Handless Combo Infinity (Skill)

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update 09/10/2018

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Begin the Duel with 0 starting hand and 1 "Infernity Doom Dragon" on your side of the field.



I get the first bit but why would you use cards that can't be immediately used when equiped with this skill?
This skill is only useful if you go second, thus making it unreliable.

And even then, the card you draw for going second must be usable right away, otherwise you can't use Infernity Doom Dragon's effect. Which makes this skill even more unreliable.
Npc skill
dont use this skill when your opponents use zombie deck and u.a and yubel and also ....
there are only 2 enemy controller so if your opponent has no econ you win...
if your opponent use econ then chance of your enemy to get their econ is 2 out of 20cards and also a luck in starting hand but badluck if did not get
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Anonymous Reply
This is just a slightly better elements unite.
Sounds pretty good on paper, but there are a lot of ways to get Doom Dragon off the field.
when u go first with this skill and enemy summon and special summon and ECON ur dragon
Dont undestand why this shall be broken?
When you have the first turn, u have already lost with this skill: Enemy destroys this card ( u have no protection) and IF you survive the second turn, you end up with 1 card in your hand. WOW

Similar to "Elements Unite!" SKILL, all say too OP but has the same problem like this skill. NO META, maybe good enough to have fun
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It's broken because the Infernity deck requires the user to have no cards in their hands to activate their effects. Their effects are great and now you have no cards in your hand so you're able to meet the requirement + You instantly start the duel with Inferinty Doom Dragon too which makes use of the skill
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The effect is:
"Once per turn, if you have no cards in your hand, you can select 1 monster your opponent controls. Destroy that monster and inflict damage to your opponent equal to half its ATK."

In your first turn: there are no enemy monsters on the field, so you cannot use the effect.
Second turn: The enemy destroys, banish or take over our card AND SAYS: THX FOR THE OTC,pls pls fight me again
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Anonymous Reply
cardless brutality burn !!
NPC & event boss only, too broken
this clearly a NPC exclusive skill

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Come on guys you have to bring dm characters such us solomon muto, noah,Marik and from gx atticus...
Definitely one of the best Prismatics to have
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