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update 13/05/2017

Slifer the Sky Dragon

Slifer the Sky Dragon
Monster TypeDivine-Beast
Card typeNormal


The heavens twist and thunder roars, signaling the coming of this ancient creature, and the dawn of true power.

How to get / Rarity

Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--
Other1 Year Anniversary Reward [UR]




  • Potentially high attack depending on number of cards in your hand.
  • Its attack reduction on your opponent's monster is permanent.
  • Destroys monsters that your opponent summons if it's below 2,000 attack.
  • Can be special summoned, but will only last until the end phase.
  • Can still be useful even if it has low attack.


  • Difficult to summon.
  • Can only last for 1 turn if special summoned.


Tribute summoning

Getting the tribute fodders can be easy if you use tokens or Ra's Disciple, but it won't be good if you don't pair them with other cards that can take advantage of it. You will also need some protection spell/trap cards in order to tribute summon for the next turn, or use Double Summon instead, making it quite a heavy investment and can be bad if your opponent can counter it.

Special summon

Special summoning Slifer will only make it stay until the end phase, but it can still be effective if you summon it during your opponent's turn before they summon monsters. It can also still be good if you want an extra attack during your turn if you can secure the win.

Draw power

Draw cards for certain monster type/attributes like Wonder Wand, Cards of the Red Stone, or even Soul Transition can be good if your deck synergizes with them, but cards like Jar of Greed or Good Goblin Housekeeping can be used in almost all decks, and it can even work as a surprise attack increase for Slifer. Golden Bamboo can also be good if you can pair that up with cards like Maha Vailo or Mythical Beast Cerberus.

Dealing with set monsters

Since Slifer can destroy, or cripple your opponent's summoned monsters, people will often set their monsters to defend against an attack. You can use cards like Meteorain or Big Bang shot to inflict some piercing damage when attacking them, or you can simply go for direct attacks instead. You can use cards like Shadowslayer, Secret Pass to the Treasures, or Shooting Star Bow - Ceal. Gravity Axe - Grarl can also be helpful to keep them locked and prevent flip effects.





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Hot New Top

A cheat way to have 3 Egyptian god card on the field.
anyone know of a deck for him? I only know that the infinite cards card and him are the only two I got to make a deck thus far :P
<< Anonymous
Kolacic Reply
You can use this deck for farm too :) (7k+ points)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Guardian treasure combined with infinite cards is a way to quickly power up slifer. Also mausoleum of the emperor can help you get high level monsters on the field to stall. And the creator can also bring back powerful cards from the graveyard to tribute
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Heart of the underdog
Strong level 4 normal monsters. I like fusions lately. Thousand dragon, blue eyes ultimate, skull dragon, red eyes black, time wizard, 2 beastking of the swamp, and 2 blue eyes white. It compliments silfer because you still need 1-4 sacrificial cards, but enterchangable sometimes. Silfer can be special summoned?!?!?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Kinda difficult to build a competitive slifer deck right now, at least for me ... lol
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yeah :D
So the anime version have a effect most hardcore XD
The recent release of the third egyptian god it became interesting
With this card i have the victory assured
Kinda random and esoteric, I know, but I've been finding some success at the Platinum-Legend level using Slifer + Agent of Creation Venus
late comment, but hey why put the flavor text instead the effect text in this page
🔥ING STOOPID!! I have 2 tribute but me canno sumon slider!!i!1 this game dumb wtf
<< Anonymous(AnonPenguin)
Anonymous Reply
you went a long way for a bad pun lol

<< Anonymous(AnonPenguin)
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
For summoning Slifer the Sky Dragon you need three monsters on the field to sacrifice
<< Anonymous
Jabroni Reply
You realize this comment was probably made months ago?
I used this deck for pvp and it somehow helps me win several games, most especially against seto kaiba and his upgraded BEWD synchro decks.

1 Slifer the Sky Dragon
3 Silent Magician
3 Silent Magician Lvl 1
3 Ra's Disciple
3 Crystal Seer
3 Silent Burning
2 Three of a Kind
2 Photon Booster

Usually, this deck is tough to use since we need to get the needed cards to win. With this deck, I am not focusing on summoning slifer, but on winning using different card pieces.

For my first 5 games I won by OTK using the disciple-three-photon combo. I can definitely say this slifer variant is a bit consistent when it comes to winning games.
Where is a goood slifer deck including infinte cards I really want to know to farm out some duelists

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New banlist proves that this box failed to change the meta
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It will help. I can even defeat Trash Tier Witchcrafters right now with double destruction and af...
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