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Duel Links WCS Final decks, the top meta of Duel Links in WCS 2018.
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update 05/08/2018

WCS 2018 : Final Stage

DateAug 5 [2018 13:00~18:30]
LocationMakuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall 7 (2-1, Nakase, Mihama-ku, Chiba-city

Streaming Schedule

WCS 2018 Day 1Aug 4 [09:00~16:00]
WCS 2018 Day 2Aug 5 [07:45~17:45]

WCS 2018 Appreciation Campaign

YuGiOh 5D's

The soundtrack for YuGiOh 5D's was played during the tournament hinting at its near future release. For more information about YuGiOh 5D's click the link below.

Rules for WCS 2018 Finals

♦ About the Deck:

  • 5 Decks, each set to a different Legendary Duelist with a different Skill.
  • Duelist can only have 3 copies of the same card across their 5 Decks.
  • In addition, they can only have 1 copy of a Limited card and 2 copies of a Semi-Limited card across their Decks.

♦ Regulation:

  • Each Match consists of 5 Duels and the Duelist who wins 3 Duels first will be the winner of the Match.
  • Duelist cannot use the Deck they have used in the Duel for the rest of that Match.
  • Duelists must change their Deck after a Duel.
  • Standard and Legendary Decks must be used in the following order:
1st DuelStandard Deck
2nd DuelLegendary Deck
3rd DuelStandard Deck
4th DuelLegendary Deck
5th DuelStandard Deck

♦ Day 1 :

  • The tournament will have Duelists split into 2 blocks, Block A and Block B. Duelist will take part in a round-robin tournament within their respective blocks.
  • The Top 2 Duelists (most Match wins) from each block will proceed to Day 2.

Competing Duelist in Block A

Block AA1: machdragon
A3: Jason
C1: Whybona
C3: Koizumi
D2: CWC/TsunTsun
F1: Jenkins
K: Timmy

Competing Duelist in Block B

Block BA2: beekay
B1: Zeeta
B3: Xixo
D1: あれ。
D3: わんぱくちゃん
E1: DeckMaker
F2: silentlofd

♦ Day 2:

  • A single-round elimination tournament will be held between 4 Duelists, the top 2 Duelists of each block.

Competing Duelist in Block A

Block AB2: N.DO ZAP
F1: Jenkins

Competing Duelist in Block B

Block BD1: あれ。
B3: Xixo

List of Final Players

Timmy Chiew (Champion 2017)Oceania
Takahiro Hamada (あれ。)Japan
Ryoichi Kitahata (CWC/TsunTsun)Japan
Riki Yamamoto (わんぱくちゃん)Japan
Yeon Jun Lee (DeckMaker)Korea
Roy Svinik (Jenkins)Middle East
Warizmi Thayib (silentlofd)Asia
Alex Chung (machdragon)North America
Josh Cooper (beekay)North America
Jason Chu (Jason)North America
Patricio (Xixo)Latin America
Rafael Jose (Zeeta)Latin America
Junior Silva (N. DO ZAP)Latin America
Charlie Whyborne (Whybona)Europe
Marjo Jahaj (Kozumi)Europe

Day 2 [Final] Livestream

Day 2 [Semi-Final] Livestream

Day 1 Livestream

Day 2 Result [Final Tournament]

Final Tournament

1st Place[D1] あれ。
2nd Place[B2] N.DO ZAP
3rd Duel[B3] Xixo
4th Place[F1] Jenkins

Day 1 Result [Round-Robin Tournament by Block]

Top 4 Duelist [Semi Final]

  • [B2] N. DO ZAP
  • [F1] Jenkins
  • [D1] あれ。
  • [B3] Xixo

Block A Result

Block B Result


Hot New Top
Anyone win the lottery?
<< Anonymous
Whalordius Reply
That jap champ pic is pure meme.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
He sacrificed his soul in order to win the championships
Yes, we all saw that Konami
totally rigged the starting hands and draws for the Japanese player in the final against the brazilian player. No one is that lucky on duel links. That's a shame Konami.
<< Anonymous
mewetaur Reply
what to expect? it's konami. fair play is not for that company
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Lmao, sounds like a salty brazilian whose life is nothing more than this children's card game
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
They're always salty lol. That's why no one likes Brazilians
timmy lose?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Jokes on you the winner is also an ugly looking dweeb
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Last year was fat and this year was fish get it?! hahahahaha
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
yep, this year is fish
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
That Brazilian was good looking and he looked like kaiba was rooting for him
Brazilian Guy
Japanese Guy played too much, read or was lucky, to use counter decks against the "Negão Zap"

Congratulations, N. Zap, you played too much.
"Standard and Legendary Decks must be used in the following order:"

what does standard and legendary decks mean?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Standard decks are basically any deck you want to use. Legendary Decks are decks that have specific requirements relating to a specific Legendary Duelist’s signature cards. A Legendary Deck for Zane, for example, must contain cards from the Cyber Dragon archetype, including Cyber End Dragon
Can someone repost pics of WCQ dudes? I think it's there on reddit before but gone
Migeru jōkā wa watashi no bunka ni haji,-ka ni wa kinshi ga hitsuyō >|
<< Anonymous(Yuri )
Anonymous Reply
He fkin said he d rape jap girls, so he deserved that DQ.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
That DQ was well deserved.
I'm confused about the 2nd place semifinalist for block A. While Jenkins (F1), Jason (A3), and TsunTsun (D2) have the same record, 4 wins 3 losses. Somebody plese explain
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Jenkins won both matches vs A3 and D2
Only two players worth to invest into:Last Champion and the desk-maker. Because we could not saw the desk they are going to play in Final, we could only guese the champion by refer to theri desk before final. Only these two player not using problematic desks(generally winning desk without strategy requirements). On the other hand, only these two may be Human.(But the desk of last Champion had hidden, so he may also AI) :>
I only tuned in to see if they'd make any official announcement of 5D's. They even had Yusei's Theme playing during the show.

Otherwise, it was a total joke. Hamada even won the deciding duel with that broken Silent Magician Spellbook deck. How could anybody be proud of that?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
And people were saying dat silent magician is just a waifu card for fans, even my cuber angels can beat them and shit....i bet it was luvhung from reddit spamming these.
I am confused. How come They played with real cards and not with the duel links' app?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Not the entire video is a stream of the DL tournament. There are the exhibition duel and real life tournament as well.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
And if you know what's going on, the real life Final match is AMAZING.

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