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update 13/04/2017


Null and Void
TypeTrap Card
Card Effect TypeActivation requirement / Card effect


Activate only when an effect of drawing card(s) is activated. Both players see the cards drawn by the effect and discard them all to the Graveyard.

How to Get

Level-up rewardOdion Lv7
Victory against--
Card trader--


How to GetRarity
Odion Lv3R


Will not be used since there are a few cards that allow a player to draw cards.


  • The effect of this card cannot be activated at the damage step.




ActionsReveals your hand / Reveals opponent's hand / Discards for effect

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tested on several card seem many people complain it is broken: can be activated on: -shard of greed, jar of greed, card trader, card from the sky, legacy of yata-garasu, wonder wand, molten zombie, skelengel, dark mimic lvl1, dekochi (noted the flip effect is done on main phase, you cannot activated muko on damage step)
<< Anonymous(xox)
Anonymous Reply
cannot be activated for: - Good Goblin Housekeeping, hiro shadow scout (flipped in main phase), cup of ace, dragged down into the grave, reload, common charity
This doesn't seem to work with either hiro shadow scout or Sasuke samurai 3.. Why not?
<< Anonymous(Edgar81539)
Silent M Reply
It's not working in the Main Phase either.
<< Anonymous
xox Reply
Sasuke samurai 3 effect activated when you inflicts Battle Damage to your opponent's Life Points, which normally in damage calculation step, the only card that can be activated is counter trap card
<< Anonymous
xox Reply
did hiro shadow scout was flipped during damage step?
<< Anonymous(xox)
xox Reply
maybe this ruling applied "This card cannot be activated in a Chain to a card effect that draws cards and perform other effects like "Graceful Charity"."
It's not working with cup of ace
Has anyone ever found a condition met to activate this card?
Seems very broken to me...
is this card is Broken? it cannot be activated by any Phase.. weird..
It dont work with book of eclipse either. The Card is broken
Why cannot be chained to Cup of Ace?
Its called muko not null and void

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temple of the mind's eye and Backup squad combo farm;
Great minds think a like because that's the exact same thing I did earlier! Lol
So, 3x Kaibaman 2x Blue Dragon Summoner 1x Gravekeeper's Vassal 1x fusion substitute mon...
anti magic arrows works for a turn if you don't like cursed seal
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