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update 27/09/2017

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October Events

On September 25, Konami provided information of upcoming events that is scheduled from early October to early November.

[Early Oct] Duel-A-Thon

Duel-A-Thon will be held again in Early October. During the event period, you will earn points every duel, to fill your "Duel Meter". Gather points every day and get daily rewards, accumulate those points over the course of the event to get even bigger prizes.

[Mid Oct] New playable LD!

Mid-October would be releasing a character "fit for this time of the year", if we are going with characters from the original series only, this almost 100% confirms Bonz as the new unlockable duelist. Adding to this, the dialogue written saying "Dueling me will give you a spook that will put you in your grave", further solidifies the speculation Bonz will be released.

[Mid Oct] Duelist Chronicles Rerun

Return to the duelist kingdom and don't miss out the chance to unlock Yugi Muto!. Announcement has been made that there will be a new card rewards for this event.

[Late Oct] New Playable LD from GX!

A new character in GX World! Vellian Crowler who specializes on mostly machine type monster can be expected to appear Late October, based on the dialogue written "It's my turn to teach you a thing or two about Dueling" is a great hint to expect Vellian Crowler as he is one of the professor being beaten by Jaden in the Academy. Hit the blue button below to learn more about Vellian Crowler

[Early Nov] KC Cup

After the success of the first KC Cup last February, KC Cup 2 will be open again. A tournament that offers players to excel and prove their deck worthy of being on the top. KC Cup offers a huge variety of rewards from Legendary Duelists drops.


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player from malaysia
Please konami add language malay text
Early December: Vagabond Special Event
Mid December: Roaming Arkana Event
Mid December: Christmas Celebration/Shadi Unlock Event
Late December: New Years Celebration/Duel Quiz Challenge/Marik Ishtar Bingo Mission
Early January: Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin Unlock Event/Yugi and Mokuba Now Gate Duelists
Mid January: Roaming Elegant Mai Event
Mid January: Duelist Kingdom Event (Bonz Unlockable)
Late January: D.D. Tower Earth Dimension Event/Serenity Wheeler Bingo Mission
Early February: Zane Truesdale Unlock Event
Mid February: Duel-A-Thon
Mid February: Roaming Special Yami Yugi Event
Late February: Solomon Muto Unlock Event
Early March: Roaming Yubel Event
Mid March: Yami Bakura and Yami Marik Now Gate Duelists
Mid March: Jesse Anderson Unlock Event
Late March: Battle City Event (Unlock Arkana)
Early April: KC Cup
Mid April: Syrus Truesdale Unlock Event
Mid April: Duel Gauntlet
Late April: Espa Roba Unlock Event
Early May: D.D. Tower Fire Dimension Event
Mid May: Virtual Realm Event (Unlock Noah Kaiba)
Mid May: Roaming Dartz Event
Late May: Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin Unlock Event
Early June: Tristian Taylor Unlock Event
Mid June: Roaming Special Aster Event
Mid June: Vagabond Special Event
Late June: Rebecca Hawkins Unlock Event
Early July: Standard Duelist Swap
Mid July: Tyranno Hassleberry Unlock Event
Mid July: Duel-a thon
Late July: Roaming Joey Imposter Event
Early August: Duke Devlin Unlock Event
Mid August: KC Cup
Mid August: Dr. Crowler, Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin, and Shadi Now Gate Duelists
Late August: Leon von Schroeder Unlock Event
Early September: Battle City Event (Unlock Arkana)
Mid September: Duel Gauntlet
Mid September: Roaming Bakura Ryou Unlock Event
Late September: Atticus Rhodes Unlock Event
Early October: D.D. Tower: Light Dimension Event
Mid October: Vagabond Special Event
Mid October: Roaming Special Alexis Event/Arkana and Bonz Now Gate Duelists
Late October: 5D's World Appears/Yubel Bingo Mission
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tampoke Reply
KC cup my rand 9 in Malasya hahahaha
<< Anonymous(tampoke)
Anonymous Reply
Congrats you are the best of the shit
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Your wish list sounds amazing!!!! I'll admit, I would love to see Rebecca be released much sooner =D
I'm kind of a big fan of her wit and courage. Thank you for sharing your wish list :j
<< Anonymous
lol Reply
that would be a nice way to , but i think zane trusdale is in january, and looking forward to 5d's world
And Malik? Malik is single charachteri need to finish my "millenium colection"
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Learn to write proper english moron.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
English, moron.*
I Honestly think that they should add zigfreid into the game. That guy with the pink hair. They should also add Rebecca and Leon.
<< Anonymous(Someone)
Slowking Reply
But Zigfried used anime only cards.
if you want to add subtitle malaysia
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Malaysia is where culture goes to die, you had better watch out because your a little queer and I'm pretty sure it doesn't bode well for you in that dump, enjoy your teh tarik which by the way is a shitty drink.
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Hahaha i so agree
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your comment has the word malaysia , i died laughing
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Anonymous Reply
You're a dumbass Malaysian ever
Didn't Maxilmillion Pegasus Early November & Paradox Brothers Late November Should Have Come Out
My guesses about the November updates:
Early November: New Duelist? From the description, my guess is that it's Syrus.
Mid November: New Duelist? From the description, my guess is that it's Espa Roba.
<< Anonymous($YRU$ )
Anonymous Reply
Early November may actually refer to Jesse Anderson.
<< Anonymous
$YRU$ Reply
Maybe. Either is good.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I with the vision bro , I had no clue until this comment
I have a theory. I think Marik is going to be a Christmas event. What I think is going to happen is 12 days of Marik! Basically, each day comes a Rare Hunter (1st day - Seeker) etc. On the 12th day, you face Marik and win him! Arkana and Lumis and Umbra may also be unlockable. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel at
<< Anonymous(Kryofreeze )
Anonymous Reply
If you are looking for subscribers for your Youtube channel you may want to tone the down or else your channel's gonna be a zombie channel.
<< Anonymous(Kryofreeze )
Dartz Reply
I think best choice for Christmas event is grandpa
<< Anonymous(Dartz)
Anonymous Reply
Cool, but my bet is Shadi.
<< Anonymous(Kryofreeze )
Anonymous Reply
so basically what you asking for is subscription lol
if you want to add dartz character please konami I wait like crazy

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