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update 25/02/2017

Petit Moth

Petit Moth
Monster TypeInsect
Card typeNormal


This small but deadly creature is better off avoided.

How to get / Rarity

Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--


Very low status and lowest class monster, but you need this card to summon Great Moth.


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At least it has a purpose...
Yes, this page needs to be updated that this card can drop from SDs. Just got a Petit Moth from an SD. I'm on Stage 60.
I dropped Petit Moth as a SD reward at stage 38.
YES I GOT IT from a random drop just now I'm at stage 55
YES I GOT IT from a random drop just now I'm at stage 55
i drop one from standard duelist few days ago
I should have taken a screenshot but I just got petit moth as a drop reward from a level 10 NPC. I will update you all if this happens to occur on my stage 59 account (with a screenshot).
Did u have a specific deck to summon PUGM? & thanks
Its not a weevil drop, i converted it too and am stuck on stage 59
<< Anonymous
bobda Reply
so we will stack at stage 59
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
duel Weevil lvl 10, he runs Petit Moth. You then have to take it with Exchange, or destroy it and revive it with Autonomous Action Unit, or take control of it twice with Enemy Controller (don't know if this works though: I don't know if the equipped Cocoon destroys itself when Petit Moth returns control)
<< Anonymous
BoBda Reply
well we have to try it.Thanks for the tip
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I converted mine as well but was able to use exchange on level 10 Weevil to access a petit moth for the task. Just make sure you protect it with windstorm or switch to def with labyrinth after summoning and equip. Using switchroo helps get the cards you need since must leave on field for 6 turns
Anyone know how to get more petit moth cards, I accidentally converted it.
<< Anonymous
BoBda Reply
Me too....
<< Anonymous
Dumptrump Reply
Weevil drop

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thanks for the reply. i hope these cards come out soon! i love playing six sam, but get destroyed...
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