How to beat/farm Carly Carmine Lvl 40 (Roaming Event)

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update 14/01/2020
Carly Carmine Roaming Event pages
Carly Carmine Roaming Event
Event Guide
How to beat/farm Carly Carmine Lvl 30 (Roaming Event)
Carly Lvl 30
How to beat/farm Carly Carmine Lvl 40 (Roaming Event)
Carly Lvl 40

Updated Information

  • Farm Decks Notes Added

Amazoness Ra Farm

Example Deck [Credits to DGame]

The Winged Dragon of RaAmazoness PrincessAmazoness PrincessAmazoness QueenAmazoness SageAmazoness Sage
Amazoness SageAmazoness FighterAmazoness FighterGolden LadybugGolden LadybugGolden Ladybug
Anti-Magic ArrowsDownbeatDownbeatDownbeatAmazoness OnslaughtSpirit Barrier
Spirit BarrierSpirit Barrier----


  • Heal every turn with Golden Ladybug.
  • Use Downbeat on a level-4 Amazoness monster to search Amazoness Princess.
  • Amazoness Princess searches Amazoness Queen and Amazoness Onslaught to complete your stall setup.
  • If Amazoness Queen is in your hand, you can Special Summon it with Amazoness Onslaught.
  • Spirit Barrier prevents you from taking damage while Amazoness Queen protects your monsters from battle.
  • During your final turn, summon The Winged Dragon of Ra and give him your accumulated LP.
  • Use Anti-Magic Arrows to prevent Carly from using Reverse Glasses.

Winged Dragon of Ra Farm

Example Deck

The Winged Dragon of RaSpirit of the BreezeSpirit of the BreezeSpirit of the BreezeThe Unhappy GirlThe Unhappy Girl
The Unhappy GirlRai-MeiRai-MeiRai-MeiZombie WorldZombie World
Zombie WorldFairy Meteor CrushStormSolemn WishesSolemn WishesSwallow Flip
Swallow FlipSwallow Flip----


  • Zombie World prevents Fortune Fairies from gaining attack from Miracle Stone.
  • With a full field of Fortune Fairies, it will be safe to put Spirit of the Breeze in attack position.
  • Unhappy Girl can be used to stall while you don't have Zombie World. Unhappy Girl is used to prevent Magical Exemplar from attacking.
  • Rai-Mei searches Unhappy Girl.
  • Heal every turn with Spirit of the Breeze and Solemn Wishes.
  • Swallow's Flip stops the effect of Fortune Fairies.
  • During the final turn, activate Storm to remove Reverse Glasses.
  • Summon The Winged Dragon of Ra and give him your accumulated LP. Equip him with Fairy Meteor Crush to deal piercing damage.

Red-Eyes Slash Dragon Farm [Updated]

Budget Version

The Winged Dragon of RaRed-Eyes WyvernGolden LadybugGolden LadybugGolden LadybugRed-Eyes B. Dragon
Red-Eyes B. DragonRed-Eyes B. DragonElemental HERO ClaymanA/D ChangerRed-Eyes FusionRed-Eyes Insight
Red-Eyes InsightRed-Eyes InsightCounter GateCounter GateCounter GateRed-Eyes Spirit
Red-Eyes SpiritRed-Eyes Spirit---Red-Eyes Slash Dragon

Standard Version

Red-Eyes WyvernGravekeeper's VassalRed-Eyes B. DragonRed-Eyes B. DragonRed-Eyes B. DragonElemental HERO Clayman
Elemental HERO ClaymanRed-Eyes FusionRed-Eyes FusionRed-Eyes FusionRed-Eyes InsightRed-Eyes Insight
Red-Eyes InsightUnion AttackUnion AttackAnti-Magic ArrowsWhite Elephant's GiftWhite Elephant's Gift
Secret Pass to the TreasuresReturn of the Red-Eyes---Red-Eyes Slash Dragon

Tips (Budget Version)

  • The budget version is a Ra Farm deck.
  • Heal every turn with Golden Ladybug.
  • Summon Red-Eyes Slash Dragon with Red-Eyes fusion and pitching A/D Changer to the graveyard.
  • Combo Red-Eyes Insight and Red-Eyes Spirit to summon Red-Eyes B. Dragon.
  • Counter Gate will help you stall when you don't have any monsters on the field.
  • When you have 10,000+ LP tribute 3 monster to summon The Winged Dragon of Ra and use his effect.
  • If all Carly's monsters are defense position, use the A/D Changer in your graveyard to change one to attack position.

Tips (Standard Version)

  • The Standard Version is a Gravekeeper's Vassal farm deck.
  • Fusion Summon Red-Eyes Slash Dragon with Red-Eyes Fusion.
  • Red-Eyes Insight searches Red-Eyes Fusion and Return of the Red-Eyes while pitching Red-Eyes B. Dragon to the graveyard.
  • Revive Red-Eyes B. Dragon with Return of the Red-Eyes.
  • Send Red-Eyes B. Dragon to the graveyard with White Elephant's Gift to draw more cards. You can later then revive that Red-Eyes B. Dragon with Return of the Red-Eyes.
  • Only occupy 2 monsters zones with Red-Eyes monsters.
  • During your final turn, Normal Summon Gravekeeper's Vassal and use 2 Union Attack and Secret Pass to the Treasure on him.
  • Use Anti-Magic Arrows to prevent Carly from using Reverse Glasses.

Cloudian Ra Farm

SkillLP Boost α
Essential cards

Example Deck

The Winged Dragon of RaZeradias, Herald of HeavenZeradias, Herald of HeavenZeradias, Herald of HeavenCloudian - AltusCloudian - Altus
Cloudian - CirrostratusCloudian - CirrostratusCloudian - Acid CloudCloudian - Acid CloudGolden LadybugGolden Ladybug
Golden LadybugThe Sanctuary in the SkyThe Sanctuary in the SkyThe Sanctuary in the SkyShooting Star Bow - CealDivine Punishment
Divine PunishmentDivine Punishment----
[Skill] descriptionUser
LP Boost α
Increases starting Life Points by 1000.
Jack Atlas
Jack Atlas


  • Heal every turn with Golden Ladybug.
  • Stall with Cloudian monsters and The Sanctuary in the Sky.
  • Use Zeradias the Herald of Heaven to search The Sanctuary in the Sky.
  • Divine Punishment is used to negate Reverse Glasses.
  • By the time you have 11,000 LP you can summon The Winged Dragon of Ra and equip it with Shooting Star Bow - Ceal to end the Duel.

Carly Carmine Lvl 40 Decklist

Carly Carmine's Drop Rewards


Hot New Top
Fairy Swee last turn, perfect !
<< Anonymous(Nephalès)
Anonymous Reply
That's why you should never clear Carly's field lmao

Just use Big Bang Shot instead on Ra, so that it can pierce her defense position monster.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
*Big Bang Shot instead of AMA, her backrow has nothing to worry about
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
basically keep her field full so that she cannot summon the more annoying ones, and in the last turn, summon Ra, equip Big Bang Shot to it, and pierce the hell out of her

AMA is not needed since her backrow stuff are not dangerous
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Oh wait, Reverse Glasses halves ATK, I recalled it as switching ATK & DEF

Then replace 1 Downbeat instead with Big Bang Shot or at least Fairy Meteor Crush.
She literally 🔥 herself before i could goddamit
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yeah, thankfully I draw Ra before she decks herself out.

I think I'll try to switch to Aromage Ra, Jasmine might allow me to outpace her draw cards.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Do you have a pretty solid aroma ra farm deck?
Can you please kindly share it?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I'm not sure if this is solid enough for you, but

1 Ra
2 Jasmine
3 Rosemary
3 Neo-Spacian Air Hummingbird
1 Golden Ladybug
3 Aroma Garden
1 Big Bang Shot
3 Spirit Barrier
3 Astral Barrier

That's what I use.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Thank you.
I'll try it
Done. Farm with Bishbaalkin. She cannot draw or do anything, if she doesn’t have any space to summon lol
<< Anonymous(Deman)
Sc Reply
Deck list please?
shien rush works but sometimes it’s super slow. like turn 25 slow.
Red-Eyes deck is bad... :(
annoying theme ...
Her farming is quiet tricky, I was 1 card left in my deck to finish the duel and she made me draw it out during her turn...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
If you go with a Cloudian deck, save Divine judgement for the last turns. Almost fell for that trick too
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Divine punishment*
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
If you use Cloudian Ra, gather counters using Cloudian Squall, but do NOT destroy any of her monster on the field with Cirro's effect until the very last turn.

If her field is full, she can't SS her Fortune Fairies to screw you again.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I am using the Red-Eyes variation, but Anti Magic Arrows seem worthless for the deck as I prefer to let her clog her field. Im just making sure to have 2 cards left in the deck to play an WEG to draw those and win in the same turn.
Monster Cards
1x Fortune Fairy Ann
1x Fortune Fairy Chee
1x Fortune Fairy En
2x Fortune Fairy Hikari
2x Fortune Fairy Hu
2x Fortune Fairy Swee
2x Magical Exemplar
Spell Cards
2x Lucky Loan
2x Miracle Stone
2x Unacceptable Result
2x Wonder Wand
Trap Cards
1x Reverse Glasses
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
List is for lvl 40 carly
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
One of the worst lv 40 event duelists ever. I like it.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Imagine when the unlock event starts.
Yubel + 3x Jar of Greed + 2x Kiteroid works well for me. Jar of Greed is necessary because you have to draw Yubel as fast as possible since we cannot use My Name Is Yubel in 5DS World. Kiteroid is to save your LP if somehow you cannot summon Terror Incarnate early. Fortunately we don't need Anti Magic Arrow to farm Carly.Anyway, for me Lv30 is harder than Lv40 because of the annoying continuous trap which deals 700 damage per turn
clouds are not working. she can draw faster and more cards than u. in the end, she did not have any card and i have 10+ in my deck. coulds are useless
Miracle stone annoying

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