Love is pain (Skill)

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update 11/10/2018

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If you receive damage from your opponent's card effect when your Life Points are at 2000 or below, your opponent will receive the same amount of damage.



Ryuira 17days ago
Is the damage applied at the same time. (Draw if both your life points are low) Or you take the damage first then your opponent. (You lose before your opponent takes the damage if the effect dame is high enough.)
<< Anonymous(Ryuira)
A 17days ago Reply
as a general OCG rule:
if you activate any card that make both players take damage at the same time you will take the damage first and if your life point hit zero you will lose.
this also goes for skills as duelinks follows OCG rules.
<< Anonymous(Ryuira)
A 17days ago Reply
after checking the skill agian, you must receive the damage first to trigger the skill so the rule is not even needed here
Shadowy Figure
If one could build a self burn deck this skill coupled with a strong defense screen would be pure agony to suffer.
Uhh... a good f@ck you to burn decks?
<< Anonymous(NMS)
Here is a confirmation of this skill.
I'm very sure it's supposed to be "Love of Pain".
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It's meant to be "Love is pain."

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It's a pretty big con. It's a terrible card to topdeck.
Who actually uses this guy?
I played today feb 2019 and in two straigh games I used 5 cards to destroy 1 card and it landed ...
and fodder for a wing beat dragon.
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