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update 06/03/2019

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SkillParasite Infestation
Essential cards
CostMid - Expensive
(Box reset)
Generation NextGeneration Next
Servants of KingsServants of Kings

Example Deck

Version 1

Lava GolemLava GolemLava GolemSphere KuribohAmazoness Swords WomanAmazoness Swords Woman
Amazoness Swords WomanObnoxious Celtic GuardObnoxious Celtic GuardFortress WarriorFortress WarriorKuriboh
Jade Insect WhistleJade Insect WhistlePaleozoic CanadiaPaleozoic CanadiaFloodgate Trap HoleFloodgate Trap Hole
Curse of AnubisWindstorm of Etaqua----

Version 2

Lava GolemLava GolemAmazoness Swords WomanAmazoness Swords WomanAmazoness Swords WomanObnoxious Celtic Guard
Fortress WarriorFortress WarriorFortress WarriorWinged KuribohWinged KuribohWinged Kuriboh
KuribohKuribohKuribohThe Flute of Summoning KuribohThe Flute of Summoning KuribohEnemy Controller
Enemy ControllerFloodgate Trap HoleFloodgate Trap HoleRainbow LifeRainbow LifeDraining Shield
Wall of DisruptionWall of DisruptionWall of Disruption---

Set Skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Parasite Infestation
After starting hands are dealt, 1 or 2 "Parasite Paracide" cards are added to your opponent's deck face up.
Weevil Underwood
Weevil Underwood


Mostahcardodoroh 4days ago
This was the quickest i got KOG and i played in the sylvan meta, this deck wrecks all top tiers unless 6Sams and 6 Sams loose to every other tiered deck , theres a reason fortress warrior and swordsw are staples on this deck, your opponent is probably gonna try to stick to a 1 monster board and thats were these shine. Dont waste whistle first turn unless you can see your opponent flooding the board second turn and that normally never happens due to lava just eating up 2 monsters. Very good deck, you might want to tech a SK
Anonymous 28days ago
It loses to hazys man
just saying
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 28days ago Reply
How the heck this deck loses to Hazy when Lava Golem can just sit on two of your Sphynxes and the deck has no effect that targets, not to mention Hazy carrying virtually no backrow to get rid of this deck's annoying backrow
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 18days ago Reply
Early Jinzo is autowin against this
I’d hate this deck a lot if Weevil wasn’t so annoying. Really wish Komoney would do something about this stall deck. You could try to play around Lava Golem, but parasite just comes along and ruins your day. Then your scum opponent just hide behind traps till you burn.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 28days ago Reply
I think you meant "less" instead of "a lot".

And yeah, Weevil is so grating as a character. His looks, his voice, makes me want to throw him into the ocean like what he did to the Exodia cards.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 18days ago Reply
I find better to lose against this than against an OTK with no counter
Anonymous 28days ago
Fortress warrior version is the one that gives more trouble? lol
Most degenerate deck in DL.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
yeah, wish Konami would do something already with this deck.

Limit Lava Golem + Mask of the Accursed + Jade Insect Whistle, then semi-limit Temple of the Mind's Eye and Obnoxious Celtic Guard. Just to ensure there's no good way left for this particular deck to work.

Stall traps are most likely going to get the "Limited 3" treatment, so I don't care about them.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Konami would never limit a character's Ace card. Mask of the Accursed can be played around too easily. Whistle only really works with that 1 skill. And no-one plays Celtic Guard or Temple of the Mind's Eye anymore.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 28days ago Reply
What ace card? You seriously think Lava Golem is Yami Marik's ace card? Lmao

His ace card is Ra....
Lava Golem gets an animation because it was a notable monster he used, not because it's his ace. Look at BLS, it wasn't really Yami Yugi's ace (it was even used only once), yet it got an animation.
Anonymous 29days ago
Not high tier but the most degenerate deck out there.
All this deck does is hind behind backrow, and spam lava golem. And summon their bug to your field. This is the degenerate deck that deserves limiting, not Six Sams.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
XD degenerate
Please stop giving cancerous players idea, the game is already filled with them
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Oh Which Duel links deck do you think is fair then?

Buster blader - pull out the right cards, summon Blader, lock your opponent, autowin

Koaki Meiru - Trunade Maximus cheese

Vampires - Fat Vamp, E-con take

AG - 3 reactor dragons witn immunity to everything

<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I'd rather die to those 2-3 turn decks quickly than have to spend an eternity losing to stall decks
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Konami already nerfed these decks with the skill nerfs to extra extra, destiny draw and ojama go.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I find much less cancerous to die of stall that an OTK without counterplay
The only expensive cards in this deck are the traps from 2017 / 2018.

Scummy or not, this deck is Free-to-Play material, most of people already got those cards for free.
People, when you encounter weevil, immediately assume they're using burn deck and avoid summoning second monster. Its the easist way to avoid Lava golem. If you needed more monster to beat an opponent. Then your deck must really suck.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous. Reply
So how do you actually deal damage when the burn player puts a monster on the field to block your first attack?
The reason why lava golem works is because the burn player puts a monster on the field to block your first attack, so you'll need a second monster to deal damage while the first monster destroys their monster.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Unfortunately, some versions include a card that can summon a token to your side of the field.
But this deck is not very strong
Almost all tier 1 decks don't even notice it.
Kuribo is useless in duel against Ancient Gears.
I think the only decks against which it works are another Parasite decks with Amazoness core
and Gold Platinum vanilla beaters decks.
<< Anonymous
Breakin07 Reply
I've actually beat Koa'ki Meiru with a version of this deck. That said AG is harsh on this deck.
<< Anonymous(Breakin07)
Anonymous Reply
Uh I beat them too.. still Legend 1 after 180 victories.

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