King of Game decks [Apr 2018]

Duel Links King of Games decks, the top meta of Duel Links in April 2018.
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update 11/04/2018
  • Llyud:
    The skill is Balance. Opening with Ties of the bretheren is basically a win condition. The hardest matchup is the sylvan one, because that deck is just broken. Counters and enemy controllers are super strong against cyber angel and the many negations can easily stop sea stealth attack decks.

Fire Fist Hazy

Fire Fist Hazy KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
DabDabDabDabBeatdownApr 9
HeartfiliaBeatdownApr 20
emaraquinoBeatdownApr 20
Dante007BeatdownApr 30
  • DabDabDabDab:
    Sylvans were getting boring to play so I figured I'd throw this together. 3 Starter cards: 2 Dyna, 1 Mausoleum are 2 Dynatherium is necessary because relying on Coyote means relying on opening 2 cards rather than 1. Mausoleum is another card to fix dead hands and start strong going 1st. 2 Tensu 2 Gyokkou is standard imo, the random wall is for CA or Geargia. The Geargia matchup is a bit annoying since Anchor doesn't target. The Sylvan Matchup isn't horrible. Monster Line up: 2 Coyote because that's all I have but opening multiples is kinda bad, 3 raven because 1800 def is good, 3 sphinx, 3 cerb, 2 Pery. I found Pery necessary but also very cloggy, so I feel this ratio is the most consistent. Changes to the deck: maining 1 cosmic cyclone for SSA, the only problem for the most part as SSA players will flip it during SP so Gyokkou does nothing.
  • Dante007:
    You're going to want to explode as quickly as possible of course, so just go all out. You don't always need Sphinx or Peryton; with Beatdown, an OTK is always in your sights as long as you can get two on the field. Be patient if you must, but don't be afraid of them backrow.

Hazy Flame

Fire Fist Hazy KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
OrangisgoodBeatdownApr 16
José-CRBeatdownApr 21
  • Orangisgood:
    -Main Part about this deck is that it has 20 Monsters which means that Sphinx never misses with its effect so you will be able to always get another monster out
    -Use Dynatherium when you need a way to summon a Peryton or a Sphinx but only if there is no 4-star Monster in anyone GY.
    -Use Flame Tiger if you already have Peryton and another fire monster in your hand to make sure you can bring him back next turn and get 3 Monsters out after
    -Use Komusoshroom if you go first and dont have a Flame Tiger and Peryton + another fire monster
    -Sphere Kuriboh can be used to protect a Monster for 1 Turn so you can tribute it later or turn a monster into defense mode so you can kill it more easily
    -Use Horus only when you need a bigger atk monster since it is only immune to magic effects and not the same as hazy monster
    -Use Chow Len the Prophet whenever you arent sure what the backrow is. Usually you wanna see if its a trap card (WoD or Mirror Wall) since econ cant target hazys
    -Use Earth Armor Ninja whenver you dont have another possibility (Dynatherium) to get a tribute summon out.
    -If you cant check the backrow withc Chow Len you usually wann place 2 Sphinx in defense mode and 1 Mantikor in Atk mode so even if its a WoD you can make sure you can return Mantikor next turn
  • José-CR:
    This deck works basically on an OTK, make special invocation for tribute and use the Hazy effects and win in one turn


REZD KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
AquaremStraight to the GraveApr 9
RedStraight to the GraveApr 15
  • Aquarem:
    This is aready a pretty old deck, but still very powerful, because it can give you a lot of possibilits depending on the situation that you're against, you can play very agressive or you can play it safetly. The most powerful plays that this deck can do is the combo with gozuki and enemy controller, you tribute gozuki takes control for one of the enemy monsters and also you can special summon one zombie from your hand, giving you room for the OTK. I use the skill straight to the grave because it gives a boost atk to Zombi Monsters and it also gives an extra card to Destroy with storm.

Chain Reaction Raider

Chain Reaction Raider KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
WellaWeissChain ReactionApr 9
AmedinaChain ReactionApr 18
  • WellaWeiss:
    During my climb I found that witch raider was a bit cannibalistic at times and so many counter traps would destroy her, you really have to be ready for the worst, but have enough answers in your backrow and summons, she can be a good asset.
  • Amedina:
    You really should be patient with this deck and try to read your opponent's deck as early as possible. Set your cards and let him play and try to destroy your backrow. You really should not care for Sylvans effects most of the time. I find that only one Witch works perfect as there is to much effect negation at the time. The best scenario for this deck is when you can thin your deck quickly with Pikaia, Marella and the jars.


Nephthys KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
FutanariBeatdownApr 14


Burn KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
^V^Bird^V^BalanceApr 16

Lava Golem Burn

Lava Golem Burn KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Summitted
KeebsOjama Go!Apr 24

Temple Mind's Eyes Burn

Temple Midn's Eyes Burn KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Summitted
KucherovOjama Go!Apr 26

Red-Eyes Exodia

Red-Eyes Exodia KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
DankirothGranpa's CardApr 19

Destiny Board Invader

Destiny Board Invader KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
F2P KingDestiny BoardApr 22
  • F2P King:
    Very good against masked hero since they can’t use their quick play spell. Also good against sylvans with the counters allowing you to discard necrofear while protecting your monsters. Some other cards to help you discard too. Also Econ helps to tribute your doomdog to get necrofear faster and also is very good against CA. Very good and fun anti meta deck in general.


Aromage KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Summitted
→Eagle←RestartApr 23

Insect Queen

Insect Queen KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Summitted
SugarSnifferInsect UprisingApr 25


Amazoness KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Summitted
LesugaLP Boost αApr 29
  • Lesuga:
    A pretty straight forward deck. The main idea is to banish your opponent’s monsters in battles that involve your Amazoness monsters using the effect of Amazoness Onslaught (which also helps to swarm the field). Amazoness willpower is for bringing Amazoness Queen back from the graveyard in case she got destroyed by card effects.

King of Games Log


Hot New Top
Anonymous 1hour ago
Testing Monarch Deck Before the Realease of Crusaders' Battlegrounds!!!
Anonymous 8hour ago
Where is cyber Angel?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 8hour ago Reply
Inside your ass
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3hour ago Reply
Inside your anus
<< Anonymous
Zane lover 3hour ago Reply
Unfortunately severe
Anonymous 2days ago
Can’t wait for the worst meta in yugioh history to finish and I can start playing again.

I think the games lost too many players now.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3hour ago Reply
Well i still seeing in steam 10k playing per day... while old cucks gone new people come.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3hour ago Reply
Well i still seeing in steam 10k playing per day... while old cucks gone new people come.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3hour ago Reply
Well i still seeing in steam 10k playing per day... while old cucks gone new people come.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3hour ago Reply
Well i still seeing in steam 10k playing per day... while old cucks gone new people come.
Mert1337 14hour ago
20 days and gamea still didnt link the right kog may xd
Anonymous 1days ago
I like the crystal beast deck, is just 3 pegasus and 2 tigers and automatically is a crystal beast deck lol.
vintage dev95 1days ago
KOG deck for May 2018
anon 1days ago
smh sylvans..maybe i should start back using them
Anonymous 1days ago
Noble Knight Deck Before The Release Of Crusaders' Battlegrounds
Anonymous 2days ago
is archfiend emperror deck tier 1 or 2.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
Apparently tier doesnt mean anything. But Archfiend obviously is strong against most decks, they're like Alien on steroid (control deck with great engine)
Rose Lover 2days ago
Pls help, just asking how the EFFF to counter Spellbook deck?
<< Anonymous(Rose Lover)
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
A good Amazoness deck tend to go well against it as it can bring up multiple monsters and traps in few turns making the use of Spellbook of Fate limited. If you havent invested much in a good Amazoness deck ypur only hope will be to use things like Skull Invitation or Fatal Abacus. Amazoness, Sylvans and Spellbooks are all Tier 1 decks, only a well built Tier 1 will counter another.
<< Anonymous(Rose Lover)
Zane lover 2days ago Reply
Just using masked hero
<< Anonymous(Rose Lover)
Zane lover 2days ago Reply
Just using masked hero
VENOM 16days ago
It’s so funny to see all them “Tier1” Sylvan noobs rage quit all the time as soon as they see another OTK deck such as Masked Hero’s, Dark Worlds, Geargias, Hazys, CA and so on. But the most funny part is that these Sylvan OTK dudes (former gold/silver players) are scared of other OTK dudes and use Grit to prevent an OTK xD kinda ironic
<< Anonymous(VENOM)
Anonymous 5days ago Reply
How do you know sylvans quit against these shit decks ? You might be that type if player ! My sylvans can easily beat the shit out of these sub meta decks.
And dont call other sylvans former gold silver folks like you were never on silver or gold anytime?! LMFAO
<< Anonymous(VENOM)
Anonymous 5days ago Reply
I don't hate sylvans for it's a free 2 play friendly deck. But gotta say the quitting is real :D, so, stop dat please :D
<< Anonymous
VENOM 3days ago Reply
You can’t target Hazys dude and if I play Beastrising you are done. Nothing can save you. If I play dark worlds sometimes your grit can’t save you from being OTKd. If i play Masked hero’s, nothing will stop my double Anki Powerboostet with AMA. Stop defending your braindead deck clicking all the time YES and hoping for the best mill. Yugioh is card strategic card game
<< Anonymous(VENOM)
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
Lmao Sylvan player rage quitting all the time? All sylvan deck with 3 mushroom must be KoG unless the user is total noob.
anon 2days ago
despite the new meta and grabbing new cards, I have actually had more fun playing with my dark magician deck. although i have multiple tier decks, going old school with new tricks isn't such a bad idea

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