How to beat/farm Super Joey Lvl 40

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update 15/05/2017
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Lvl 30

Lvl 40

Here are some decks to get high score against event-exclusive Super Joey Lvl 40. Those decks will be more optimized along the event, In-depth explanation for each deck will be added soon, so stay tuned!

Three-Star Demotion

Summon the Suijin, Kazejin, or Sanga of the Thunder from your hand with Three-Star Demotion to lockdown Super Joey!

Example deck

Sorcerer of Dark MagicSuijinSuijinKazejinKazejinKazejin
Sanga of the ThunderSanga of the ThunderGravekeeper's VassalCrystal SeerCrystal SeerSupremacy Berry
Supremacy BerrySupremacy BerryUnion AttackUnion AttackMagical MalletMagical Mallet
Tribute DollSecret Pass to the Treasures--------


Labyrinth Builder

Special summon Labyrinth Wall early on the duel by using Labyrinth Builder skill. Protect your wall using Dimension Gate. Thin your deck faster using Jar of Greed and Crystal Seer to avoid deck out lost. On your final turn the usual combo of Gravekeeper's Vassal plus Union Attack, special summon Red-Eyes from Joey's graveyard to achieve over 9999 Damage.

SkillLabyrinth Builder
Essential cards

Dimension Gate

Gravekeeper's VassalA Cat of Ill OmenA Cat of Ill OmenCrystal SeerShield & SwordUnion Attack
Union AttackAutonomous Action UnitSecret Pass to the TreasuresStormArray of Revealing LightHieroglyph Lithograph
Hieroglyph LithographSeven Tools of the BanditDimension GateDimension GateDimension GateJar of Greed
Jar of GreedJar of Greed--------

No Dimension Gate

Gravekeeper's VassalA Cat of Ill OmenA Cat of Ill OmenUnion AttackUnion AttackUnion Attack
Gravity Axe - GrarlShield & SwordSecret Pass to the TreasuresStormSeven Tools of the BanditUltimate Providence
Ultimate ProvidenceUltimate ProvidenceGood Goblin HousekeepingGood Goblin HousekeepingGood Goblin HousekeepingJar of Greed
Jar of GreedJar of Greed--------


The Unhappy Girl

Score6,000 - 7,000
SkillHoly Guard
Essential cards

Example deck


Unhappy Girl & Deckout

No Union Attack, no card from the discontinued 1st/2nd booster packs.

Score4,000 - 5,000
SkillHoly Guard
Essential cards

Example deck


Lvl 40 Super Joey's deck

Soul of a True Duelist

Lvl 40 Super Joey drops

Card / [Rarity]Joey's Level
Divine Knight IshzarkDivine Knight Ishzark [SR]30 or above
Meteor Dragon Red-Eyes ImpactMeteor Dragon Red-Eyes Impact [SR]30 or above
Red-Eyes InsightRed-Eyes Insight [SR]30 or above
Red-Eyes SpiritRed-Eyes Spirit [SR]30 or above
Giltia the D. KnightGiltia the D. Knight [R]All levels
Dangerous Machine Type-6Dangerous Machine Type-6 [R]All levels
Protector of the ThroneProtector of the Throne [N]All levels
Guardian of the LabyrinthGuardian of the Labyrinth [N]All levels


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and your rates.

P.S. Also, you Joey for having your spiritual cunt of Miyabi on the 2ND TURN right before I drew my 7 tools of the bandit.

Seriously this is the WORST event they've ever released. HEAR ME OUT! STOP WITH THE MOTHER SPAWN EVENTS!!! THEY ALL SUCK MAJOR ASS!!!!!!!!

I loved loved loved the Pegasus, Bakura, and Paradox Brothers events because although the drops were not as great, I had multiple opportunities to duel each one which increased my chances to get what I needed. With THESE PIECE OF SHIT, it's impossible cause they only spawn when they feel like it AND make it difficult as balls to farm. I tea burned after of the lv 40 Joey's cause i'm sick of him pulling miracles outta his ass.

Fuck this game!
<< Anonymous(FUCK YOU Konami)
Anonymous Reply
Miyabi :*
<< Anonymous(FUCK YOU Konami)
Anonymous Reply
Miyabi :*
<< Anonymous(FUCK YOU Konami)
Anonymous Reply
Miyabi :*
<< Anonymous(FUCK YOU Konami)
Anonymous Reply
Miyabi :*
Feeding time
Beginner luck, no drop dice XD
<< Anonymous(Feeding time)
Unlucky at All Reply
What a luck!
Cuando uno esta farmeando a joey y entra a pvp sin cambiar de deck XD,y justo te toca un deck de ojos rojos,jajajajaja y al final win lol ( todo esto en platino 2)
wow, 1 RE insight and 8 DICES
i have no way of farming joey but after 40 are more wins against him i get 1 ultra come on man im gettin 3k and 4k from beating him
I don't know why you guys are complaining, you dont need red-eyes insight, just can get kig of games 100% win rate with 3 alligators sword and 3 of each dice, its OP trust me.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yeah, why you complaining when you can fusion summon giltia the d. knight using 2 totally weak vanilla monster to summon a 1850 beater! This guy can even stand up to blazing inpachi!
I just don't understand the reason behind these stupid drop rates.... like man when u piss off players they stop playing=stop paying (f2p players disregard)
and eventually no one plays and guess who's fault is that? You Konami
like at least have a SJ every hour spawn...seriously
or like turn down the spawn rate in exchange for a guaranteed SR drop from lvl 40
<< Anonymous(Jonah)
Anonymous Reply
no sr here either. Im pretty upset about it
1 week farming like madness only get 1 insight ...b*tch
<< Anonymous
Mistyc Goku Reply
None here.
<< Anonymous
Jonah Reply
same here! only lucky enough to get 1 spirit and heaps of dices
Mistyc Goku
Wow, four duels winning with 6k-7k using a Buster Blade deck, got four SR packs, high expectations, and guess what? 2 dices, 1 metalmorph and 1 Meteor Dragon Red-Eyes Impact... No RE Insight so far.
<< Anonymous(Mistyc Goku)
Anonymous Reply
maybe normal joey spawned when maintence was happening
<< Anonymous
Mistyc Goku Reply
But he had SJ deck lol
<< Anonymous(Mistyc Goku)
Anonymous Reply
no he didnt STFU scrub. It was normal Joey you played against
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It happened to me too, he had vanguard of the dragon, red eyes wyvern and dropped metalmorph, wtf is this?
Today, last day of the event, Joey spawned 7 times. Only one was lv 40, 6 times level 30!!! No SR for the day, not even a dice...
are u joking right
farming lvl 40=shit, farming 30= this

<< Anonymous(are u joking right)
Anonymous Reply
Same, 2 REI from lv30
This event is finally over and in the end I can say loud that it had the worst drop rate so far. 0 Insight in the whole duration, 0 SR from lv 30 Joey and I already had 3 copies of the other SR cards. So, this event gave me literally nothing new but frustration. Konami is doing a really good job in these months with the drop rate. Be proud.

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King of games new meta ha ha ha stell body
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