasted.
Some dude
I used Odion with Geargia. Lost 4 times, maybe 5. I started yesterday night, got to Gold 2 with no loses. Lost and stopped. Started again today, lost my first and went back to Gold 1, went to Gold 3 and lost 1. Went to KOG. Ok, so, only 3 loses.
Reached KOG in special events in one day using that fur hire beatdown deck! it's definetly tier 0, everybody loses to it!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I lost to a Gold 3 to KOG 30-card Rookie Fur Hire player and he won. lol, this deck is definitely tier 0. Be careful though, Konami will probably 🔥 the deck with the Forbidden/Limited list if it gets out of hand in PvP and PvE events.
<< Anonymous
Some dude Reply
They are powerful. If I go first, I typically win against them. If they go first, and actually play a card, then I typically lose. If the match is not decided by who goes first, then I think I probably lose to them a little more than what I beat them. I am using Geargia right now with 3 canadia and 3 floodgate.
Last day are so much easier with meta slaves gone with my DM deck reaching KoG.
Paleozoic Witch Raider deck w/ Masked Change. Was able to reach KOG,got pretty lucky at the end against fur-sh*t deck w/ blue-eyes, probably bricked his hand.
<< Anonymous(Makelski)
Makelski Reply
Proof here.

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