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The general strategy of Triamid Decks is to cycle through their Field Spells and monsters to activate multiple effects. All the monsters have effects that let you replace your current Triamid Field Spell with another one from your deck. The Field Spells in-turn are able to search, retrieve, and Special Summon Triamid monsters.

Example Deck

Triamid MasterTriamid MasterTriamid MasterTriamid HunterTriamid HunterTriamid Hunter
Triamid DancerTriamid CruiserTriamid CruiserTriamid CruiserTriamid KingolemTriamid Kingolem
Triamid KingolemTriamid FortressTriamid FortressTriamid FortressTreacherous Trap HoleTriamid Pulse
Triamid PulseTriamid Pulse----

Set Skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Sealed Tombs
Until the end of the opponent's next turn, neither player can banish cards from the Graveyard or Special Summon monsters from the Graveyard. This skill can only be used once per Duel.
Ishizu Ishtar
Ishizu Ishtar

How to Use

Triamid Monsters

Triamid monsters let you cycle your Triamid Field Spells during your opponent's turn. You can use this to bring out Triamid Kingolem during battle to gain an attack boost. This also lets you trigger the effects of Triamid Field Spells when they are sent to the graveyard.

Triamid Master makes your aggressive plays by destroying your opponent's set cards. At the cost of Triamid cards, this effect can also help trigger the effects of your Triamid Field Spells. Additionally, he has the highest attack of the available Triamid monsters so you will need him to beat over enemy monsters.

Triamid Hunter lets you swarm the field with Triamid monsters for your setup. This swarming can be used as the cost for Triamid Master's first effect in case you don't want to get rid of your Field Spell.

Triamid Dancer recovers Triamid cards back to your deck while giving your monsters an attack and defense boost.

Triamid Field Spell

Triamid Field Spells' primary effects are useful at different phases of the duel after that they will be switched out by another Triamid Field Spell. Triamid Cruiser is good during your Main Phase to dig through your deck. Triamid Kingolem is good during your Battle Phase and for most of the Duel, because of it's attack boost and Spell/Trap protection during battle. Triamid Fortress is brought out to protect your monsters from effect destruction.

Their secondary effects allow you to gain advantage when they are sent to the graveyard. Triamid Cruiser and Triamid Fortress get a monster from your deck and graveyard respectively. Triamid Kingolem lets you Special Summon a Triamid monster from your hand for more field presence.

Triamid Pulse

Triamid Pulse is a good compliment to all the cycling Triamid Decks do. Triamid cards you do not retrieve with Triamid Dancer you can banish to activate one of Triamid Pulse's powerful effects. The first effect is a removal for face-up cards Triamid Master cannot target. The second effect is a revival. The third effect recovers your Triamid Field Spells and lets you gain resources.


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triamids arent good right now. they need more support
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The only other card that the Triamid archetype is missing in DL is Sphinx. Adding Sphinx now would make this Tier 0.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Triamids are actually very good. Unfortuantely, you need to be smart to see it. So if you do not have the capacity to use Triamids, then buy Desperado or AG, you will definitely reach Plat or maybe even Legend someday.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
They aren't good? You must be kidding
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 20hour ago Reply
Der Kaiser 16days ago
So this deck is surprisingly fun to play. It is also not a no-brainer otk-deck like desperados or red-eyes, but more of a control-deck with various interruptions and good plus-effects. If you can survive the opponents first round of attack, you usually with. What is also recomended is a 30-card-Gras-deck with blockdragon and blockgolem. Grass usually means instant-win since you most likely mill a block dragon or can insanley plus from blockgolem. All in all one of the most interesting decks to play
<< Anonymous(Der Kaiser)
Anonymous 16days ago Reply
I disagree with the grass since it worsens your deck if you don't draw it and you may mill all the fieldspells leaving you without the option to cycle them during the opponents turn and thus removing one of the best parts of this deck. And block-dragon does not synergies well since you banish the monsters you need for your removal trap.
Bram 21days ago
Hello GameA, could you please make a posting of a Balance version also?

I'd like a breakdown of which composition is best too. 7/7/7 for a consistent 1-of-each-card-type everytime or does 7/8/7 have the same effect?

I'd also like to recommend testing Asla Piscu and Ccapac. Notably, Piscu's effect can be triggered by rotating field spells and maybe we could add a retrieval system.

Please and Thank you.
<< Anonymous(Bram)
Bram 21days ago Reply
Adding Boss monsters on a Balance version does bring the possibility of drawing the Boss monster on your starting hand. This was the same issue with Balance Masked Heroes before.
Who says this deck is not tier 1?
Dumb players who never watched a single tournament I believe.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
wcs 2019
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 31days ago Reply
Tiiamaids are for people who wish they were autistic
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 24days ago Reply
I think such term stands for non sociable individuals. Triamid Dancer looks like a highly extrovert person lol, same goes for the rest of Triamids.
<< Anonymous
WCS 2019 !!!! 24days ago Reply
LOL that WCS 2019 seems to be one of the best examples.
BIG BRAIN DECK 24days ago
Quite a big brain deck, people with low iQ should avoid it to all costs.

You won't get any win with it if you are dumb.
<< Anonymous(BIG BRAIN DECK)
Anonymous 24days ago Reply
Aka the autistic deck
<< Anonymous(BIG BRAIN DECK)
Anonymous 24days ago Reply
I think such term stands for non sociable individuals. Triamid Dancer looks like a highly extrovert person lol, same goes for the rest of Triamids.
Anonymous 26days ago
This deck keeps getting worse and worse, I never win with it anymore. Woe is me for investing in Triamds, only for it to fail.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 26days ago Reply
Serves you right for playing this slow deck that takes people forever for their turns.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 26days ago Reply
You think this is slow? Lol try spellbooks boy
Trash deck, not sure why it’s tier 1. I play 6Sam skills, and I always rack this deck.
<< Anonymous(Sliferslacker )
Anonymous Reply
just cuz u cant afford it its trash deck right
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 26days ago Reply
You comment makes no sense, the op said they play 6Sams, which is way more expensive. But they’re right, Triamid is trash.
Anonymous 30days ago
Balance is the best skill for Triamid, because it gives you huge advantage against opponent with bad starting hand. But instead of running 7-7-6 (monster-spell-trap) I really recommend you to run 8-8-7 . Triamid Dancer is underrated, you should run 3 of it because it helps you in the late game. 3 Cruiser + 3 Kingolem + 2 Fortress is the most optimal composition for spells
slasher00x 31days ago
wow i'm really, really surprised this deck don't have neos
<< Anonymous(slasher00x)
Anonymous 31days ago Reply
fk neos
Triamid isn't tier 1. It's tier 2 at best. Not because it needs brain to play, but because many Legend players already know how to use Cosmic Cyclone correctly against Triamid players, not to mention Shi En is one of Triamid's hardest enemy
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Turn 1 Shi En with backrow is hard matchup for any deck, not just Triamid. Also Triamid is actually easier to learn compared to Crystron and Vendread
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Triamid is T3 at last
Help me please!! I can't defeat this deck! It will swarm 3 monsters and the field spell with about fifty billion effects on the first turn to stop everything I have and it doesn't matter if I get rid of the field spell either because everything just keeps coming back to counter everything I do and I always have the worst deck for it when I am matched up against and I just keep dying and this is so annoying and takes forever to duel and HEELLP!!!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
There are a couple decks where swordswoman really helped pull the win more against like metaphys and AG. But it was still struggling. I don't think I even saw king of game decks for them on duel links meta anymore.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Silent magician or ssm lv 7.
Void trap hole could work.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Than again six sam can counter
<< Anonymous
Name Reply
Destroy/banish their field spell during their end phase. or canadia em
Palaezoic Canadian works so well with this deck. You should be putting 3 dancers in, it is easy to get 3 monster with 3k+ attack on the field

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