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update 09/09/2017


The goal of this deck is to get Doom Shaman out as soon as possible either through tribute summoning or revival. Fiend Farewell helps you get Invader of Darkness into your graveyard to be revived by Doom Shaman.

Example deck

Invader of DarknessInvader of DarknessDoom ShamanDoom ShamanDoom ShamanBlazewing Butterfly
Blazewing ButterflyBlazewing ButterflyFeatherizerFeatherizerFeatherizerAmarylease
AmaryleaseSuperviseSuperviseSuperviseDivine WrathUltimate Providence
Ultimate ProvidenceUltimate Providence--------

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Fiend Farewell
Can be used when one of your monsters is destroyed by battle. 1 random Fiend-Type monster from your Deck is sent to the graveyard.

Yami Bakura

How to use

Send powerful monsters to the graveyard

High-level monsters like Doom Shaman and Invader of Darkness require tributes to be normal summoned making them slow and inefficient. So it would be better to send them to the graveyard, where they can be revived practically for free with card effects. Use Featherizer to mill Doom Shaman from your deck, and use your skill Fiend Farewell to mill Invader of Darknessfrom your deck. If in your hand, you can discard them as cost to use your counter trap cards.


Revive your high-leveled monsters after they have been sent to the graveyard. Use the effect of Blazewing Butterfly to revive Doom Shaman, this can be comboed with Supervise to revive up to 2 Gemini monsters from your graveyard. Then with Doom Shaman's effect active, you can use him to revive Invader of Darkness.


  • Set Amarylease to have it be destroyed by your opponent. Then you can remove Amarylease from play while in your graveyard to summon Doom Shaman with no tribute or Invader of Darkness with one tribute.
  • Set Featherizer to take your opponent's attack, then mill Doom Shaman from your deck and draw a card when he is destroyed. With this you can thin your deck and effectively stall without losing card advantage.

Negate card effects

Preventing your opponent from making plays is one of the strong points of this deck.

  • By simply having Invader of Darkness face-up on the field, you shut out every quick-play spell your opponent has, making them dead cards in their hand or field. Most devastatingly, is the fact that many meta decks heavily rely on quick-play spells for protection and support.
  • Use Divine Wrath to negate your opponent's monster effect by discarding a card form your hand. Usually you would want to discard a high-leveled monster so that you can revive them later.
  • Use Ultimate Providence to negate any card effect by discarding the same type of card from your hand. Best to always have a trap card in your hand when this is set so that you can negate Mirror Wall.

Other useful cards

Archfiend Empress
Archfiend Empress
Can be special summoned by Doom Shaman. Additionally, she can revive a high leveled fiend-type monster when she is destroyed.
Trance Archfiend
Trance Archfiend
Helps you discard Invader of Darkness, and become a quick 2000 attack beater for one turn.
Mecha Phantom Beast Hamstrat
Mecha Phantom Beast Hamstrat
Helps you stall and tribute summon more effectively.
Superalloy Beast Raptinus
Superalloy Beast Raptinus
Activate all gemini effects while it is face up on the field. Can be special summoned with any two gemini monsters as fusion materials, which will also help you send Doom Shaman to the grave.
Advance Draw
Advance Draw
Might be worth using to draw more cards, but only use if you are able to revive Invader of Darkness immediately.
Symbols of Duty
Symbols of Duty
Send one of your gemini monsters to the grave to revive a monster from either graveyard.
The Shallow Grave
The Shallow Grave
Can be used to revive your high-leveled monsters since they have reasonably high defense.
Magic Jammer
Magic Jammer
Discard a card to Negate your opponent's spell card. Might not be that useful when Invader of Darkness is on the field.

Other example decks

Invader of DarknessInvader of DarknessDoom ShamanDoom ShamanDoom ShamanBlazewing Butterfly
Blazewing ButterflyBlazewing ButterflyFeatherizerFeatherizerFeatherizerAmarylease
AmaryleaseSuperviseSuperviseSuperviseWonder BalloonsWonder Balloons
Curse of AnubisWindstorm of Etaqua--------


My gameplay using Gemini Friend deck.
my version is better

<< Anonymous(Anderson)
Anonymous Reply
and no one gives a shit, perhaps u wanna contact mr odion instead
<< Anonymous(Anderson)
Anonymous Reply
"My version is better" well yeah, yours came out months later with better gemini cards available. Stop being such a cuck.
the rock
Any replacement of featherizer
Deck is fun but can easily run out of play options. If you can get Doom out and pull invader etc then you're looking good. Otherwise you're just setting for them to be destroyed :/ I'll stick to 3SD TBD!
anyone got a version with des gardius? this deck gets walled hard by blue eyes or any other monster with more than 2900 atk
dunno... 1 tribute aint biggy, soul exchange can do the job and get fiends with fiend griefing
Soul exchange?

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"There is easy ways to gain Lp on your opponents turn lol" How so?
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