Standard Duelists Lvl 57

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update 11/10/2017

Stage 57 - ??

From Stage 57 - ??, Standard duelists use Lvl 57 decks.

Unity of Naturia

Naturia United Lvl: 57

Monster Card x17QTY
Arsenal SummonerArsenal Summoner2
Naturia StrawberryNaturia Strawberry3
Naturia GuardianNaturia Guardian3
Naturia DragonflyNaturia Dragonfly3
Magical MerchantMagical Merchant3
Spell Card x3QTY
Wicked-Breaking Flamberge - BaouWicked-Breaking Flamberge - Baou3
Trap Card x0QTY

Insect Fortress

Wrath of the Beasts

Ruthless Judgement

Ruthless Judgement Lvl: 57

Monster Card x16QTY
Dunames Dark WitchDunames Dark Witch2
Guardian Angel JoanGuardian Angel Joan3
Airknight ParshathAirknight Parshath3
Freya, Spirit of VictoryFreya, Spirit of Victory3
Spell Card x4QTY
Cards from the SkyCards from the Sky1
Court of JusticeCourt of Justice3
Trap Card x0QTY

Those Who Charge

Equip and Destroy

Summoned Skull

Summoned Skull Lvl: 57

Monster Card x10QTY
Summoned SkullSummoned Skull3
Skilled Red MagicianSkilled Red Magician3
Spell Card x10QTY
Mystic BoxMystic Box1
Makiu, the Magical MistMakiu, the Magical Mist2
Murmur of the ForestMurmur of the Forest2
Shard of GreedShard of Greed2
Trap Card x0QTY


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Using this deck for auto dueling at stage 57. 10W-0L
<< Anonymous(Nubashet)
Anonymous Reply
I had a kaibaman, 2 BEWD and Econ in my first hand. The AI just put the kaibaman in defense, set econ and end turn wtf.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yeah seems like the AI for auto duel is worse than the AI for the npc players. This deck does have that win rate but not with auto duel. Auto duel AI just too stupid to play it right
<< Anonymous
TKSainto Reply
The same with fusion deck, AI set a fusion material even with the other one in hand and Polimerization, it´s annoying
<< Anonymous(Nubashet)
Ughhh Reply
Blue Dragon Summoner, Kaibaman, and Seer in hand, and one Seer on the field. Opponent attacks facedown Seer- effect reveals BEWD and another Seer.

What does the AI add to its hand? A 3rd Seer. Loses the duel next turn after setting Summoner.

anyone that has a decklist with high win ratio?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
don't forget dark world!

3x Ceruli Guru of Dark World
3x Reign-Beaux Overlord of Dark World
3x Snoww Unlight of Dark World
3x Trance Archfiend

3x Dark World Lightning
2x Into The Void
1x E-Con

Its not exactly F2P but it works really well! 95% win rate I think.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I left out 2x Scarr Scout of Dark World
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
switch out dark world lightning for cheerful coffin, it makes it more f2p and gives way more OTK potential
<< Anonymous
Leukocyte Reply
AGG and AGB can't be special summoned by Boxer.
Are the rewards better at lv 57 from the duelists?
<< Anonymous
Hope this helps Reply
When you are about to lose the duel, quit the app and quit the duel in progress. This way you can keep your winning streak. I past that with this trick long ago, hope it still works.
<< Anonymous(Hope this helps)
Anonymous Reply
This trick already being patched out a few updates ago due to severe abuse by losers like you.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Farm mai ... its easy. The obly hard thing is at lvl 59 which u need to defeat her by quick victory
<< Anonymous
Arata Itsuka Reply
A little late but restart toons destroy Mai. I got the 3 wins easy. Sadly idk if it'll work with the quick victories.
Farm DS Lvl57
NATURIA UNITED > Farm with Cerberus 8k

INSECT FORTRESS > Farm with Cerberus (7-8k) with 2xTwister + 2xDe-Spell

RUHTLESS JUGEMENT > Farm with Cerberus (7-8k)
- difficult 'cause of hight Attack (3200)
2x Enemy Controller
1x Etaqua
3x Enchanted Javelin
1x Gravity Axe Grarl
2x Pot of Benevolence

Beast's Rage > very difficult to farm
Summoned Skull > very difficult to farm
Order to Charge's Deck > very difficult to farm
Gearfried's Deck > very difficult to farm
<< Anonymous(Farm DS Lvl57)
Farm DS 57 Reply
<< Anonymous(Farm DS Lvl57)
Anonymous Reply
Why bother spending 4-6mins farming a standard duelist, just spend 2 bucks and get a boosted duelist orb for 1 hour. Geez its the same price as your coffee
<< Anonymous(Farm DS Lvl57)
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous(Farm DS Lvl57)
anonimous Reply
Order to Charge's deck > use rex dinosaur kingdom deck to bait the order to charge and de-spell and twisters for heart of the underdog/banner of courage

Gearfried's Deck> cerberus deck with abyssal designator to send gearfried the swordsman to graveyard (Light/warrior)

Beasts> i think to use Angel 07 to cancel their effects and some cards to neutralize the traps
auto Duel deck for Lv.57 SD's
<< Anonymous(Nameless)
Anonymous Reply
yeah you can auto duel with this deck, but i'm sure it's not reach 7k-8k asssessment points right ?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous(Nameless)
Major Sandwich Reply
My deck is based on yours and wins 9/10 constantly
<< Anonymous(Nameless)
ImLosingMyPatience Reply
I wish I could make a deck like this... lvl 57 sd decks are annoying..
Fuck that dam hamster in that dam beast deck
<< Anonymous
Hammyfucko Reply
I would a hamster too! Finally, someone who shares similar passion!
<< Anonymous(Hammyfucko)
Anonymous Reply
Lol. Hilarious!!!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I hate that dam thing too fucks you up and will piss the out of you also duck that dam trap they use to make there shit big ass fuck
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
New SD lvl 57's decks :

[Gemini Monsters 4] :

Heavy Knight Flame x2 Luck Piped Piper x2
Skelesaurs x2 Blazewing Butterfuly x2
Gemini Scorpion x2 Gemini Lancer x1
Superalloy Blast Raptinus x3 Supervise x3
Polymerization x3 Double Summon x1
Herculean Power x1 Gemini Counter x1

[Hand Thief] :

Amazoness Chain Master x2 Decayed Commander x3 Zombie Tiger x3 White Magical Hat x3 Riryoku x3 Secret Pass to the Treasures x3
Rising Energy x3


[Roar of the Black Dragon] :

Blue Dragon Summoner x2 Curse of Dragon x2
Red-Eyes Black Dragon x3 Red-Eyes Black Chick x2 Ancient Rules x3 Stamping Destruction x1 Red-Eyes Spirit x2 Jar of Greed x2

[Judgment from Above] :

Shinato, King of a Higher Plane x3 Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive x1 Sonic Bird x3 Senju of the Thousand Hands x3 Shinato's Ark x3 Earthquake x2 Legacy of Yata-Garasu x1 Gravelstorm x2

[Tribute Theory Vol. 2] :

Skreech x3 Treeborn Frog x1 Troop Dragon x3
A/D Changer x2 Divine Knight Ishzark x2
White-Horned Dragon x2 Nobleman of Extermination x1 Fairy Meteor Crush x1 Big Bang Shot x1

[Judgement of the Depth] :

Bountiful Artemis x3 Vortex Trooper x2
Dark Mimic LV1 x1 Van'Dalgyon the Dark Dragon Lord x1 Divine Wrath x1 Pot of Dichotomy x1

[Sacred Phoenix] :

Fire King Avatar Yaksha x2 Fire King Avatar Kirin x2 Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys x2 Hand of Nephthys x2 Firebird x3 Fire King Island x2 The Big Cattle Drive x1 Blustering Winds x2
<< Anonymous(iSkadzz)
Anonymous Reply
[Judgement of the Depth] has at least 2x Magic Drain (if not 3x) and more than 1 Van'Dalgyon
<< Anonymous(iSkadzz)
iSkadzz Reply
[Judgement of the Depth] : Dark Mimic LV1 x2

[Judgement from Above] : Legacy of Yata-Garasu x2 and Gravelstorm x3
<< Anonymous(iSkadzz)
Anonymous Reply
3x red eyes insight
<< Anonymous(iSkadzz)
Anonymous Reply
I hate that Judgement of the Depth deck with a so annoying to go against.
Auto-Duel lvl 57 100% win rate and cheap! Made by me.
Loetaur 2
Dunames Dark witch 1
Gil garth 3
Great angus 2
Master kyinshee 2
X head cannon 1
Black pendant 1
Super rush headlong 1
Double summon 1
Gravity axe 1
Econ 1
Lucky iron axe 1
Mirror wall 1
Adhesion trap hole 2
Metalmorph 1
<< Anonymous(Tahmidk9)
Tahmidk9 Reply
Wrecks havoc!
Your Welcome!
<< Anonymous(Tahmidk9)
Anonymous Reply
What do you have for level 51's? haha
<< Anonymous
Tahmidk9 Reply
Ritual deck it does well.
Should do well from 51 to 57. I made it on lvl 56.
Relinquished 1
Zera the mant 3
Dark necrofear 1
The fiend megacyber 1
Senju thous hands 1
Cocoon of evo 1
Ritual raven 3
Dark mimic lvl 1 1
Beast of talwar 2
Contact with abyss 3
Black illus rit 1
Zera ritual 1
Embodiment apopis 1
Mirror wall 1
Golden apple 1
Windstorm etaqua 1
U can change 1 or 2 cards
Auto-Duel deck that I made, been working quite well. Very high win rate, around 95%. It also works skill-less, which is a huge plus. Not really a budget friendly deck, but substitutions can be made to make it more affordable.

How it works: The idea is to have Normal/Gemini monsters for Fusion and for KotRL special summons. (also works well if you need to sub SRH for OtC)


x1 Knight of the Red Lotus
x1 King of the Swamp/Fusion Sage (Either works)
x3 Thunder Dragon
x3 Heavy Knight of the Flame
x3 Gemini Lancer
x1 Ancient Gear Knight (or any high attack gemini monster)
x3 Super Rush Headlong (can substitute Order to Charge here)
x2 Polymerization
x3 Mirror Wall (Half-Counter is a good substitute here, or any damage step cards)

Extra Deck:

x1 Superalloy Beast Raptinus
x1 Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon

I hope this deck helps you out, constructive criticism is welcome. Also any card replacement thoughts for F2P players would be helpful.
<< Anonymous(Leukocyte)
Anonymous Reply
use a bigger picture you lazy brat.
<< Anonymous
Leukocyte Reply
Stop crying you whiny brat. I wrote the decklist.
<< Anonymous(Leukocyte)
Anonymous Reply
Thank you , this deck saved a lot of my time
Somehow it feels like they accidentally set the lvl51s as lvl57s and vice versa. Level 51 is so much more "difficult" compared to level 57
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yeah man, spirit and gemini decks were a pain in the ass
<< Anonymous
ACiDvision Reply
Agreed man, spirits aren't easy but can be dealt with since the return to hand affect can be forced but the gemini deck caused me to add cards specifically for that deck build. Noblemen of Extermination and Devine Wrath were very useful for that deck.
<< Anonymous
. Reply
xingzhenhu is a pain in the ass for gemini deck in 51
Fuck standard duelist on level 57 them them them all
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Lol they're way easier than those on lv51
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
True that!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I share you hated
All hail to the light !

I adjusted the deck, for me as a white warrior it's a lot of fun.
Skill is "Smile of the fairy".
If someone else also plays a Fairy-Theme-Deck or has some comments/advices... ;-)
<< Anonymous(FairyTail)
FairyTail Reply
The Deck
<< Anonymous(FairyTail)
Anonymous Reply
I'm actually trying to build a very similar deck as well but with 10-10 monsters/ spells using balance to up my chances of getting a good starting hand. This deck inspired me to creat my own fairy deck so thanks for posting it up here :)

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