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update 12/07/2017


The usual Relinquished deck, but this time with the addition of Magical Exemplar. Magical Exemplar can be a very efficient way to summon Relinquished from the graveyard as long as it was ritual summoned prior to being sent.

Essential cards
(Box reset)
The Ultimate Rising(Recommended)
Dawn of Destiny(Necessary)

Example deck

RelinquishedRelinquishedRelinquishedSonic BirdSonic BirdSonic Bird
Senju of the Thousand HandsSenju of the Thousand HandsSenju of the Thousand HandsSphere KuribohSphere KuribohMagical Exemplar
Magical ExemplarMagical ExemplarEnemy ControllerEnemy ControllerEnemy ControllerBlack Illusion Ritual
Black Illusion RitualBlack Illusion Ritual--------

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Can be used after starting hand is distributed. Shuffle all the cards from your hand into the Deck. Then draw the starting hand again.


How to use

Search ritual cards

Use Senju of the Thousand Hands and Sonic Bird to search out Relinquished and Black Illusion Ritual. Senju of the Thousand Hands searches for a ritual monster, while Sonic Bird searches for a ritual spell just by being normal or flip summoned. Which is great because it's an instant +1 to your hand.

Summoning Relinquished

Relinquished is quite fragile right now in the current meta, with many popular cards being able to deny Relinquished from absorbing the enemy monster, leaving him with zero attack the next turn. This is when Magical Exemplar becomes useful. Only ritual summon Relinquished when the opponent has a monster on the field and you have Magical Exemplar on yours. Using Black Illusion Ritual while Magical Exemplar is on the field gives her two spell counters. When you try to absorb your opponent's monster he would most likely use enemy controller tribute or dimension gate to deny you and leave your Relinquished defenseless. Relinquished would most likely be destroyed in this case unless you have any way to protect him, so use Magical Exemplar to revive him during your next turn by removing only one spell counter. This is because Relinquished is a level one spellcaster which means you can continuously revive him as long as you have spell counters.

Protect Relinquished

Even if you have Magical Exemplar to continuously revive Relinquished, it would still be ideal to not let him get destroyed especially while in attack position because you would still be receiving the equivalent of a direct attack. You would also want to be protecting your Magical Exemplar from getting destroyed.

  • Sphere Kuriboh can be discarded from your hand to change your opponent's monster to defense position when it attacks. In addition he ca be used as tribute to ritual summon Relinquished even if he is in your graveyard.
  • Enemy Controller protects your monster by changing the battle position if the attacking monster and using it will also add spell counters to Magical Exemplar.

Other useful cards

For versatile cards that can be used in any deck, check the link below.

Djinn Disserere of Rituals
Djinn Disserere of Rituals
Can be use to ritual summon requished to make him immune to traps, and can also be used as ritual material from the grave.
Release Restraint Wave
Release Restraint Wave
Destroys the equipped monster and all set spell/traps your opponent controls.
Interdimensional Matter Transporter
Interdimensional Matter Transporter
Banishing your Relinquished will make them untargetable and destroys the equipped monster.


Hot New Top
This is a cancer... Next banlist relinquished limit
<< Anonymous(Jamal)
Anonymous Reply
no plz, no limit on him, that would crush me
When i see Conductor word i thought it's Skull Conductor. I've just wonder how i can use Skull conductor with Relinquished lol
<< Anonymous
Peter P Reply
I thought the exact same thing!
<< Anonymous(Peter P)
Anonymous Reply
are you the spider-man?
<< Anonymous
harry Reply
yes he is
<< Anonymous(harry)
Anonymous Reply
are you harry potter?
So.. you gonna summon a Relinquished? No problem! I got OtC, E-con, Vigilance, Ritual Sealing, Dark Paladin, Ultimate Providence, etc. Guys, Relinquished meta has died months ago.
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Anonymous Reply
not to mention i have wild tornadoes for further explosive plays and synergy
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Anonymous Reply
fire kings are nothing without their 2700 attack ace and the mini version of their ace and not to mention their spell card
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Spoken like someone stuck in gold!
<< Anonymous(DaKurllz)
Anonymous Reply
Lol vigilance, my enemy black ritual all 3 card discarded then he surrender
it also seems unable to take a machine monster that is equipped a monster
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Use equip spell to destroy it
All these people shouting "i have x card it'll stop relinq, i have card y so ill just do this". It's still a card game. You can get a absolutely abysmal hand and lose and no matter what cars you thought you had to win, you never draw. Relinquished thrives on having 12 of the 20 cards in the deck being revolved around literally just him with another plus 2 if you want to add Sphere Kuriboh. With restart the odds are even higher that your first hand has either 1 or even 2 relinquished summons. I know there's still newer meta cards that CAN beat relinquished, but it's about consistency, and Relinquished thrives in that aspect. There's just a better chance that you'll take their monster over them having the exact cards to counter. Thats why E-con is so versitile and needed, for decks like Relinquished or (some) 3SD decks.

Sorry for rant
<< Anonymous
Yami Reply
But i like laught with Bakura when i win
Relinquished can't do anything against toons tho.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
To be fair most Decks can't only reason why Headlong is so necessary and why Windstorm/Kuriboh are been used more frequently
Pretty horrible list

The whole point of the Deck is to utilize a recurring Relinquished with Exemplar that list is one giant brick that clogs

The best way to defend Relinquished is Kuriboh (which should always be maxed in a Relinquished Deck anyways) and currently Super Rush Headlong (both those also ensure this Deck doesn't straight up lose to Toons)

2 Relinquished
2 Sonic Bird
2 Senju
2 Black Illusion Ritual

Ideal ratio and frees up room for more proactive cards

3 Kuriboh always in Relinquished Decks the thought of even suggesting less is absurd

2 Super Headlong Rush while you could argue for 3 of this card Vanguard is used in all BEWD and all non-Zombie variants while uncommon in higher Rankings Firekings and Sacred Phoenix are also cards to be aware of. Toons are really big right now and this one of the only ways to break their Monsters through Toon Kingdom (for this Deck you'd need a combo of Kuriboh + Headlong to break Toon Summoned Skull unfortunately you will lose to Toon DMG)

While E Con is still amazingly versatile it's not the end all be all and Windstorm is worthy of inclusion with Toons and Decks revolving around Big Beaters being more prominent this Meta

About the only thing this List got right was 3 Exemplar only thing that sucks is there isn't really any room to include another way to utilize Spell Counters that she gets (she can build up a fair amount quickly) but a minor thing since she fulfills her purpose

I have always wanted to try out relinquished decks but Konami only gave me two copies.
If you need the best Relinquish Deck, here's a free discord server with some of the top players in Duel Links:

Thank me later
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
ur really bad
Half-shut over sphere kuriboh to fuel exemplars effect
Don't play Relinq, but what if you fit in Copycat? Best case you copy a good monster with Copycat, absorb it with Relinq. But it can also be used as tribute for ritual or revived by Exemplar. OP?
Magical Exemplar
Back in the day with the real card game my friend would always build amazing spell caster decks regardless of the format and he would always tech in Magical Exemplar. The card is like a 20 out of 10.

Magical Exemplar + Apprentice Magician

Commens and feedback


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but even if you manage to kill Wiz they will probably summon Wiz again in the GY with spell card ...
I've seen that thing in action from an NPC's deck. It would be really helpful for my deck!
Haha it's pretty nasty going second when going against fur hire deck. In case of keeping ...
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