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update 22/06/2018


Description (Since 2018 Jun 26)

Can be used each time your Life Points decrease by 1800. Special Summon "Ojama Token" on your opponent's side of the field in Defense Position. This Skill can only be used once per Duel.


How to Get

  • Chazz Princeton reaches Lvl 20.

Rating and Explanation

Work in progress...

Updated History

Description (Until 2018 Jun 25)

Can be used each time your Life Points decrease by 1800. Summon 1 Ojama Token (Defense Position) on your opponent's side of the field.

Chazz Princeton's skill list


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How to counter this cancer?
<< Anonymous
akubane Reply
poly and fuse the tokens into knight^^. other option would be plasma or other monster that can be special summoned with tributes.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
just use banlist its out now ;P
It's unlocked at level 20 not 13
1 - 2 Tokens + Vision HERO Trinity + Windstorm/Econ + Anti Magic Arrows
I got KOG today with this skill, pretty wild
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I was close with it. It's hilarious.
<< Anonymous
Btdiaz Reply
Slow burn deck with golden ladybug and lava golem.
<< Anonymous(Btdiaz)
Anonymous Reply
that slow burn deck is so stupid, most boring deck ever made, how can a normal person play that deck?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Because auto-win Slyvans gets boring after a while too.
Can a token be tributed for tribute summon?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
No, it’s rendering a monster slot useless
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The below is incorrect. It's not 100% useless. For me I love ojama go because it's a free tribute for my paladin of the felgrand and guardian of the felgrand. It's you can still get rid of it. Also D. Tribe plus dragon rebirth
my god the guy i'm dueling is dragging this out *sigh*
<< Anonymous(Tackrad)
Tackrad Reply
it looks a lot like a ra farming deck
<< Anonymous(Tackrad)
Tackrad Reply
i won by time limt
If the text said that ojama token cant be used for tribute summon,but WHY lava golem can be summoned by tributed this token holy shit?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Lava Golem is SPECIAL summon not TRIBUTE summon.they are different..
I like this Skill for Alien decks. It guarantees that your opponent will have a face-up Monster, even if they're running a defensive deck, and it gives you something that you can actually target when they're running Hazy (plus it can't be tributed, so that's a bonus.)
Ally of Justice Cosmic Gateway + Ojama Go!
I would just summon Ojama King if you want the board lockdown, getting your life points almost down to half just to lock off one zone isn't really worth it
<< Anonymous
What's your name? Reply
How? please tell me now
<< Anonymous(What's your name?)
Anonymous Reply
lava just a ojama weevile
<< Anonymous
Are you 18+? Reply
Oh, that sounds swell. Weevile as in pokemon, right? Didn't know pokemon were in yugioh. Thanks for your time.
you get the skill at lvl 20, not 13..
Thinking of building a Medium of the Ice Barrier control deck with this skill. For the "Special summon if your opponent controls 4+ cards" effect, would the Ojama Token count as a "card"?

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Fùck off
Another possible build makes use of Jasmine combined with Aroma Garden, Air Hummingbird, and othe...
Also, remember it only special summons from the Deck. If any copies of Assault Dog gets into your...
neither do d heroes lmao have fun summon trinity then getting banished
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