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update 04/12/2016

Kunai with Chain

Kunai with Chain
TypeTrap Card
Card Effect TypeCondition / Activation requirement / Card effect / Continuous-like Effect


Activate 1 or both of these effects (simultaneously).● When an opponent's monster declares an attack: Target the attacking monster; change that target to Defense Position.● Target 1 face-up monster you control; equip this card to that target. It gains 500 ATK.

How to get / rarity

PackBurning Nova [UR]
Selection Box Vol. 01 [UR]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Excellent versatility in effects selection and activation.
  • Can be used as a protection card or an offensive card or even both.
  • Can be activated at Main Phase or Battle Phase.


  • This trap can become an Equip card which can also clog your backrow in return.

Tips, related cards, skills

  • In comparison to cards like Enemy Controller, both of the cards have their own unique advantage and versatility on top of switching monsters to defense position.
  • You can consider including Parallel Twister as well, to remove Kunai with Chain after you have equipped it to your monster, in order to destroy 1 card on the Field.
  • Unlike Metalmorph, Kunai with Chain can only be equipped to your own monster.

Equip - Effect Monsters

These monsters are highly recommended to go along with Kunai with Chain. Phoenix Gearfried is able to send Equip card to the graveyard to negate opponents’ Spell/Trap card that targets a monster. Gearfried the Swordmaster can benefit from being equipped to this card, it not only amplifies its attack greatly, it also allows Swordmaster to destroy 1 opponent’s monster upon equipping, and this effect can be activated during Battle Phase and Damage step.


In response to attack

  • The effect of changing the attacking monster to defense position can be activated during Battle Phase, but not the Damage step.
  • The effect of changing the attacking monster to defense position can only be applied at your opponent’s attacking monster.
  • This effect does not prompt a Replay option for your opponent.

Upon becoming an equip card

  • Monsters like Phoenix Gearfried, can utitlize this equip card for its effects that requires sending 1 Equip card to the Graveyard to activate.
  • Gearfried the Iron Knight still destroys this Equip Card if you equip to it.
  • Gearfried the Swordmaster can destroy 1 opponent monster when this Equip card is equipped to it. This can also be done at Battle Phase.
  • Iron Blacksmith Kotetsu does not search for this card because it is still a Trap card.




Hot New Top
Any ideas, what deck that is mandatory to have this card instead of as a tech card
I really hope they added this to the regular pack, not this purchase-needed box.
<< Anonymous(RetardedF2P)
Anonymous Reply
All new cards in the selection box will be available in future packs :)
<< Anonymous(RetardedF2P)
edgy&salty Reply
i hope no
<< Anonymous(edgy&salty)
Anonymous Reply
it is here.
Got one first pull!

I'll just leave this here
<< Anonymous(JDooles)
wow amazing, unbelieveable, fabulous, famous, how to get it
<< Anonymous(JDooles)
Anonymous Reply
he will not admit he spent his life savings to get this
<< Anonymous(JDooles)
True Oppodent Reply
I got glossy, just need another 2 copies lol
Is this a UR...Econ is a megabusterhyper Rare
better releasy counter OP decks atm, there is bamboo, daikini, gladiator beast that are unbalanced
<< Anonymous
M1R4G3M Reply
Dakini was nerfed, since that i dont see much, Bamboo will be in jan 24, and GB is not that much unbalanced, and a Dark World P2W deck Wipes the floor with GB, and you can counter and allways have chance to win against.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
GB is not unbalanced. There are many decks that can outrun a GB deck. Some decks like Massivemorph/Amazon and DW will wreck this deck. Some control decks will also wreck it. I played Volcanics and was able to outlast a GB and win. Since you carry like 8 mons and I can target your front row and sit. There are so many ways to counter this deck. Bamboo is the one I agree that deserves to get wrecked.
I can not understand why econ is better than Kunai. The second Kunai effect works like a mirror wall, and by increasing the attack it can be used in the DAMAGE stage. In my opinion, both are excellent, and except for the first effect that are the same, the second are equivalent to the meta game.

It's an excellent card.
<< Anonymous(Darth)
M1R4G3M Reply
It is in fact a great card, but you can't use the Position switching position effect on ancient gears, you can only use in the attack declaration, and you cant use the best effect of Econ agains CA for Example(ECON Take), but you can use that as equip.
They are both good but different.
<< Anonymous(Darth)
Anonymous Reply
Econ can be used to tribute a low level monster to take control of the opponent's high ATK & DEF monster to attack him for the win.

I have used this too many times to lower Econ down to Kunai's level.
<< Anonymous(Darth)
Anonymous Reply
ECON deserves UR status. Kunai is an excellent card but there are more deadly plays you can do with ECON. Also the quick-play comes in clutch. Like if you leave it in your hand, you can chain to your opp while they use up their mirror and put them in def. If you are using glad beast, you can save your own mon and counter attack. There are so much more versatility in E-Con imo.
econ is still a better option imo.
<< Anonymous
SmartASS Reply
Upside of this card is you can choose either one of his effect (or both). It's somewhat like a 500atk inspiration + econ 2in1 card. It has better versatility and you can potentially kill opponent monster or skip attack if his attack too high. I know econ also has its pros. It's all about pros and cons and synergy with deck
10/10 best meme card
So they finally let us have this card.... It's about time.
Mistyc Goku
I wonder why it wasn't a reward from Super Joey? This card is not that OP, and it can bem easily countered with a lot of existing cards to lower the monster attack points or even a Trap Jammer to cancel the usage in Battle step.
<< Anonymous(Mistyc Goku )
Anonymous Reply
Perhaps it's because enemy controller already exists in the game and they thought they had enough change to def cards already? Not sure. I'd prefer this thing though. Such nostalgia.

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