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update 13/09/2016

Cyber Tutu

Cyber Tutu
Monster TypeWarrior
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeContinuous Effect
ArchetypesCyber / Cyber Girl


If the ATK of each monster your opponent controls is higher than the ATK of this card, this card can attack your opponent directly.









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Attack categoriesDirect attacker

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If this card will make a direct attack, even if the opponent got higher ATK monsters, and I activate Rising Energy through damage step, will it still go through direct attack?
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Xenon Reply
Increasing damage during damage step don't stop the attack. So yes, increasing Cyber tutu this way work.
Leaving a monster in def position don't work, as the ATK count, not its position. But I don't know how set monster work(likely they count as '0 atk' ones.
You can easily test those things against LDs.
<< Anonymous(Xenon)
Valencia Reply
I meant to say that it stopped working if the monsters were set facedown, and that is usually what people ended up doing to me in pvp to stop her. She is not good for furhires since they have recon and donpa, and beat a lot and are swarming the board a lot and if your deck has only direct attack monsters, it is hard to clear the weaker furhires with just s/t thanks to wiz.
<< Anonymous(Xenon)
Valencia Reply
Another problem is that if you have a bunch of stuff to juice her up for the damage step, then you have less cards to protect her and if you don't get what you need all the time, it is hard. With 4000 lp back and better cards, I do want to revisit this deck idea, but I want to try to get powerful rebirth for her and the others.
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Valencia Reply
Oh, and now there is also Monster Reborn Reborn. So maybe it can be good. I want to try it again because it was so much fun when I did get wins with it.
Can this card be a skystarray/inaba white rabit replacement in Right Back at You decks?
<< Anonymous
Valencia Reply
I guess it could work. Maybe Raging Flame Sprite, too. Either way, it would be hilarious to see Yami Marik wreak havoc with these cutesy looking ballet dancers.
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Anonymous Reply
The problem with Cyber Tutu is that if the opponent got set monsters, then it's effect won't trigger to direct attack.
<< Anonymous
Valencia Reply
True. This card reminds me of Drillago. I just can't stop imagining a beautiful come from behind win with this late in a duel, though.
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Anonymous Reply
Cyber Tutu's effect is easy to trigger its effect than Drillago tho. The downside are the stats but yeah, this card can be a good finisher for late game.
There are more direct attackers now with this. Very nice.
How i can get this card in the game?
<< Anonymous
Valencia Reply
They are in Alexis' starter deck.
fxckin OP
I get 3 copies this card
I like her and she's my crush.
She's very pretty.

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