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Duel Links deck, Invader of Darkness, Destiny Draw, Mausoleum of the Emperor.
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update 10/09/2017


The goal of this deck is bring out Invader of Darkness as soon as possible with Mausoleum of the Emperor. Use the skill Destiny Draw to search out any card in your deck instead of drawing, keep paying LP and taking damage to continuously activate this skill.

SkillDestiny Draw
Essential cards
(Box reset)
Flame of the Tyrant
Chaotic Compliance

Example deck

Lava GolemSphere KuribohInvader of DarknessInvader of DarknessInvader of DarknessFenghuang
Doomdog OcthrosDoomdog OcthrosDoomdog OcthrosSupremacy BerrySupremacy BerryMausoleum of the Emperor
Mausoleum of the EmperorMausoleum of the EmperorOwner's SealThe Golden ApplesThe Golden ApplesThe Golden Apples
Aegis of GaiaAegis of Gaia--------

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Destiny Draw
Can be used each time your Life Points decrease by 2000. In the Draw Phase, instead of doing a normal draw, draw the card of your choice.

Yami Yugi

How to use

Search deck

The best combos of this deck only require 2 cards to pull off. Considering you would most likely get a combo piece in your starting hand, with the search power of Destiny Draw and Doomdog Octhros, you will almost always have a big monster on your field by your third turn.

Mausoleum of the Emperor

Use the effect of Mausoleum of the Emperor by paying LP, to normal summon high leveled monsters without tribute.

  • Summon Invader of Darkness to lock your opponent from using any quick-play spells, which would be devastating since many meta decks heavily rely on quick-play spells for protection and support. This would also decrease your LP by 2000, allowing you to use Destiny Draw again next turn.
  • Summon Fenghuang to use as backrow removal. Destroy your opponent's set spell/trap cards, or force him to activate them early. And since Fenghuang returns to your hand every end phase, you can keep using him to destroy your opponent's backrow.


You will be losing a lot of LP while using this deck. Adding heal cards would be an excellent choice, giving you the opportunity to use Mausoleum of the Emperor and Destiny Draw multiple times.

  • Use Supremacy Berry when your LP is lower than your opponent to heal yourself by 2000 LP.
  • Take damage from your opponent's monster while you control no monsters on the field to activate The Golden Apples. This would heal you equal to the amount of damage you took and special summon a token with attack and defense points equal to that amount. Switch toggle to On so that you can activate multiple The Golden Apples from receiving one attack.
  • Aegis of Gaia increases your LP by 3000 but also damages you 3000 LP when it leaves the field. Be careful when using this card against a deck with heavy backrow removal.

Lava Golem

Summoning Lava Golem to your opponent's side of the field is a great way to remove their monsters from the field, because it is almost impossible to stop. You can then use Owner's Seal to take Lava Golem and use it to attack your opponent. Though you will be taking 1000 damage each of your standby phases, this can still be used to your advantage as it will help you use Destiny Draw.

Other useful cards

Dark Necrofear
Dark Necrofear
Since this deck has many fiend-type monsters, summoning her might not be difficult.
Dark Ruler Ha Des
Dark Ruler Ha Des
Negates the effects of monster destroyed destroyed by your fiends.
Doom Shaman
Doom Shaman
Special summon any fiend-type monster from the graveyard.
Archfiend Empress
Archfiend Empress
Can protect all other fiend type monsters you control. Additionally, she can revive a high leveled fiend-type monster when she is destroyed.
Mirror Wall
Mirror Wall
Use to defend against stronger monsters. Pay LP to activate Destiny Draw.
Enchanted Javelin
Enchanted Javelin
Use to gain Life points equal to your opponent's attack. Basically negating the attack but still taking damage helping you activate Destiny Draw.
Nutrient Z
Nutrient Z
Same as Enchanted Javelin but requires the opponent to cause at least 2000 damage with that attack, and heals a fixed 4000 LP.


Hot New Top
Anonymous 6days ago
what if it's summoned on the first turn,

haha triggered????? if not im gonna keep doing it hahaha you all suck
Anonymous 6days ago
mmm doesn't this decklist run many dead draws and high risk for terrible starter hands??
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 6days ago Reply
Destiny draw will help
Anonymous 10days ago
Can't get Destiny Draw :@
Destiny Door 10days ago
Which skill should I use in stead of Destiny Draw?
<< Anonymous(Destiny Door)
Anonymous 10days ago Reply
Destiny Draw
Yoko 10days ago
9/10 soul exchange version
Anonymous 12days ago
Once I am gonna get to kog Imma post a better version of this deck. 19 games won out of 20 in platinum. On my way to kog guys
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 12days ago Reply
U copy and paste. Then still so shameless.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 11days ago Reply
The only thing that this deck has in common with mine are the invaders and the mausoleum mate ;) unlike red eyes and phoenix deck users, i build my own ;)
yoko 14days ago
I will try
Nice deck gameA ;)
<< Anonymous(Hollowgram)
Vhakor 14days ago Reply
Now in english please, so everybody can understand what you are writing, thanks. :)
<< Anonymous(Vhakor)
to Vhakor 14days ago Reply
<< Anonymous(to Vhakor)
Vhakor 14days ago Reply
Thank you, now my brain is totally fucked... xD
<< Anonymous(Vhakor)
Zeratul 12days ago Reply
He said: plat 5 using this deck, wich a few modifications... i want to chance SB for emergency provisions
Anonymous 14days ago
Typo up there guys Fenghuang is labeled as Invader of Darkness. FYI.
Bunjwa 14days ago
imo use skill balance and add Stray Lambs + trap (Money wall(if u can) golden apple(i only have 1 so i put Solemn Wishes) Ultimate Providence(Cheap T-T))
edgarlopes10 14days ago
Man, I just can't seem to get any luck getting the destiny draw skill
Danker 14days ago
It could have a mausoleum platform with gandora and a yugi ability muto access denied
Anonymous 15days ago
top tier, and its not expensive at all! except for the apples =(
<< Anonymous
Deep Draw 15days ago Reply
At least post SunnySunny his/her deck. Another variant wich got my preference.
<< Anonymous
Deep Draw 15days ago Reply
My bad, didn't want to reply. Consider this a stand alone post. Haha.
<< Anonymous
PyWo 14days ago Reply
You can try enchanted javelin to remplace apples, works nice

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