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update 13/12/2017


With the release of the latest box , “Blades of spirits”, a new powerful field spell was released; Temple of the Mind’s Eye. Its effect is simple: “All battle damage a player takes becomes 1000”. This effect counts for both you and your opponent.

This card is responsible for bringing us a new type of Burn deck in the meta, one that doesn’t rely on the effect of Amazoness Swords Woman.

Example Deck

Lava GolemLava GolemSkystarraySkystarrayInaba White RabbitInaba White Rabbit
Backup SquadTemple of the Mind's EyeTemple of the Mind's EyeTemple of the Mind's EyeDraining ShieldDraining Shield
Draining ShieldEnchanted JavelinFloodgate Trap Hole
Floodgate Trap HoleFloodgate Trap Hole----


[Skill] descriptionUser
Destiny Draw
Can be used each time your Life Points decrease by 2000. In the Draw Phase, instead of doing a normal draw, draw the card of your choice.

Yami Yugi

How To Use

The idea behind the deck is to increase your life points a lot with the help of cards like Draining Shield and Enchanted Javelin, but your opponent is only able to remove 1000 of your life points with each successful attack thanks to the new field spell.

Temple of the Mind’s Eye

Most of the time this will be the first card you’ll want to draw thanks to your Destiny Draw Skill.

Even if your opponent is able to hit you with a monster like Cyber Angel Dakini, you’ll only lose 1000 life points, however if you can hit your opponent with Inaba White Rabbit/Skystarray, they’ll lose a 1000 life points. This means you only need to get of 4 successful direct attacks to win the duel (even less if you summon a Lava Golem to their side of the field).

Because you only take 1000 damage at a time, this card works great together with Destiny Draw, because taking two attacks is enough to trigger it.

Backup Squad

This card has great synergy with Temple of the Mind’s Eye because you only take 1000 damage for each attack, meaning every time your opponent attacks; you’ll draw 1 card. This card can make you draw a lot throughout the duel because you’ll be raising your life points as well, just watch out that you don’t deck out before finishing of your opponent.

If you already have access to your field spell, this will probably be the next card you’ll want to search with the Destiny Draw skill.

Massivemorph and Floodgate Trap Hole

These two traps are important to help you stall early on in the duel because you might not have drawn your field spell yet, or your life points aren’t high enough to start taking hits.

Draining Shield and Enchanted Javelin

Enchanted Javelin will allow you to absorb some hits which makes you able to activate your Destiny Draw skill.

Draining Shield will completely negate an attack, which might prevent you from activating your skill, however it could greatly increase your life points, putting you in a safe position if you have your field spell active.

Draining Shield and Enchanted Javelin work great together with Massivemorph; if a monster attacks, first use Draining Shield/Enchanted Javelin (chain link 1) and chain Massivemorph to their activation (chain link 2). Massivemorph will double the monster’s attack, then you will gain life points equal to that monster’s new attack. After those traps resolve the monster’s attack will be stopped since a monster affected by Massivemorph cannot attack you directly.

Skystarray and Inaba White Rabbit

Normally these monster could only deal 600/700 damage to your opponent each turn, but thanks to Temple of the Mind’s Eye each one will be dealing 1000 damage. Keep in mind if Skystarray was not able to successfully attack (for example if your opponent stopped the attack through Enemy Controller) he will not be banished and your opponent can possibly kill it next turn. Inaba White Rabbit is stopped by less cards (one example being Floodgate Trap Hole). That’s why this deck runs only 2 Skystarray, but 3 Inaba White Rabbit.

Lava Golem

This monster helps clear up your opponent’s field and also deal 1000 damage each turn. Even though he has 3000 attack, that won’t be a problem if you have Temple of the Mind’s Eye on the field.

Additional Notes

  • With the new Marik event we can now play up to two copies of Lava Golem in a deck. A second copy greatly increases the chance of drawing one (without using Destiny Draw), however opinions on if this deck should run two copies are still divided and it has yet to be seen if a second copy is really needed. If you feel that two copies is too clunky, feel free to remove one.

  • You might have already noticed, but this deck runs 21 cards (instead of the usual 20), some people even run 22 cards. The reason for this is that it will help you in the mirror match. Most of the time the person with the most cards in his deck will win the mirror match as he will be the last to deck out.

  • Don’t forget to activate Massivemorph before the damage step. If you activate Massivemorph during the Damage step, the monster’s attack will be doubled, but the attack will still go through. Always put your toggle to “ON” if you want to activate Massivemorph so that you never use it too late.

Other Useful Cards

The Golden Apples
The Golden Apples
Allows you to take a hit and immediately heal back up while also summoning a token to defend yourself. This card is only useful at the start of the duel though.
Emergency Provisions
Emergency Provisions
This card will heal you for each spell/trap you decide to send to the graveyard. This card can provide you with a nice heal if you have multiple copies of cards in hand that are either useless or if you are going to be forced to discard cards at the end of your turn anyway. This card also allows you to get rid of cards that are locked down for example by Sergeant Electro/Fire Formation-Gyokkou.
Wall of Disruption
Wall of Disruption
Because your opponent will try and swarm the field to get in as many attacks as possible, this card could be the devastating blow as he’ll find himself with a clogged up field with monsters that have 0 attack.


Hot New Top
Anonymous 25days ago
People who have no brain, no friends, no social life, no GF, play this deck.
I keep loughing when my Phoenix blows thoose mother fu××ers backrows
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 25days ago Reply
Phoenix Player are those people
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 25days ago Reply
Right, Phoenix player have no life, Dkayed stated it xD
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 19days ago Reply
You sound pretty salty go outside
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
Cringe. Just like every 4 year old here
Anonymous 25days ago
burn deck is for lowlife
Zorc 31days ago
this deck aint even that bad its just a fun deck that toys with people take out the floodgates and its an easy match up. Meta decks are the real cancer i play my fiend decks and just toy with people and steal their monsters
seeing this deck type all over legend's annoying and it's easy to beat. stop using it..
Good time to be a phoenix player and watch these back row heavy burn decks just get stomped with no minds eye ever on the field.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
good time to have a below average penis size and a shitty old meta deck
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Lmao ^^ no one wants to hear about your small dick bro XD
phx deck says hi to your backrow
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You use Fire King Yaksha, I set Draining Shield. Once Yaksha attacks, i use Draining Shield. Phoenix comes back up, destroys Fire King Island, both of your mons go to hell. I set Floodgate/Massivemorph. Hey your Phoenix comes up again! Floodgate/Massivemorph chained to Phoenix effect. GG.
<< Anonymous(HELLO)
Anonymous Reply
fenix is good against this but not meta anymore
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
If decks like this say meta Phoenix will resurrect not only that but if cyber angels get nerfed again one of its counter decks is gone
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Destructive potion can still chain on to Phoenix when you floodgate
Anyone running anything other then Destiny Draw(skill) with this deck?
<< Anonymous(Torian)
Anonymous Reply
Extra, extra skill
Cancer is cancer. If you play this deck, you clearly have no soul
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
this deck boring, CA boring, AG boring, GB boring, REZ boring, Ninja boring. If you thinks every deck is boring, why not uninstall the apps and play different games?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
If talk about variation, burn deck has more variation than Hazy. beside Temple of The Mind eye There's Parasite Burning Land, Duel Standby, Chain Reaction, and Amazoness SW
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Oh my how ignorant are you. Do you know ddraw temple not a burn deck? Burn deck that viable right now is parasite burn, and amazoness burn. Is that you call variation? What duel stanby burn? Is that the burn deck 4 months ago? Chain reaction is a meme deck. See anyone got kog with it? How many hazy variation got kog, with beatdown, aroma, even 3sd with different build. Git gud scrub
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Seriously, why do you not have the ability to think before you write a comment? Not every deck is boring, but this one is because it stalls way too much. This game was created with the intention to shorten the duels as much as possible, yet this deck takes longer to defeat compared to the others you mentioned. It's annoying having to defeat slow decks every time.
GB rekt this deck.
Facing this deck quite a bit today. ugh.
wooow ppl always crying bout something if the deck is good is cancer if is bad no1 plays it ppl cry bout the bad cards that konami give us and when they give us good cards you all cry as well xDDDD LOL niggas
I have The solution to this cancer xD

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