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update 22/06/2018


This Skill Can be obtained by completing Special Mission! - "Wins 1 Duel against Jaden Yuki Using Chazz Princeton"

Description (Since 2018 Jun 26)

At the beginning of the Duel, add Dragon's Mirror to your Deck and shuffle it. Then, add Five-Headed Dragon to your Extra Deck. Can be used when your Life Points decrease by 1800. Instead of conducting your normal draw, Dragon's Mirror is added to your hand from your deck. This Skill can only be used once per Duel.

Rating and Explanation

Since the skill activates before you draw your hand, there is a chance that you can get this in your starting hand, which can be a slight disadvantage, and getting it when you need it can be a little unreliable. It's best used in a fusion focused Dragon deck, and somewhat later in the duel when you have the fusion materials in your graveyard. It makes Five-Headed Dragon more viable to be summoned in a duel, and you can also use fusion substitute monsters like King of the Swamp.

Updated History

Description (Until 2018 Jun 25)

Begin the duel with the Dragon's Mirror in your Deck, and Five-Headed Dragon in your Extra Deck.


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Kaiba would have been a better pick for this skill with "First of the Dragons" as the Fusion monster add instead of "FGD".

Kind of random for Chazz since it has really nothing to do with his Anime and Manga counterparts. Giving him a Dragon version of the Skill "Reinforcements" would have been better. And would have promoted this deck better.

The skill is decent, it has it's uses. But it's not the skill Chazz needed for his "Armed Dragon" and "Chaos Dragon" decks.
<< Anonymous(KyanbuXM)
Anonymous Reply
...How is First of the Dragons more fitting for Kaiba than Five-Headed Dragon is for Chazz? (I'd consider them both fitting enough, personally, but I just really don't get you suggesting First of the Dragons as if it's somehow any better of a fit.)
<< Anonymous(KyanbuXM)
Aravash 19days ago Reply
Chazz has this skill because his character revolves around using weak monsters, which coincidentally cards like troop dragon and soldier dragon are the fastest way to make use of this card
Your Boy Guzma
I like how they completely miss Chazz's Deck/Playstyle and how random this skill is. I mean is it so hard to give him a skill for Armed Dragons like adding level-up or something like that to your hand or something for the VWXYZ-Machines.

BUT no out of freacking nowhere they give him Five-Headed Dragon.

Well played Konami XD
<< Anonymous(Anonymous.)
Anonymous Reply
Chazz plays Dragons, doesn't matter if he plays Five-Headed Dragon.
<< Anonymous(Anonymous.)
Anonymous Reply
Those were just examples. (Though like the other guy pointed out, your argument applies for Chazz and FHD anyway.)

The fact Chazz uses Stamping Destruction and Dragon's Gunfire in Duel Links should be enough "proof" that FHD should be "acceptable" anyway, though, since he's never used them in the anime or manga either...
<< Anonymous(Anonymous.)
Anonymous Reply
Chazz plays dragons so it doesn't matter if he never used FHD. This is also using your logic moron
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Dragons are a type, not archetype. Nice use of the other guy's logic, tbh.
Named after Dragonforce, a speed metal band.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Gilly Reply
I hate to be that guy but technically Dragonforce is Power Metal.
If you can't afford buying a lot of BOXes to make a solid deck, buy this. Level up Chazz until you have him at level 15-20, and then switch to Ojamas. Other than that, not worth imo
Tristans original name in the Japanese anime was Honda
Kinda trashy. OwO and wrong person. They should have given this to the one and the only man, Tristan, whose voice wins him duels after duels.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
His voice gives him super strength!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Tristan Supervoice Taylor
<< Anonymous
Tian Reply
Yes, Tristan is better than everyone. He doesn't needs a duel, deck, music, mat and other stuff to win. Besides, what it looks like his defeat pose is actually his victory pose. So that means you lose and the game rewards you gold out of pity.
Jesse anderson
Whoa your strong,well so am I
Kinda out of place for Chazz, since his only fusions are Ojamas and VWXYZ. Manga Chazz never used dragon Fusion. Should've been a skill that added Light and Darkness Dragon in the deck tbh.
This would've suit Kaiba more and having blue eyes ultimate in the extra deck instead of FHD. Chazz never used and never had fusion support for his dragons. I also remember Kaiba having dragon's mirror in his deck/briefecase full of rare cards and the big five used FHD against him and yugi.
Missed opportunity to name the skill "Dragonforce"
why does Chazz get this skill instead of the king of Dragon's himself Kaiba does Chazz even use Five-Headed Dragon
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
No, and neither does Kaiba
<< Anonymous
Anonymous. Reply
kaiba doesn't use 5-headed dragon either, but as the OP said, at least it would suit kaiba abit more, since he's more well known for playing dragons. Learn to understand what you're reading, dumbass.
<< Anonymous(Anonymous.)
Anonymous Reply
Kaiba's only used a few more Dragon-Types than Chazz has. (If I didn't miscount, it's 16 vs 12, excluding the mangas, which would give Chazz an overwhelming victory, but including multiple copies of stuff.) Also, in-universe, I feel like Chazz would be the more likely to use it. The fact the Big Five used it is a major point against Kaiba IMO.
Chazz Princeston
I'm going to chazz all over you slifer slackers!!!

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Ok so Konami nerf beatdown but release willpower III *clap clap clap*
can i play vs zane wiht fur hire ra?
Amen brother. The church of meta bs shall save us all.
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