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Example deck

King of the Skull ServantsKing of the Skull ServantsGoblin ZombieGoblin ZombieSamurai SkullSamurai Skull
Samurai SkullBacon SaverSkull ServantSkull ServantSkull ServantCreature Seizure
Enemy ControllerEnemy ControllerEnemy ControllerVeil of DarknessVeil of DarknessVeil of Darkness
Xing Zhen HuXing Zhen Hu----


[Skill] descriptionUser
Can be used after starting hand is distributed. Shuffle all the cards from your hand into the Deck. Then draw the starting hand again.
Check here!

How to use

Work in progress...

White Elephant's Gift
White Elephant's Gift
Work in progress...
Order to Charge
Order to Charge
Work in progress...
Tribute to The Doomed
Tribute to The Doomed
Work in progress...


Anonymous 13days ago
here's how to play the deck
Anonymous 26days ago
This deck is useless . the only good deck with skull servant is a deck with no mortal can resist
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 26days ago Reply
No mortak can resist works only with opponent graveyard.
<< Anonymous
C.Nietzsche 18days ago Reply
Yeah most translations are false, french one says "both graveyards" for example
Anonymous 26days ago
No mortal can resist >>
<< Anonymous
TheMeetyMeet 26days ago Reply
Has to be from your graveyard, not from either player's graveyard.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 23days ago Reply
he's just saying that the card has a better use that way
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 23days ago Reply
Yes... Farm deck for Ishizu
Anonymous 27days ago
Veil of Darkness? Seems pretty trash.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 27days ago Reply
3k king of the skull servant emm not worth it im just gonna wait for other wight support
<< Anonymous
TrialnError 27days ago Reply
Could technically be 4,000 but outside of Econ, there's no protection. Not to mention how quickly your opponent can decrease your attack strength or just Floodgate you
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 25days ago Reply
I dunno lady in wight and wightprince have pretty powerful effects. you think konami would be able to add them without another CA situation?
Mah Boi 25days ago
Honestly, if you're going to use King of the Skull Servants as the main boss, use Gozuki to mill out the Servants. Also Creature Seizure seems gross if you want the Servants to be in the Graveyard ASAP. Order to Smash or Order to Charge could be a better use for it.
Anonymous 27days ago
There are too many S/T if you run this deck with veil of darkness
<< Anonymous
Josh 27days ago Reply
No need to run 3 veils any way
Anonymous 27days ago
Good with Gravity Bind.. which konami would never release.
Anonymous 27days ago
The best skill for Skull Servant deck is Last Gamble. Bring Painful Decision, use Skull Servant as Last Gamble fodder. Bring Storm to clear opponent's backrow before summoning The King
Nani 27days ago
Low level monster decks are trash without the support cards they need but konami will never release to the game like gravity bind and level limit cards
Third 27days ago
I'm cool with it
Second 27days ago
I'm so jealous of first :(
First 27days ago
So you finally fixed the link lol.

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