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update 15/07/2017


A deck that can quickly swarm the field with 2000+ monsters, while also having monster removal and spell/trap removal to control the field. Baggy sleeves gives this deck additional draw power, allowing you to draw 2 cards everytime your level 5 monsters are destroyed.

SkillBaggy Sleeves
Essential cards
(Box reset)
Valkyrie's Rage(Necessary)
Crimson Kingdom(Necessary)

Example deck

FenghuangFreed the Matchless GeneralFreed the Matchless GeneralFreed the Matchless GeneralTenmataiteiTenmataitei
TenmataiteiCrystal SeerCrystal SeerMagical MerchantMagical MerchantMagical Merchant
Soul ExchangeSoul ExchangeSoul ExchangeFeast of the Wild LV5Feast of the Wild LV5Feast of the Wild LV5
Jar of AvariceWindstorm of Etaqua--------

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUsers
Baggy Sleeves
If one of your monsters of Level 5 or higher is destroyed in battle, in your next Draw Phase a normal draw gives you 2 cards.


How to use

Add spell cards to hand

  • Always set Magical Merchant as early as possible. When flipped face-up, send cards from the top of your deck to grave until you excavate a spell/trap card, add that spell/trap card to your hand. Ideally, with this you are able send many level 5 monsters to the grave and was able to add Feast of the Wild LV5 or Soul Exchange to hand.
  • Set Crystal Seer to add a card from the top two of your deck to hand. Prioritize getting Magical Merchant early in the game. Later on in the duel, when you already have level 5 monsters in your grave and/or hand, prioritize getting spell cards to summon your monsters or Fenghuang to destroy enemy spell/traps.

Summon your level 5 monsters

Summoning level 5 monsters is the key play of this deck, Feast of the Wild LV5 allows you to summon 2 level 5 monsters from the graveyard, while Soul Exchange lets you tribute one of your opponent's monster which would be perfect for monster removal because you almost always will have a level 5 monster on hand.

Card removal

Soul Exchange allows you to use your opponent's monster for tribute in exchange for not conducting your battle phase that turn. Which is somewhat acceptable, given monsters cannot attack the turn they are summoned by Feast of the Wild LV5 anyway. Best way to make use of this would be to use Soul Exchange then tribute into Fenghuang, during the same turn you use Feast of the Wild LV5 to summon 2 other level 5 monsters from the grave. Fenghuang destroys all your opponent's spell/trap cards when he is summoned allowing you to safely attack during your next turn. Additionally, Fenghuang is a spirit monster meaning he returns to the hand during the end phase meaning you could keep summoning him to destroy opponent's backrow. Use jar of avarice only when all of your Soul Exchange are in the graveyard, always retrieve all your Soul Exchange and Fenghuang if he was sent to the graveyard.

Other useful cards

For versatile cards that can be used in any deck, check the link below.

Maju Garzett
Maju Garzett
Tribute the 2 monsters special summoned by Feast of the Wild LV5 to give this card incredibly high attack. Plus you will be able to attack that turn.


This has GOT to be a Joke... Right? GameA is slowly dying out, to more organized and reliable pages such as gamepress. For the record... Feast works only on WARRIORS. Why the FUDGE would you even reccomend cards such as Vampire Lord et al?
<< Anonymous
Fuck GameA Reply
Baggy Sleeves is activated if a LV5 or HIGHER is sent to the graveyard. Wow, there's a GameA asslicker here. Or are you the one who write this pile of trash you call article lol.
<< Anonymous(Fuck GameA)
This guy Reply
Loses his mind (literally)
<< Anonymous(Fuck GameA)
Bakura Reply
I agree. Gamepress is much better and detailed page. Has draw simulator as well.
<< Anonymous(Bakura)
Anonymous Reply
As an FYI, so does GameA
Can you make zombie deck where the core are Ill Blud and Vampire Lord? And for easy SS Vampire Lord put Skull Conductor on it (bc vampire lord att = skull conductor att). And resurrection loop using Ill Blud, also some SE maybe useful.
Anyway, Nice build as always!!
<< Anonymous(Anjay)
Anonymous Reply
why did this wkwk land boy throw irrelevant joke
<< Anonymous
Ngiklan Reply
Iklan salep itu :v
<< Anonymous
Otong Reply
Walah.. Kenapa pada ngumpul di sini?? Wkwkkw
<< Anonymous(dream_eater)
Otong Reply
Bikin deck mah bisa aja. Tapi blon ada kartunya
Just use lvl 5 warriors with 3x lvl 5 bonfire and 3x Magical Merchants. Any more magic cards or trap cards could cause your Merchant to excavate the wrong card when you desperately need Bonfire ASAP.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Forgot I run "2x The A. Forces" as well. Good build for Auto duels!
GameA. 3 words. Level 5 WARRIOR. Fix that other useful cards crap. Fairy? Dragon? Fiend? Insect? Psychic? Zombie? Nice.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I would run 3 FoTW with 3 Space Time Police IF THAT ACTUALLY WORKED BTW. LMAO. Most broken 1 card combo yet.
Feast of the Wild only useful for LV5 Warrior, so the "Other Useful Cards" section is utterly useless.

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but even if you manage to kill Wiz they will probably summon Wiz again in the GY with spell card ...
I've seen that thing in action from an NPC's deck. It would be really helpful for my deck!
Haha it's pretty nasty going second when going against fur hire deck. In case of keeping ...
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