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Most Worm monsters work best when they are set. Most have good flip effects, while some you will just need to play face down for different reasons. One weakness of playing Worms is their lack of attack power, which we will compensate with the skill The Tie that Binds and the field spell Luminous Spark.

Example deck

Evil Dragon Ananta Version [Shadow Game]

Evil Dragon AnantaEvil Dragon AnantaEvil Dragon AnantaWorm KingWorm KingWorm King
Worm CartarosWorm CartarosWorm CartarosWorm JetelikpseWorm JetelikpseWorm Apocalypse
Worm SolidWorm OperaWorm OperaWorm HopeWorm HopeEnemy Controller
W Nebula MeteoriteW Nebula Meteorite----

Worm Zero Version [Last Gamble]

Worm KingWorm KingWorm KingWorm VictoryWorm CartarosWorm Cartaros
Worm CartarosWorm JetelikpseWorm JetelikpseWorm ApocalypseWorm ApocalypseWorm Solid
Worm OperaWorm HopeEnemy ControllerPolymerizationPolymerizationPolymerization
W Nebula MeteoriteW Nebula Meteorite--Worm ZeroWorm ZeroWorm Zero

Restart Version

Worm KingWorm KingWorm CartarosWorm CartarosWorm CartarosWorm Jetelikpse
Worm JetelikpseWorm JetelikpseWorm ApocalypseWorm ApocalypseWorm ApocalypseCosmic Cyclone
Cosmic CycloneW Nebula MeteoriteW Nebula MeteoriteW Nebula MeteoriteCurse of AnubisWindstorm of Etaqua
A Feint PlanA Feint Plan--------

The Ties that Binds Version

Worm CartarosWorm CartarosWorm CartarosWorm DimiklesWorm DimiklesWorm Dimikles
Worm TentaclesWorm TentaclesWorm TentaclesWorm SolidWorm SolidEnemy Controller
Enemy ControllerEnemy ControllerLuminous SparkLuminous SparkGamusharaGamushara
Curse of AnubisWindstorm of Etaqua--------

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Shadow Game
At the end of their respective turn, each player will lose LP equal to "100" times the number of cards in their own graveyard.
Yami Marik
Yami Marik
[Skill] descriptionUser
Can be used only once after starting hands are dealt. Reveal and redraw your starting hand. Your first Draw will be skipped if you use this Skill.
Vellian Crowler
Vellian Crowler
[Skill] descriptionUser
The Tie that Binds
Until the end of you turn, the ATK of all face-up monsters on your field increases by the number of monsters on your field times 100. This skill can only be used once per turn.
Jesse Anderson
Jesse Anderson

How to Use [Evil Dragon Ananta & Worm Zero]

This variant is made around Evil Dragon Ananta. It is focused on getting reptile monsters on board or in the Graveyard. You then use them as fuel to summon Ananta. You can use as little as one monster to summon but it is more ideal to get Ananta as beefed up as possible. You then use him to blow up your opponent's cards until you out advantage them.

Evil Dragon Ananta

The main playmaker of the deck. It is crucial to the strategy of this deck. It can be special summoned by banishing all reptile monsters you control and have in grave. It gains 600 Attack for each one banished. At the end of your turn you must destroy one card on the field. This includes your field so keep that in mind. If you can get Ananta up to atleast 1800 Attack and Defense it makes it much harder for your oppenent to deal with. This card allows you to keep destroying their cards making them lose advantage every turn that it activates. This also keeps piling cards into their graveyard so Shadow Game's burn damage ramps up every time.

Worm Zero

You only need four unique Worm monsters unless you want to have more attack. You can send a monster to the graveyard by banishing a Worm monster from your graveyard. If you fuse six unique Worm monsters you can draw a card once per turn.This works as pretty good removal for monsters. At it's best it can gain you advantage and make your opponent lose advantage. If you used enough Worm monsters it can make it hard for your opponent to attack over as well.

Worm King

This card is great to use if you don't have access to Ananta yet. You can summon it off of W Nebula Meteorite or just tribute one Worm monster to get him out. It can destroy 1 card your opponent controls at the cost of tribute a Worm monster. This allows you to destroy your opponent's cards and get fuel in the graveyard to summon Ananta with. This also dumps fuel for Worm Zero's graveyard effect. It also has 2700 attack meaning it can run over most monsters and make it pretty hard for your opponent to deal with by battle.

Worm Victory

Worm Victory is in here to have another unique Worm monster. It also has a powerful effect of destroying all face-up monsters on the field except Worm monsters. It gains 500 attack for each reptile Worm monster in your graveyard. This combos well with Worm Zero since you can special summon Victory from the graveyard in face-down defense postion using Worm Zero's effect. This makes it easy to get off Victory's effect. If you have four to five Worms in grave in can be a decent beater. If not you can use it as wall since it has 2500 defense.

Worm Apocalypse

It can destoy one spell or trap when flipped. It helps to go ahead and destroy a backrow for when you try to bring out King or Ananta or for when you want to start attacking so your opponent has less of a chance of disrupting your plays.

Worm Hope

Worm Hope is in here to draw a card when it is flipped. If it is destroyed you have to discard a card which can be good for dumping fuel for Ananta's summon. The draw helps you maintain advantage while getting you closer to drawing Ananta. I would run less in a Worm Zero just because you don't want all you Worms in the grave so you can fuse into it.

Worm Cartaros, Jetelikpse, Solid & Opera

Worm Cartaros allows you to search a level 4 or lower Worm monster from your deck when it is flipped up. This is great for getting to cards you need and thinning out your deck. You can search out a Hope to get a draw and dump a card into the grave for fuel. You can search out Solid or Jetelikpse for a defensive option. You can search out Opera to soften up your opponent's monsters or Apocalypse to blow up one of their backrow.

Worm Jetelikpse has the ability to come back after being destroyed by battle if it was flipped that turn. This keeps it around for tribute fodder for Worm King, a big body and decent removal. It can also just be used to block two attacks if your oppenent has two or monsters on the field to stall until you draw into something you need.

Worm solid can be used a defensive tool if you have enough Worm monsters in your graveyard. It gains 100 defense for each Worm monster in grave and if your opponent attacks into it and takes damage you can destroy a spell or trap. It has 1600 defense to begin with so if you have 3 to 4 monsters in grave it can be hard for your oppenent to get over with their lower level monsters. You can stall for Ananta or Worm Zero plays.

Worm Opera can take your opponent's monsters down a notch by lowering all monsters' attack on the field by 500 except Worm monsters. This can help your Worm monsters like Ananta or King get over monsters or just deal more damage when attacking over them. This can also just make it harder for your opponent's monsters to attack over your monsters buying you more time to setup.

Enemy Controller

Enemy Controller can be used to protect your monsters or take one of your opponent's monsters to attack for game. This is to protect Ananta or tribute off a monster to take one of your opponent's monsters to attack for game. It also can help stall for a turn till you can Last Gamble.


You run three Polymerization so can you can see it more often to go into Worm Zero for fusion summoning into Worm Zero.

W Nebula Meteorite

W Nebula Meteorite is a great help to Worms. It flips all face-down monsters on the field to face-up position. It flips your Worm monsters face-down at the end of the turn and you draw a card for each flipped down. This card also allows you to special summon a level 7 or higher Light Reptile monster from your deck. You can get out Worm King and thin your deck at the same time to help you get to Ananta or your Polymerization.

How to Use [The Ties that Bind]

Worm monsters

Worm CartarosWorm Solid

Most Worm monsters can support and are supported by other Worm monsters:

  • Worm Cartaros can search out any level 4 or lower Worm monster when he is flipped face-up.
  • Worm Solid gains defense points for every Worm monster in your graveyard. This can do considerable damage to your opponent when he unknowingly attacks your face-down Worm Solid, also allowing you to destroy their spell/trap card.
  • Worm Tentacles can remove a Worm monster in your graveyard from play so that he can attack twice for this turn's battle phase.

Boost attack

Luminous SparkPolymerization

Since the current Worm monsters mostly have low to below average attack, you may not benefit much from effects like Worm Tentacles's "double attack" and Gamushara. So having attack boosts like Luminous Spark is essential to this deck. The skill The Tie that Binds can also help by giving you a temporary attack boost during your turn only.


Worm DimiklesGamushara

Gamushara is used to punish your opponent for attacking your set monster. The best way to use this is when you set Worm Dimikles, then when your opponent attacks it use Gamushara. Worm Dimikles gains 300 attack and defense while your opponent receives double damage if their monster was destroyed, plus you can do more damage if Luminous Spark is face-up.

Other useful cards

Evil Dragon Ananta
Evil Dragon Ananta
Provides a powerful boss monster for any Reptile monster deck.
Spawn Alligator
Spawn Alligator
Tribute summon without losing card advantage. Use Beatdown instead of The Ties that Bind if you want to add multiple copies of this card to your deck.
Worm Erokin
Worm Erokin
Changes a Worm monster to face-down defense position so that you can keep reusing it's effect.
Worm Barses
Worm Barses
Changes a monster to face-up attack position when he is summoned. Can be used on your set worm monsters or your opponent's monsters.
Worm Call
Worm Call
Special summons a Worm monster from your hand.
Damage = Reptile
Damage = Reptile
Special summons and deck search.
Snake Whistle
Snake Whistle
Search deck and special summon a level 4 or lower reptile monster.
Spiritual Light Art - Hijiri
Spiritual Light Art - Hijiri
Search deck a monster removed from play by Worm Tentacles.


Hot New Top
Give us Xex and Yagan, trollnami...
what a 🔥ty deck, worms/reptiles are actually quite good but so many good cards are missing here like ananta or molting escape
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Molting Escape sucks since your Worms will be on face down position for an entire turn
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
My reptile deck is beast. And worms are giving it a better boost
<< Anonymous
bunny Reply
worm + spike shiiiieeeld
<< Anonymous
Bob Reply
Yeah I agree where worm war load. Hes a beast
Anyone have any better decks
Cool deck. Fusion many worms to summon the moon.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
This deck is actually fun
2 King / 1 Victory / 1 Warlord / 3 Cartaros / 1 Jetelikpse / 1 Apocalypse / 1 Dimikles / 1 Solid / 2 Tentacles / 1 Opera / 2 Polymerization / 2 Worm Call / 2 W Nebula / 1 Trap Hole / 2 Worm Zero - This deck has lots of room for misplays but once you learn it it becomes a super fun deck to play that can stay competitive on the ladder up through silver. The key with this deck is to know your cards well enough to continue to work a mixture of stall and/or card advantage. The BEST part is nobody expects to lose to WORMS!!! Just ran this deck with 9W-1L on Gold tonight 7/20/18
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
That moment that you poly four different worms into a Worm-0, banish three creatures from your graveyard to clear their field and then pull the worm victory out of your graveyard in face down defense position back onto the field.
what? no worm victory + worm call combo
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
right? it has potential for board wipe
Alexis boyfriend
LOL these lists are 🔥ing bad
Lol mods deleted my comment just because I called this deck trash you're not allowed to stare your opinion anymore? Stupid 🔥s
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
your dad is calling u in bed right now
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Cafe Ole
still waiting for venom monsters and reptilliannes, worms are no fun for me sorry
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
There's always one new set of cards that get overshadowed.
I loved this deck. I replaced the windstorm like cards with Nitwit Outwit which lowers the enemies ATK and gets monsters in the grave for Tentacles to pop off. Took out Solid and replaced him with Opera's to lower ATK even mor
<< Anonymous(Jamal)
Venom snake Reply
Nitwit outwit is a great card!! I have 3 blue eyes white dragons and 2 rabbit dragons that would be dead cards if it wasn't for it. Then combined with dragons rebirth, birthright and vanguard of the dragon your opponent has no idea happened. Also you can activate it during any phase!!

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You can get synchro Explosive Magician though.
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Yeah preventing and ending battle phase are 2 different things
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