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update 17/09/2017


The main play of this deck is to bring out Mariña, Princess of Sunflowers as soon as possible with the effect of Rose Lover in your graveyard. Most of the cards in this deck are used for this purpose, and the skill Draw Sense: High Level is used to get Mariña, Princess of Sunflowers in your hand.

Example deck

Mariña, Princess of SunflowersMariña, Princess of SunflowersMariña, Princess of SunflowersBotanical GirlBotanical GirlBotanical Girl
Rose LoverRose LoverRose LoverLord PoisonDust KnightDust Knight
Dust KnightFragrance StormFragrance StormFragrance StormEnemy ControllerEnemy Controller
Enemy ControllerWindstorm of Etaqua--------

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Draw Sense: High Level
Can be used each time your Life Points decrease by 1800. In the Draw Phase, instead of doing a normal draw, draw a random monster of Level 5 or higher
Check here!

How to use

Search Rose Lover

Your first goal, when using this deck, is to send Rose Lover to the graveyard. This will allow you to use her effect later, which is essential to summoning your boss monster Mariña, Princess of Sunflowers.

  • Dust Knight works well because he can instantly send Rose Lover from your deck to the graveyard when he is flipped face-up.
  • Botanical Girl, when sent from field to graveyard, can be used to search Rose Lover or Lord Poison from your deck, choose which one is best for the current situation.

Special Summon Mariña

Most of the monsters in this deck have low stats and no offensive function, so they will only serve as means to special summon your Mariña, Princess of Sunflowers. Summoning Mariña, Princess of Sunflowers is your win condition, without her it is almost impossible to win.

Fragrance Storm

Keep Mariña, Princess of Sunflowers on the field and destroy your own plant-type monsters to use her effect and destroy any card your opponent controls.

  • Use Fragrance Storm to destroy your own plant-type monster to draw a card, then draw another card if the first card you drew was a plant-type monster.
  • You can also crash your own monsters into stronger monsters your opponent controls, since most of your plant-types want to be sent to the graveyard. But be careful since this will hurt your LP.

Other useful cards

Talaya, Princess of Cherry Blossoms
Talaya, Princess of Cherry Blossoms
Protects all other plant type monsters from being destroyed by card effects.
Naturia Pineapple
Naturia Pineapple
Reliably revives itself every standby phase, since most of your monsters are Plant-type.
The World Tree
The World Tree
Multiple effects that can be used depending on its counters, which you will gain when plant-type monsters are destroyed.
Works best with DNA Surgery.
Seed of Deception
Seed of Deception
Quickly special summon Rose Lover from your hand to catch your opponent's attack.
Plant Food Chain
Plant Food Chain
Attack boost and can be used as revival in some situations.
Destruct Potion
Destruct Potion
Destroy your plant-type monster to trigger Marina, Princess of Sunflowers' effect and gain LP.
DNA Surgery
DNA Surgery
Can turn all face-up monsters into Plant-type allowing you to use Fragrance Storm on your opponent. Most effective with The World Tree


Hot New Top
Destiny Zero
F2P Plant Deck (zero card from the boxes)
- DNA Surgery + Fragrance Storm = drawing card by destroying opponent's monster
- 3 econ = standard in any deck
- Homunculus = plant monster with 1800 ATK for more aggressive play
<< Anonymous(Destiny Zero)
Anonymous Reply
quite a nice f2p deck
<< Anonymous(Destiny Zero)
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous(Destiny Zero)
Anonymous Reply
people need to learn how to build decks... 3 copies of cards are not the best combination for good decks.
<< Anonymous
RetardedF2P Reply
Well I somehow agreed. I usually use only two copy since I get 2 same cards at starting hand very often.
<< Anonymous(RetardedF2P)
SmartASS Reply
Deck building is about synergy. 30 cards deck with 15-20 types of different cards, what synergy you have? Then again, it would also depends on theme, strategy and type of decks
<< Anonymous(SmartASS)
RetardedF2P Reply
Unless you use only the minimum 20 cards deck. Plus I don't say to use 15-20 different card, I said only two copy for every useful card you have. If you made it too thin, you can add staples too. Beside it is very economic, that way you can have more various card at starting hand, so it's more synergizing than two same card at the same time while you only need one.

It worked on me somehow.
<< Anonymous
Kreature Reply
Look up KOG decks, almost every one uses multiple cards at 3 each. Seldom have a I seen a KOG not using 3 of multiple cards...actually, off the top of my head, I cannot think of any at all...unless someone got lucky and KOG'd with an unga bunga beater.
When is someone going to update plant decks and add Aromage? They're amazing.
I reach legend 1 with this deck
Anonymous No. 2
Any suggestions for budget replacements for Lord Poison and Dust Knight for this deck? (don't have to spend 3000 gems in Land of the Otherwise Useless just to try out this deck).
Komoney should give us 2,2525 gems for dankmas
<< Anonymous(YourBoySkinnyPenis)
YourBoySkinnyPenis Reply
2,252 whoops
<< Anonymous(YourBoySkinnyPenis)
SixgunHeretic Reply
;0) its ok
This is my plant deck, It's pretty consistent and using restart just makes it better. However is it KoG material? I think not. At least, I haven't been able to get Kog with it, Legend 2 maximum.
<< Anonymous(Plants4Lyfe)
Anonymous Reply
I would use another tribute to the doomed and take out Sphere Kuriboh. Otherwise it looks pretty good.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Edit: Lord Poison would also fit into this deck pretty well
Why is this deck not in any tier list? I mean it's on the "best decks" page but only as "recently added". This deck is pretty strong and prolly able to go for KoG with it.
Why not have treeborn and pineapple? You can revive treeborn and then have only plants in grave cuz treeborn leaves the grave then revive pineapple. Basically instant 2 tributes for any of the princesses. Not to mention easy monster steals for game with enemy controller.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
you cant get both of them out, one of the requirements is that there are no monsters on the field, so youd only be able to get one of them out
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yes.. You can summon treeborn from the grave and follow it up with a pineapple from the grave. The only requirements is that the field does not hold another copy of either and since treeborn leaves the grave the grave will once again only have plants for pineapple to be summoned from the grave as well.
What can i replace dust knight with? Dont plan on rerollng land of titans just for that 1 card
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Rigorous Reaver works well since its Flip effect makes both discard a card
Any replacement for lord poison?
I've been running this lately. The deck has its inconsistencies but Marina's effect is powerful and the plays are fun. I'm still not sure if I'm convinced Talaya is necessary, I think the third Marina is the way to go. Not drawing into Rose Lover can brick the dick so Amarylease helps. I think Pineapple is essential to the deck and the plays with EC and Fragrance Storm are strong. Ultimate Providence and High Tide are great for discarding Rose Lover, Pineapple, and Amarylease. Need a 3rd Fragrance Storm and might try out 1 World Tree. Botanical Girl's effect misses the timing too much, and I have no Dust Knights. Found this version to be more consistent vs the Beatdown version.
<< Anonymous
Melah Reply
trust me .is the same combo that is used on real but it's more easy to summon malina cause flame blossom ..
<< Anonymous(Melah)
Redux Reply
interdimensional for what? Sending rose lover to banish didnt special summon anything
<< Anonymous(Melah)
Anonymous Reply
I've played around with your goka idea; I added homunculus (can get from bastion) because he can change his attribute and is a plant. He has 1800 attack which is good because I felt the deck was lacking monster power. 2 marina, 2 goka, 2 seed of flame, 2 homunculus, 3 rose lover and 1 botanical girl is what i'm running.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
sorry meant 1 homunculus, 3 seed of flame

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Anyone else having an issue with it still staying on the field after the monster that was special...
so who wants to bet Luna is going to be harder to get than the paradox brothers
It does that a lot for me. But when I click on "retry", it works again.
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