Standard Duelists Lvl 57

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Yami Marik event part 2 is live now!
update 11/10/2017

Stage 57 - ??

From Stage 57 - ??, Standard duelists use Lvl 57 decks.

Unity of Naturia

Naturia United Lvl: 57

Monster Card x17QTY
Arsenal SummonerArsenal Summoner2
Naturia StrawberryNaturia Strawberry3
Naturia GuardianNaturia Guardian3
Naturia DragonflyNaturia Dragonfly3
Magical MerchantMagical Merchant3
Spell Card x3QTY
Wicked-Breaking Flamberge - BaouWicked-Breaking Flamberge - Baou3
Trap Card x0QTY

Insect Fortress

Wrath of the Beasts

Ruthless Judgement

Ruthless Judgement Lvl: 57

Monster Card x16QTY
Dunames Dark WitchDunames Dark Witch2
Guardian Angel JoanGuardian Angel Joan3
Airknight ParshathAirknight Parshath3
Freya, Spirit of VictoryFreya, Spirit of Victory3
Spell Card x4QTY
Cards from the SkyCards from the Sky1
Court of JusticeCourt of Justice3
Trap Card x0QTY

Those Who Charge

Equip and Destroy

Summoned Skull

Summoned Skull Lvl: 57

Monster Card x10QTY
Summoned SkullSummoned Skull3
Skilled Red MagicianSkilled Red Magician3
Spell Card x10QTY
Mystic BoxMystic Box1
Makiu, the Magical MistMakiu, the Magical Mist2
Murmur of the ForestMurmur of the Forest2
Shard of GreedShard of Greed2
Trap Card x0QTY


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I use this deck for auto, around 85-95% and really fast.

but the score are pretty low, aroud 2k-3k mostly

New decks since GX update. They are Sacred Phoenix, Judgment from Above (Counter Traps), Judgement of the Depth (Shinato, King of Mythical Planes), Tribute Theory Vol 2, Roar of the Black Dragon (Red Eyes), Hand Thief (White Magical Hat?) and Gemini Monsters.
<< Anonymous(Bbear)
Anonymous Reply
Gemini Monsters Deck: Heavy Knight Flame x2 Luck Piped Piper x2 Skelesaurs x2 Blazewing Butterfuly x2 Gemini Scorpion x2 Gemini Lancer x1 Supervise x3 Polymerization x3 Double Summon x1 Herculean Power x1 Gemini Counter x1 Extra Deck: Superalloy Blast Raptinus x3
Would be great if someone can post the SD's cards.
lol. They got red eyes deck with insight + spirit
New decks today, seen a Phoenix and RE so far.
wish we please had more 57 standard duelists. If we had a pool of like 12 the game would be way more fun
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I i and he just got a good job man and he just got a good job man that is a bad guy to be me to be bad at all the people who that would he be like that is he really doing nothing right now than to make sure he doesn't want you a bad guy to be bad
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Lol, that insect fortress deck has no business being at stage 57. It belongs at stage 30 at best.
how come for naturia united deck npc always got at least 1 spell in opening hand?? is that some kinda skill or what npc use. 3 out of 20 card lol
<< Anonymous(anon)
okshapp Reply
they use Balance for NPC
<< Anonymous(anon)
okshapp Reply
they use Balance for NPC
Any qiuck victory deck?
I'm on stage 58 and i hv to archive 40 quick victory.
So annoying
<< Anonymous(Tahmidk9)
Anonymous Reply
I used a karateman OTK deck for quick victory, its like a 50% winrate, but itll always be before the 5th turn. best if you have Karateman x3 Blacksmith Kotetsu x3 Secret Pass to the Treasure x3 Twin Swords of Flashing Light x3 Any copies of Shooting Star Bow - Ceal you have then fill the rest with draw cards like Crystal Seer
<< Anonymous(Tahmidk9)
okshapp Reply
just make an annoying ice barrier deck. 80% quick vics. none of them above use sphere kuriboh.
Basically a 100% win rate against anything but the Vanguard. Currently leveling Weevil so I used Parasitic Infestation and threw in a Jade Insect Whistle over EC. For any other character I would just use the 1000 LP boost or a field spell. No need to add in any combos or other cards. The CPU does stupid things with cards like OtC or Tribute to the Doomed. 3 Rush will basically win you any game. Only have two Blaze Inpachi, and Lotus will probably slow the consistency.
Insect Fortress has more than 3 Flowers?!

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Was auto correct due to being on phone :) (Only just seen this reply.)
Do you set it on the turn you plan to use it? Maybe that's why. Don't set it, have it i...
I'm jealous. That looks cool.
just go to reddit there is a thread about marik lvl 50
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