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update 21/01/2018


After the recent skill changes, some of Bastion's element field spell skill requirements have been lowered, making it easier to activate. Papa-Corn can take advantage of that, making it into a level 4 monster with 2,700 attack!

SkillFirm as the EARTH
Essential cards
CostMid - Expensive
(Box reset)
Galactic OriginGalactic Origin

Papa-Corn sample deck

Papa-CornPapa-CornPapa-CornBlack BrachiosBlack BrachiosBlack Brachios
Gigantic CephalotusBotanical GirlBotanical GirlBotanical GirlCosmic CycloneCosmic Cyclone
Cosmic CycloneEnemy ControllerEnemy ControllerMirror WallMirror WallPowerful Rebirth
Powerful RebirthWindstorm of Etaqua

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Firm as the EARTH
Can be used after your Life Points are at 3000 or below. Play the Field Spell "Gaia Power."If there already is Field Spell on your side of the Field, rerturn it to your hand. This skill can only be used once per Duel.


How to use this deck


Using Bastion's skill "Firm as the EARTH", Papa-Corn becomes 2,700 attack, which is higher than a lot of higher level monsters that requires tributes. Since the requirement to activate the skill becomes easier, you can use Cosmic Cyclone to easily get the skill up AND banish your opponent's spell/trap card, preventing them from being used in the graveyard. Though this deck relies on either you, or your opponent, from having a field spell. If neither player has one, then it can be difficult to recover.

Support monsters

  • Black Brachios Can be a good support monster since it also gets boosted from the field spell. It can be used to flip your opponent's set monster to face up defense position, or from attack position to defense. This is so that you can safely attack into them without getting destroyed.

  • Gigantic Cephalotus: Also a good support since it's an earth plant monster that can increase its attack further.

  • Botanical Girl: This is used to search Papa-Corn from the deck since he's the most important one that the deck is centered around, but it can be more useful if you have other plant monsters as options.

Lowering LP

  • Cosmic Cyclone: Possibly the easiest and best card to use to get to 3,000 LP so you can activate Bastion's skill(s). You can activate this during the turn your opponent sets their spell/trap card to guarantee that they won't chain it.

  • Mirror Wall: Also an effective way to lower your LP, as well as providing some good defense. You can activate this card just to pay the LP cost so you can use your skill.


  • Enemy Controller: It's always good for some offensive, or defensive plays. In case your opponent summons a monster that you can't handle, you can take control of it so you can attack directly. Black Brachios can flip your opponent's set monster to face up defense, you can then switch it to attack position with enemy controller to deal some damage.

  • Powerful Rebirth: With only 3 copies of Papa-Corn, you can use this to revive it from the graveyard, or bring back Botanical Girl for some searches.

Other useful cards

Anti-Magic Arrows
Anti-Magic Arrows
If you have less copies or none at all of Cosmic Cyclone, this can help prevent your attacks from getting stopped.
Xing Zhen Hu
Xing Zhen Hu
Mainly good if you don't get to draw your Cosmic Cyclone, or have less copies of it, but this helps maintain your dominance by locking your opponent's backrow.
A good alternative that also gets buffed from the field spell. With a counter on it, it can protect itself from getting destroyed by battle, or card effect.
Amazoness Chain Master
Amazoness Chain Master
An alternative method to lower your LP to activate the skill. Also takes a monster card from your opponent's hand.
Terrible Deal
Terrible Deal
You won't be able to activate this as easily as some of the other options, but it can provide a cheap alternative.


Lmao "KOG Worthy"
use dicephoon
this card is still in trader?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
these deck really works ?
Very useful card.
Umm his skill has not been lowered to 3000 yet.. who writes these reviews smh
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You need to read the announcement
The Rock
Nice deck

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