How to beat/farm Pegasus Lvl 50

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update 20/04/2017

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The Unhappy Girl (Piranha)

Example deck

The Unhappy GirlThe Unhappy GirlThe Unhappy GirlRai-MeiRai-MeiRai-Mei
Piranha ArmyMystical Beast of SerketTemple of the KingsGift of the MartyrSecret Pass to the TreasuresWild Tornado
Wild TornadoReady for InterceptingReady for InterceptingReady for InterceptingCurse of AnubisWindstorm of Etaqua
Straight FlushCurse of Royal------Master of Oz


  • Summon the The Unhappy Girl when you can, and attack his monsters to lock them. Use multiple unhappy girls and have them lock all monsters when you can.
  • If you get Rai-Mei, suicide into his monsters to get more unhappy girls from your deck. This will thin will also thin your deck so you can keep up in case Pegasus uses Wonder Wand to draw more cards.
  • Make sure that you have 1 slot open in the last turn so you can get Piranha Army out.
  • Try to lock Relinquished instead of destroying him if you don't want to risk him countering with Michizure.
  • Set spell/trap cards but don't fill all 3 slots, but be sure to set Wild Tornado when you get it to prepare for Skull Lair.
  • It's safer to summon Master of Oz near the last turn. To make sure he gets summoned through Serket, use Straight Flush so he can't Magic Drain. Ready for Intercepting in case he summons relinquished to take it.

Surprise Present (Union Attack)

Obtainable score6,000 - 7,000
Popular skillSurprise Present
Essential cards

Example deck

Mystical Beast of SerketYomi ShipYomi ShipYomi ShipGravekeeper's VassalCrystal Seer
Crystal SeerUnion AttackReloadReloadReloadTemple of the Kings
Jam Breeding MachineJam Breeding MachineJam Breeding MachineLast Day of WitchLast Day of WitchLast Day of Witch
Secret Pass to the TreasuresSpell Reclamation------Master of Oz


Simply stall the duel until you can "gift" him Jam Breeding Machine with the "Surprise Present" skill and perform the union attack combo when you have 0 cards left. Relies on a bit of luck to get the jam breeding machine in the early turns, otherwise it can be difficult. Alternatively, you can use cards like Bee List Soldier with Worm Bait, or others that can help with draws to make it more consistent.

Anti Spellcaster/Relinquished cards

Here is the list of cards that will counter Pegasus Lvl 50. For the basic cards to be used stall turn and to get high score, see How to beat/farm Pegasus Lvl 40 page.

The Hunter with 7 Weapons
The Hunter with 7 Weapons
Since all of Pegasus' monsters are only 1 monster type, the hunter will have 2000 attack, which is high enough to handle them.
Possessed Dark Soul
Possessed Dark Soul
Mainly to counter his relinquished if he ever summons them. This won't destroy it so he can't use Michizure.
Pegasus has no normal monsters, so this is a good monster card against him.
Last Day of Witch
Last Day of Witch
His only non spellcaster monster is Djinn, this can even destroy relinquished since it's not a trap card.
Array of Revealing Light
Array of Revealing Light
A good alternative to keep your monsters safe for a turn.
Skull Lair
Skull Lair
To counter relinquished,
but not guaranteed since he can use Djinn to be unaffected by traps.
Ready for Intercepting
Ready for Intercepting
Defensive card that will work on all of his monsters. Make sure to use it when relinquished is summoned instead of waiting until he activates the relinquished.

Lvl 50 Pegasus's deck

Notice: Due to an error when Pegasus used Skull Lair, it has now been changed to Eliminating the League.

Cards Pegasus Lvl 50 drops


Hot New Top
Algorithm is crappy
Just find a bug. When Breaker the Magical Warrior destroys Bubonic Vermin, Bubonic Vermic wont special summon the second one from the deck even if there is one in my deck.
<< Anonymous(Algorithm is crappy)
Anonymous Reply
and the ironic part is that I still got him decked out after losing my Angel 07 to his trap.
<< Anonymous(Algorithm is crappy)
Anonymous Reply
because angel07 cancel the effect of bubonic vermic
I really enjoy farming peg 50. Very challenging. Highest so far is 7k plus. I hope he come out more.
The surprise present deck is really working . I never lose .
Lv50 pegasus RIP
Have a deck with destiny draw?. Im farming with 8k more, but now this new trap card(Eliminating the league) i cant farm because cant cancel the eff it with hurricane tornado magic.
<< Anonymous(Lor4_secZero)
Anonymous Reply
Maybe a cerberus pegasuscounter deck. The problem: stability. You can use royal course(odion lvl up) to counter eliminating league
My Harpie Lady Deck with Harpie Hunting Ground Skill allways works, (but you need a harpie lady early in game)
I can't lose him with this deck
Dr Agon
cant active temple of king effect(special summon BEUD),..
when battling lv.50,
but fine with lv 40.
<< Anonymous(Dr Agon)
Anonymous Reply
You need an empty monster slot to summon beud. I did the same thing an could not summon beud.
<< Anonymous(Dr Agon)
zzz-k Reply
I had the same issue (but with p. army and gift of martyr in hand), I contacted support, waiting for reply. BUT I did find out, if you play the union attack card next, then temple of kings will be able to activate. weird bug.
<< Anonymous(Dr Agon)
Niceguyjon Reply
hi there,

you need one empty monster card zone before you can summon the fusion monster. summon the fusion before you summon grave keepers vassal
<< Anonymous(Dr Agon)
Dr Agon Reply
yeah, find out the real answer,
u need at least 1 monster in either hand or ur deck to use temple effect.
no need to have empty slot in ur monster zone.
Thank You Pegasus! Lvl 50.
Just one day of farming. Haha lucky
Just got OTK'd using Unhappy Girls because Breaker + equips doesn't care when he can swing for game.
Check this deck from Ruroshin
I used the Lv40 Clown farming deck, sadly recieved 4.8k Points as level 50 Pegasus cancelled my Riryoki, doesn't guarantee a win, just depends on starting hand

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