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update 02/07/2017


Using Endymion, the Master Magician's effect. You can discard your unusable Spell Cards to destroy any cards on the field. Which is a great upgrade to a Three-Star Demotion deck since you'll encounter a lot of unusable cards if their conditions are not met.

SkillThree-Star Demotion
Essential cards
CostBudget - Expensive
(Box reset)

Example deck

Endymion, the Master MagicianEndymion, the Master MagicianBlue Dragon SummonerBlue Dragon SummonerBlue Dragon SummonerLegion the Fiend Jester
Dark MagicianDark MagicianDark MagicianSupremacy BerrySupremacy BerryDouble Summon
Double SummonDark Magic AttackThousand KnivesEnemy ControllerEnemy ControllerChampion's Vigilance
Champion's VigilanceChampion's Vigilance--------

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Three-Star Demotion
Can be used by paying 3000 Life Points. Until the End Phase, reduce the Level of all monsters in your hand by 3. This skill can only be used once per turn.

Paradox Brothers

How to use this deck

Search and Summon

Just like with other Three-Star Demotion decks, summon your high level monsters by using Three-Star Demotion skill. If you don't have a high level monster in hand, set Blue Dragon Summoner or Legion the Fiend Jester then let them go to the graveyard so you can search for your high level monsters.

Life Points Recovery

Use Supremacy Berry to recover the Life Points that you lost from Three-Star Demotion skill. Just be careful on using it, make sure that your Life Points is lower than your opponent's.

Clearing Your Opponent's Field

If you have a Dark Magician on the field, use Dark Magic Attack to wipe out your opponent's back row and use Thousand Knives to destroy an immediate threat monster.

Utilizing Unusable Spell Cards

There will be times that you have an unusable Spell Cards on hand. Having equal or more Life Points than your opponent makes Supremacy Berry a dead card, same with Dark Magic Attack and Thousand Knives if you don't have a Dark Magician on the field. Use Endymion, the Master Magician's effect, discard those unusable cards to destroy a card on the field.

Countering and Prevention

Champion's Vigilance

  • If you have a Dark Magician on the field, set Champion's Vigilance. You can also set it in advance if you think that you can summon a Dark Magician on your next turn.

  • This card can disrupt your opponent's combination. Just don't use it on impulse, your opponent might be just baiting you to use it so he can unleash his true combination. Observe your opponent's field and number of cards in hand.

  • You can also use this card if your opponent used a spell or trap to prevent a knock out blow. Chain this card to negate its effect. Your attack will probably go through since Champion's Vigilance has a spell speed 3. It can only be countered with other spell speed 3 cards.

Enemy Controller

  • Prevent your opponent's attack by using Enemy Controller. If your opponent has only one attacking monster, just use the first effect.

  • Use the second effect if your opponent has a chance to inflict damage to your Life Points. Take control of your opponent's highest attack monster or the one in defense position which can't be surpassed by his remaining monsters.

  • You can also use Enemy Controller offensively. If your opponent only has 1 face up monster on the field and you think that your attacks can't be interrupted, use the second effect of Enemy Controller to clear his monster zone, tribute your monster with lower attack then use your opponent's monster to attack. In case if your opponent has multiple monsters, attack first with your monster then use the second effect of Enemy Controller, tribute your monster who already attacked then again use his monsters for attacking.

Other useful cards

Card Explanation


Wonder if Endymion will make a little comeback in the future, since it was fun 2 play !
Another useful skill for this deck?
ANY suggestions
<< Anonymous
The anonymous guy Reply
3x Mausoleum of the emperor instead of the citadel and dian keto. Works great.
so is this deck really meant to play without the endymion citadel?
I prefer Dark General Freed since he will just protect yours dark monster from target spells. Countering almost all the good spells.
<< Anonymous
Your Name(Option) Reply
Order to Charge. (otc)
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Anonymous Reply
yea because OTC targets your monster so this wouldnt work
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
OTC doesn't target dude
<< Anonymous
Last kuriboh Reply
The reason order to charge works is wording. While it is targeting your monster it also has a second target of opponent monster.freed states single target while OTC has 2 targets
Has anyone actually made KOG with this deck this season? Struggling for consistency with any Endymion deck.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
just reach KOG with above deck without a single double summon
Really struggling but finally :D
I like the deck. anyway to post a realistic deck though. I mean 3 champ, 2 edy and 2 econs.
<< Anonymous(jj)
Anonymous Reply
Endymion is SR, so you can get 2 copies by going through the box just once, and CV + ECon are both farmable. This deck is more than reasonable.
<< Anonymous(jj)
Anonymous Reply
Says right there that the cost is expensive, even tho its more then manageable for F2P, if you want budget decks run Kaibaman or 3SD DM
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Pfff 3 red eyes wyvern using noting but gems, and that card is UR. 3 Endy is easy.
I don't understand this since the effect of endymion doesn't activate with 3SD ?..
<< Anonymous
Payaso Reply
but is a free "eliminating the league" every turn
<< Anonymous
Payaso Reply
but is a free "eliminating the league" every turn
So, the main idea is to make Endymion destroy everything and let Champion's Vigilance + Dark Magician lock your opponent. And there's no duel for opponent.

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man when u reached top in SD (Special duels) i thought you gonna see some odds deck but u'll...
good choice better play other game than this facked up trash piece of garbage money grabblers dis...
Can you unlock skills by playing special duels or it is ranked only(besides gate)?
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