Upcoming events/updates [August 2020]

Duel Links events and updated on August 2020, new legendary duelists, new reward cards, and new events.
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Raid Duel Event!
update 25/08/2020


Upcoming events/updates in August 2020 have been officially announced! Prepare yourself and don't miss chances to get Gems & exclusive rewards!

Note: Exact dates for those updates haven't revealed yet.

Early August

Leo & Luna's Duel Carnival

Hayabusa Knight
Hayabusa Knight
EARTH Warrior ★3
ATK 1000 / DEF 700
Leo & Luna Duel Carnival Event [UR]
This card can make a second attack during each Battle Phase.
Total Defense Shogun
Total Defense Shogun
DARK Warrior ★6
ATK 1550 / DEF 2500
Leo & Luna Duel Carnival Event [SR]
This card is changed to Defense Position when it is Normal Summoned or Flip Summoned successfully. This card can attack while it is in Defense Position. If this card attacks while in Defense Position, apply the ATK of this card for damage calculation.

Tour Guides Bingo Mission Event

Counselor Lily
Counselor Lily
EARTH Fairy ★3
ATK 400 / DEF 1500
Luna Lvl 35 [UR]
Tour Guides Mission Bingo Event [UR]
When this card is sent to the Graveyard for a Synchro Summon, you can pay 500 Life Points to have that Synchro Monster gain 1000 ATK until the End Phase.

Mid August

D.D. Castle: Siege!

Darkness Destroyer
Darkness Destroyer
DARK Fiend ★7
ATK 2300 / DEF 1800
Cannot be Special Summoned. This card can attack twice during each Battle Phase. If this card attacks a Defense Position monster, inflict piercing Battle Damage to your opponent.
Cocoon Veil
Cocoon Veil
Normal Trap
Activate by Tributing 1 face-up "Chrysalis" monster. This turn, any damage to a player caused by an effect becomes 0. Special Summon 1 "Neo-Spacian" monster written on the "Chrysalis" monster you Tributed, from your hand, Deck or from either player's Graveyard.

Duel Quest Event

Tag Duel Tournament

Star Blast
Star Blast
Normal Spell
Tag Duel Tournament [Aug 2020] [UR]
Pay any number of Life Points in multiples of 500; reduce the Level of 1 monster you control or that is in your hand by 1 for each 500 Life Points you paid, until the End Phase.
Sacred Defense Barrier
Sacred Defense Barrier
Field Spell
Each time a Rock-Type monster(s) is Summoned to your side of the field, change it to face-up Defense Position and place 1 Protection Counter on the monster(s). If a monster with a Protection Counter would be destroyed by battle or by a card effect, remove 1 Protection Counter from that monster instead.

Late August

Mision Circuit Event

Beast Machine King Barbaros Ür
Beast Machine King Barbaros Ür
EARTH Beast-Warrior ★8
ATK 3800 / DEF 1200
Leo & Luna's Duel Carnival Event [UR]
Mini Event: Mission Circuit [UR]
You can Special Summon this card (from your hand) by banishing 1 Machine-Type monster and 1 Beast-Warrior-Type monster from your hand, field, and/or Graveyard. If this card attacks or is attacked, your opponent takes no battle damage.

Aigami Unlock Event

KC GT Main Tournament


Hot New Top
I miss Atticus :(
<< Anonymous(Melinda)
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous(Melinda)
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous(Melinda)
Anonymous Reply
Atticus will come eventually, I'm very sure of it.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Nah, he won't come. Konami asked him and he said "NOW you want me? Sorry, it's too late. I'm going to start my own Virtual World."
Aigami unlock event and dsod world will be complete. Next will be zexal world, maybe last characters for gx and 5Ds too
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You obviously have no clue of the type of decks people run with despite bad cards that comes with them
<< Anonymous
Johnny Reply
Aigami isn't the last character in DSOD dimension.
<< Anonymous(Johnny)
Kim Reply
Who is then
<< Anonymous(Kim)
Anonymous Reply
its going to be Roland, Duh
I hope next month will exist more Character who not existed in Legendary Duelist list, like Rebecca, Rafael, Dartz, Solomon Muto(DM), Atticus Rhodes, Darkness, Daitokuji(GX), Bakura Ryo, Tristan Taylor, Yami Yugi (DSOD), Jaeger, Dark Signer Misty Lola, Dark Signer Devack, Dark Signer Bomber, Dark Signer Rudger(5D's).
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
How does Greiger have a chance exactly? They moved on from the Dark Signer arc and his cards are probably too much for this game.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
well, true, his only chance comes from the fact that we don't have most of his cards yet.

But considering the way his deck plays, we probably won't be getting him after all. Too restricting with all that burn in 4000 LP environment.
<< Anonymous(Gabriel)
Anonymous Reply
Siegfried and Leon
<< Anonymous(Gabriel)
Anonymous Reply
They've been releasing some of Daitokuji's cards lately but his main archetype is still fully unreleased. He can still appear.
You think we'll get a box so i can get vision hero adoration? Or am i only gonna be able to get him from a SR dream ticket?
pls bring back event with genni witchcraft, some didn't get genni
<< Anonymous(George)
Anonymous Reply
Bring back tethys
When they'll bring back the Duelist Kingdom and Battle City Tournaments? Never had a chance to play and I heard its awesome.
I hope next month 5Ds it going to end and a new world is going to be added zexal
Carlos Yugo
We've come so far and now...we'll get him!!!
Atticus with a few descent red eyes skills?
I hope September will have an Ark Cradle event
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
That'd be awesome, BUT, They Need To Add Z-One and his voice actor. They cannot do with him what they did with Lawton. That'd be absolutely unacceptable. They need to make Antinomy, Z-One, and Aporia unlockable before they do Duelist Chronicles. with the secret event being challenging Paradox in a 3 way tag duel
It says Aigami unlock event, but... no way to tell how to unlock him. Though, it would be GREAT to unlock him after I just got his sister. Gosh she was hard.
In the previous box we got anti raigeki and gryphon wing and now in the last box we got call of the grave and call of the darkness.Konami cant give us cards we cant use So i think they are making a suprise for us.Sooner or later they will give us raigeki monster reborn and harpies feather duster when it comes from the banlist.And the cards will be skill free
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Nope, those cards remain skill-only. They're not going to release some of the most broken cards.

And some NPCs even use Raigeki, Feather Duster or Monster Reborn. So those cards aren't completely useless.

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And if it was a young girl the costume probably wasn't as revealing, which is fine for me.
The weak stats is an issue though, same with the fact that said weak stats only gets powerful aft...
inversing is right, I use Inverse Universe XD
Great support.....for a sadly meh archetype.
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