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update 24/10/2016


Monster TypeRock
Card typeSynchro / Effect
Card Effect TypeContinuous Effect


1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters
This card gains 200 ATK and DEF for each non-Tuner Synchro Material Monster used to Synchro Summon this card.

How to Get

Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card traderGold x17,000
R Jewel x25
Stone of Earth x35




  • Good stats.
  • Can gain attack upon summoning.


  • Might be difficult to summon because of high level.
  • Stat boost too little.


  • Limited use in Duel Links because of the restricted monster zone making it impossible to Synchro summon with more than 2 non-Tuner materials giving you 3300 attack.

Weak monsters

You can use these cards to special summon multiple weak monsters to use as Synchro material.

Mecha Phantom Beast

Mecha Phantom Beast decks are great at summoning multiple weak tokens you can use as Synchro material. These tokens they summon are level 3 making therefor you can use 2 Tokens along with a level 3 Tuner to Synchro summon Giganticastle.




Stat changesThis card gains ATK


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Anonymous 26days ago
I can't summon it at all, i got Jutte Fighter and Charging Gaia the Fierce Knight on the field but its not giving me the option to summon
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 26days ago Reply
You must have missed out something. Like "no special summon" challenge or something.
I'm using him with Destiny Heroes, usually works great when I normal summon a tuner while Anki or Vision Hero Witch Raider are already on the field. But twice now, when I had my tuner set on the field last turn and normal summoned Witch Raider or special summoned Anki, then flip summoned my tuner, I could not synchro summon this guy out. Wtf is the reason for this failure? The numbers add up, all materials are present and face up, yet just by flip summoning the tuner it won't work. Is this a bug or some rule I'm unaware of?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Read again text on your anki/ raider.

You are welcome :)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Read Witch Raider's text, particularly the final line.

If it's just Anki (no Witch Raider), the Synchro Summon should be able to happen, though. Neither Mask Change nor Anki itself limits your summon for the turn. So I can only assume the OP used the wrong Level for the Tuner, since to Synchro Summon the Level 9 Giganticastle using Level 8 Anki as non-Tuner, the Tuner can only be Level 1.
<< Anonymous
OP Reply
Thanks, Witch Raider was the culprit.
I played the Vagabond with the challenge that lets you normal summon twice per turn. Normal summoned Witch Raider, cleared his backrow, then normal summoned Changer Synchron and couldn't summon Giganticastle. Came back to check on this comment and then read Witch Raider's text. Yup.
Why can't i attack it with cosmobrain? We both have the same attack. But i couldn't proceed to battle phase? Is ir bug?
How to heck do you summon this guy tho. Doesn't work while having 1 tuner and 1/2 non-tuners on the field
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Tell us which tuner and non tuner monsters you trying to use?
i prefer Cloudcastle than this
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Cloudcastle is much better, yeah, but we don't have many of the level 9 monsters it can special summon.

And Cloudcastle most likely won't be an R :p
Its a decent card could be OP with other cards.
<< Anonymous
DrillDude Reply
Yeah, it is a decent card.

Especially given it is only R and also the fact that there's no other lvl 9 Synchro yet so far.

With minimum of 3100 ATK, it can bypass 3000ATK boss like blue-eyes. In fact, it is a good tech in Blue-Eyes deck in case need to overpower opponent in a mirror match.
<< Anonymous(DrillDude)
DrillDude Reply
Except Azure eyes of course.

I mean lvl 9 synchro with generic material.
A maximum of a 1000 ATK boost if you use 3 Soul Exchanges. If not, then a 400 ATK boost maximum.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Isn't Synchro Material (trap card) the equivalent?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
.....Yes, that's what he said, Synchro Material is the synchro equivalent.
<< Anonymous
Robs Reply
Pretty sure you don't want a 1000 atk boost on this card anyways
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
wrong card
Not seeing it in card trader
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
because they appear at random
wow, it can gain 400 atk...whoopee...(I guess 3300 is higher than almost anything right now) :/
Blue-eyes addition maybe..?
I was hoping for aromage synchro on trader... ;-;
Good tech for furs by running level 2 synchro?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
*level 2 tuner

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