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This guy's the most used monster in Duel Links ranked right now. I'm proud of this boy, he beat all the odds and stands above the rest
why stop here if we can go beyond
Same. He’a not the most used anymore but I still see him all over, in decks full of p2w crap and URs from many different big boxes, yet 1 copy of this Gidankicastle still remains in their decks.
Well, there are not a lot of level 9 synchro available that have more than 3000 attack and are easy to synchro summon
Yeah. They released a lot of options but even today this big boy is easier to summon and easier to get, so he's still topping the ranks. Keep fighting, Gidankiman.
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My 1st synchro monster in duel links. Easy to get and powerful. It is among the most used monsters because it is f2p. The other lvl 9 general synchro worth using is vermilion, wich is Ultra rare main box card, aka difficult too get for f2p.
Quarion and Field Marshal are worth using but that need for 3 monsters on the field is so terrible. I very rarely run synchros that require 3 monsters on the field instead of the reasonable typical 1 tuner + 1 non tuner.
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Vermillion is in the same box as Blackrose, where both is a great generic synchro to have for their respective level.

Agreed that it would be hard for f2p to get it, but I think it's worth the effort and gems to get one each.


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