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update 10/11/2018

Cards of Consonance

Cards of Consonance
TypeSpell Card
Card Effect TypeCost / Card effect


Discard 1 Dragon-Type Tuner monster with 1000 or less ATK; draw 2 cards.

How to Get

PackBlackstorm Rising [UR]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Allows you to draw 2 cards.


  • Requires you to run weak Dragon-type Tuners.



Here are the monsters you can discard with Cards of Consonance to draw 2 cards. The White Stone of Legend is a good target because when he is sent to the graveyard you get to search out Blue-Eyes White Dragon, making this combo a +1 in card advantage.


All, exept for the Synchro monsters, Dragon-type Dragunity monsters are Tuners with weak stats. Most of them you can use as cost for Cards of Consonance. Additionally they want to be in the graveyard to be equipped by the Winged-Beast Dragunity monsters on your field.




ActionsDiscards for cost / You draw cards


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Anonymous 9days ago
Pot of greed!
I rate this A
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 6days ago Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 5days ago Reply
but what do pot of greed do?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous. 5days ago Reply
" Anonymous latest close reply
but what do pot of greed do?"
I think it makes moronic retards quote a very tired and overused "meme" because they still think it's funny when no one else does.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 12hour ago Reply
It's "Destiny Draw" for dragons
Anonymous 12hour ago
Broken AF
Anonymous 3days ago
Only have one... Too bad, I want two copies, at least... 150 packs left... I hope I will get it soon.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
Dumped 16800 gems. Still not a 100% complete dragunity/ blackwing deck.

Only 1 sakuretsu, 1 whirlwind, 2 consonants. But 3 dark horus and 7 freaking cephalotus. Fking rigged number generator.
POT OF GREED 3.0 5days ago
Does stone of the white dragon get its effect triggered if you discard it? wow, id so then it's like a ``Draw 3 cards card´´.
<< Anonymous(POT OF GREED 3.0)
Anonymous 5days ago Reply
it does thats why it does wonders with blue eyes deck
▪Dragonium▪ 6days ago
This is the card I wanted the most among another cards on this pack. Handsdown
<< Anonymous(▪Dragonium▪)
▪Dragonium▪ 6days ago Reply
It'd be a great card, either on pvp deck or pve deck such paradox LMN unite
Anonymous 6days ago
Not for blue-eyes. That deck works much better with protectors. I have no problems getting BEWD/Spirit but getting them out is more of a problem.

Maybe if ancient comes out.
Anonymous 8days ago
so i can draw 2 cards?
Anonymous 10days ago
Blue eyes can't use this card, or will brick only 1 (3x) tuner dragon.
this is the best card in dragunity
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 9days ago Reply
We can also use rider of the stormwinds...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 9days ago Reply
And welp for buster blader decks
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
Blue eyes would need The White Stone of Ancients to run this effectively
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
You generally want to summon whelp instead of discarding though
Anonymous 9days ago
Is it worth it to run Galaxy Serpent in addition to White Stone in BEWD decks just to have more targets for this?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 8days ago Reply
only when lvl10 syncros are here.
<< Anonymous
Zetab 8days ago Reply
lvl 10 synchros are going to take a while to come I guess...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
Not really, it needs The white Stone of Ancients to run in blue eyes
Anonymous 7days ago
Hmm... I'm thinking about exodia, those tuners, and this card...
Rex 8days ago
With this card I guess Blue eyes is going to have quite a decent time in the current meta.
<< Anonymous(Rex)
Anonymous 8days ago Reply
Blue eyes have no room in the deck for this. They also don't have many valuable things to draw into with almost zero backrow.
Anonymous 8days ago
Seems bricky enough to use with panda? 3 monster cards you cant use with wonder wands... Maybe some kind of BEWD stall/defensive deck can work...

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this deck needs Legionnaire to make it truly competitive or Ravine
Lol, you are the one that got it reversed. XYZ is the monster and xyz is the summoning mechanic.
The only cancer in this event is yubel mill deck
For me its better that there is tier 3 and KOG worthy. Because the KOG worthy are those tier 4 or...
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