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Duel Links King of Games decks, the top meta of Duel Links in April 2018.
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update 11/04/2018
Season Duration Apr 1 - Apr 31

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In Progress......

Flying Fish8
Cyber Angel Saffira13
Red-Eyes Slash--
Masked HERO Slash1
Masked HERO15
Destiny HERO1
Sea Stealth Attack7
Alien & Alien Ananta3
Hammer Fish OTK1
Crystal Beast1
Cyber Stein OTK2
Ancient Gear1
Magnet Warrior1
Counter Fairies1
Fire Fist Hazy2
Hazy Flame2
Chain Reaction Raider2
Red-Eyes Exodia1
Destiny Board Invader1


Sylvan KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
JuzoRestartApr 1
ImCuhfsMythic DepthsApr 1
G0rgromAroma StrategyApr 2
magiThe Ties that BindsApr 4
modiXYZRestartApr 4
God DeadRestartApr 5
Yami_TrapacaRestartApr 5
FSS94CreatorApr 6
Redragon91RestartApr 7
rFelixThe Ties that BindApr7
kupattahuThe Ties that BindApr 8
Seagryfn The Ties that BindApr 9
KiritoRestartApr 11
HagoromoRestartApr 12
FoxRestartApr 12
Capkcaj87RestartApr 12
ChrisCaineYTThe Ties that BindApr 14
bossunRestartApr 14
Chris [SK]RestartApr 16
Thanks OjamaRight Back at YouApr 19
ValcixRestartApr 19
MitjansGritApr 20
《S》LibraX67RestartApr 22
  • Juzo:
    Unlike other players, only use 20 cards for Sylvan deck. I use 2 copies of snapdrassil to thin my deck. This is because I am aiming for consistent quick victories. If any case it will last more. I added Lotuswain to recycle my marshal and kumosh. As for the spell card. I used 2 raging mad plant and hey trunade. The hardest archatype I fought is Hazy deck.
  • ImCuhfs:
    Little different Skill Mythic depths is amazing because ssa is almost as popular as sylvans with also golden flying fish running mythic depths as well i switched to it because OPPONENTS are naive an they dont think about what that face down card so they get tricked into attacking an then they lose. Again i believe prov. Is a must because its discards rose lover, heavyweight etc. Always try to use mushroom because merchany is inconsistent in excavating.
  • G0rgrom:
    I like the Aroma Strategy skill cause it greatly reduces the rng and raises the ceiling of the deck, fixing "bad" hands without giving away information like restart does. Otherwhise its pretty standart.
  • magi:
    Ultimate Providence:

    • mirror match
    • Citadel Whale and Golden Fish
    • some times against Cyber Angels and Hero

    " The Tie that Binds" skill for game finishing;
    you dont need a high lvl. monster for this skill and you wont giving too many information (Ultimate Providence) like restart does.

  • modiXYZ:
    The deck uses Sylvan Komushroomo or Marshalleaf to mil good cards early on to clear my opponent's board. I do not run an otk version since I think that some opponents might be able to stop it easily, I thought the rose archer was very useful especially towards the last couple of games.
  • rFelix:
    -i use 3 trees for a better control of draws,.
    -try to count your cards at gy and your hand
    -if you don't start with shroom try to use leaf to destroy the face down card or put your carrot face down to be destroyed then next turn you can combo with rose lover then OTK.
    -Bad matchups - cyber angel (negate his searcher), archfiends(negate call of archfiend), mirror match(negate rose lover or shroom).
  • Seagryfn:
    -Don’t rely on 1st card as face down with a flip. Too many PvP decks (SSA, CA, Divine Wrath, other Sylvans, etc.) destroy your facedown with no effect getting activated. Magical Merchant is ineffective.
    -1st turn SET RoseLover or Carrot; use the graveyard effects next round. Set Komushroomo only if you can guard it with Ultimate Providence. If you don’t have those, open with Marshalleaf in attack mode.
    -Key is to use RoseLover’s effect to special summon high level monster immune to Trap effects the turn it is summoned. Can use Carrot from the graveyard, or use your spells or trap, or tribute/lose her on the field, to send RoseLover to the graveyard.
    -Lotuswain recycles Komushroomo and Marshalleaf from the graveyard. It is also handy to use to tribute any card you need off the field.
    -Marina’s special lets you destroy 1 opponent card if another of your plants is destroyed. If needed, charge a monster as a sacrifice to activate Marina.
    -”The Tie That Binds” lets you overpower most similar level opponent monsters. This deck needs no restart skill; you can often have 3 powerful monsters by your second turn
  • Kirito:
    Divine Wrath has definitely been clutch especially when it is in your opening hand. It has helped beat the tougher matchups in CA (bigggest challenge for me) and for the mirror matches. Max Hermitree was to help manipulate the deck for better advantage.
  • Fox:
    Restart if you don't have ultimate providence honestly this is sylvans so yeah no surprise KOG worthy but if you use this list you can run snipe hunter over tribute if you don't have it just snipe gets destroyed by every Sylvan hate card it's just important to destroy set cards and negate effects so you can do Sylvan stuff
  • Capkcaj87:
    A very quick Sylvan deck. Spell/trap cards work good against other Sylvan. Use "Restart": you need to draw magical merchant/komushroomo if you play first or a spell/trap card if you play for second. If you don't draw spell/trap cards you may suffer against CA and Archfiend.
  • Thanks Ojama:
    It's a fairly standard 20 card Sylvan deck that can flood the field on it's 2nd turn. I like the Right Back at You skill because you can usually absorb a turn of big damage and then turn that around to let one monster punch above it's weight class to help score the OTK.
  • 《S》LibraX67:
    Budget deck to reach KOG.
    The strategy is about what the first hand you get. I'm using restart because the important card about this deck is ultimate providence. Since so many player using combo by card effect you can negate activation by this trap. If you deal with dakini make sure you negate senju first because almost all dakini player summon senju. Even deal with hazy fire beatdown this deck can be usefull. Turn off ur toggle when you activate card effect to make sure your opponent didn't know what the card you set. When opponent activate card effect to summon another monster which is hazy name, negate it. If you facing anki just negate when anki call mask change that would destroy anki before anki call it and percentage win duel would be increase

Flying Fish

Flying Fish KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
ZaneMythic DepthsApr 4
ECI CloudMythic DepthsApr 4
RikiMythic DepthsApr 6
jhall5013Mythic DepthsApr 8
VayuMythic DepthsApr 9
PokiMythic DepthsApr 11
Rand Al-ThorMind ScanApr 15
yugiMythic DepthsApr 22
  • jhall5013:
    Of course the idea is to get golden flying fish out asap. Flying fish effect works well with oyster meister due to meister's effect. Throw in a powerful rebirth to gain 4 tributes to destroy 4 opponents cards. I use spined gillman as a back up attack booster. Easily summoned due to hammer shark effect.

Rand Al-Thor:
With the massive amounts of Sylvan and gear players, running Forbidden Chalice is a good option if you have them to negate their effects. I ran with Mind Scan, often people bluff their face down cards. 200 attack isn't worth seeing what is facedown.


Geargia KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
SickmanfudoRestartApr 5
JahAssieFirm as the EARTHApr 5
Logan777RestartApr 6
fabiantacticRestartApr 8
AmritzerBalanceApr 9
AllinciBalanceApr 13
  • Sickmanfudo:
    Gain advantage each turn by popping up to 2 monsters and/or backrow with "Attacker" and "Anchor". 99% of decks can't handle those kind of minuses every turn. Plus the addition of single card protection for the whole turn, like "pulse mine" and "curse of anubis" makes it easy to survive and get your monster effects off.
  • JahAssie:
    How to Use: I felt bastions Firm as earth skill was the best fit for this deck. You get a geargia out on your first turn, backdoor it with Brethren, activate skill, your geargia are boosted to 2300-2600 on turn one or turn two depending on when you go. I only had one Pulse Mines, but something to disrupt your opponents monsters is much needed like trap hole, chalice for those effects, etc. Also powerful rebirth comes in clutch too.
  • fabiantactic:
    The desired (and typical) turn one play is to summon a level 4 geargia and follow up with ties of the brethren to get out anchor and attacker. Usually follow by booking at least one of the two (both if you opened up with needle ceiling or desert sunlight). Set trap cards and you are good to go. desert sunlight is a decent card to trigger attacker and anchor (flip anchor first so attacker will not miss timing). If the hand I opened up wasn't what I wanted I would restart.
  • Amritzer:
    Easy KC Cup climb and climbed through legend very fast. Gears control. The best card in the deck is ties of the bretheren if you open up with that card it is almost always a win. Also if you go first against Sylvans and have anchor in hand the sylvans will struggle to do much which is nice.

Cyber Angel Saffira


Hot New Top
cyka 17days ago
This game is accelerating too fast into p2w. I'm a veteran player, recently got 365 days, but I can't keep up with all the box releases and their increasing power creep. Aliens were a good deck from the last box but they're already powercrept out by sylvans (Aids) and Anki and now the big p2w CA and Archfiends can run riot yet again. it's getting to the point where it's just not fun anymore and you have to throw way too much money at the game on too regular a basis to keep up.
<< Anonymous(F2P Expert)
F2P Expert 16days ago Reply
Do you realize you have been failed impostering me from the start? Just look at your name... Im not surprised you cant defend your own argument/opinion

LOL at your sad life!
<< Anonymous(F2P Expert)
Anonymous 16days ago Reply
Wow you're so pathetic ok you win you basement dweller
<< Anonymous(F2P Expert)
Anonymous 16days ago Reply
Yeah its sad that a loser like you won't leave me alone and everyone is entitle at their opinion you idiot. Do the world a favor and end yourself you failed troll
<< Anonymous(cyka)
Anonymous 14days ago Reply
i have no problem keeping up, i'm mostly f2p, here and then i buy the 3packs+1sr/ur deals but that's it. of course i cant empty out every box day1 but i could care less
Anonymous 21days ago
I'm losing like always with sylvans. Here's the deck:

2x sphere kuriboh
1x mariña
1x komushroomo
2x carrot
2x marshall (still waiting for that 3rd one)
2x oak
2x hemitree
3x rose lover
3x merchant
2x Antimagicarrows

For some reason, I go second 90% of the time. And when I use magical merchant, AMA is usually first or second card to pick up. Does the game just hate me or is it my deck? Btw I bought 76 packs to get my first komushroomo (no joke) so I have no idea when the second one will drop
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 14days ago Reply
try juzo deck, im using deck similiar to him but a bit difrnt, im usin 3 hemit, 2 oak n 2 providence
i alrdy hit dlv max with this deck
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 14days ago Reply
To have a constant deck you need 3 Komushroomo.
1 to start the game and the other 2 to take care of their backrow.
<< Anonymous
Seagryfn 14days ago Reply
The Meta has adapted to Sylvans, and most PVP decks (SSA, CA, other Sylvans, Ultimate Providence traps, Divine Wrath traps) now have a way to remove the first face down card without triggering the FLIP effect. If you go SECOND, your best bet is Sylvan Marshalleaf in attack mode. Face down use Rose Lover or World Carrotweight Champion. That will allow you to summon using your graveyard next turn.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 14days ago Reply
N Dont depend on merchant, its inconsistent
Math 5days ago
For the well balance and versatility of the game, I believe Konami will semi of even limit “Rose Lover” to 1 just like they did with all the accessible cards or easily obtainable cards (Machine angel ritual, Dakini, Red eyes spirit, champion vigilance, golden bamboo sword etc..)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
The only thing that will happen with limiting Rose Lover, is killing all the other Plant decks while letting Sylvan remains alive and well, the exact opposite of what everyone wanted to see.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
Nerf Marshaleaf. That's all. Limit it to 1.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
Lol, I murder marshaleaf with chalices, divine wraths, and SSA, it's very weak against some particular decks lol
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
Lol, they are talking about marshleaf when they are excavated from the deck. I don't think anybody will worried about marshleaf when it is on the field. It only excavate 2 cards. You don't need SSA/Divine Wrath/SSA to murder him. Just attack him with (UR) Axe Raider and he is dead.
Anonymous 13days ago
I'd rather lose playing my own original deck than get KOG with one of the meta decks that everyone uses.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 11days ago Reply
put ur pride aside that's how u end up quitting the game u found out all ur decks aren't winning better copy a deck now then blame other peoples op deck that's HOW you end up being mad about cyver angel well copy an ca deck before its to late... youll end stuck in plat with that pride type mindset
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 11days ago Reply
I'm not mad. You're the one who sounds mad. I don't really care. It's a game. Calm down, and have fun.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 11days ago Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 11days ago Reply
Alright, I'm sorry, you're not angry.
Anonymous 8days ago
I hope konami will not limit sylvans or rose lover, just because some P2W player cry why their expensive deck cant OTK all the other deck in the game.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 9hour ago Reply
The OverPowered cards in any Plant deck are only Carrot Champion and Rose Lover. Carrot discards Rose to special summon him, then use Rose Lover to summon Sylvan tree or guardioak or Aromage Bergamot. Not sylvans that are OP. Like Glad Beasts must attack or get attacked to activate their effects or Gergia that must be flipped up and down, Sylvan must be excavated to do their jobs, that is all.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 7hour ago Reply
Concerning your definition of OP i just want to add that it's overused because it a lot more easier accessable to a wide audience. to build one of the very strong top tier decks you would have to spent like 1000$ or more (or you save all gems for only this one deck ignoring every other card box) so these decks are stronger than sylvans but only very few people can build them.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 5hour ago Reply
Then explain to me why do you think nobody complained about Rose Lover and Carrot in Aromages until Sylvan show up?

Simple, it's because they were not the problem to begin with.

Sylvan must be excavated to do their job, yes, but that has nothing to do with Rose Lover and Carrot. Sylvan can still nuke your board even without Guardioak and Hermitree, their low level monsters can excavate too.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 4hour ago Reply
OK so I do want to say that Sylvan users and 'Surprise Attack' ocean users are wanks but honestly, Konami'r the real cunts here. they should've known that these little fuckers would exploit something like that. I love the fuckin 50 Sylvan decks and how every cunt who has KOG tries to explain away how their's is different. Fuckin wankers lol
Anonymous 21days ago
I play 30 card sylvians
<< Anonymous
Worms4lifeyo 20days ago Reply
I never said my worm deck is KoG, I'm silver player but I'm proud!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 20days ago Reply
people with no lives play sylvans
<< Anonymous
Angband 20days ago Reply
Peoples with Saffira rekt Sylvan peoples <3
<< Anonymous(Worms4lifeyo)
Frustration 19days ago Reply
Get that Papa Corn, boi.
Anonymous 17days ago
Slyvans are such cancer. Makes aliens look like Alf
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 15days ago Reply
Is that american TV show? Dude, not everyone live in america.. And not everyone watch tv. Why youre such an ignorant person?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 15days ago Reply
Chill, man.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 15days ago Reply
No u
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 14days ago Reply
Yami Dovah 2days ago
If weren't for Sylvians, the list of meta decks would be very good. Not that it is impossible to defeat, as many say; it's just a very annoying deck to play against because you need very specific counter at the right time. I think semi-limiting Marshaleaf and Guardioak would be the right way for them. All other decks are balanced for me. Now just wait for Konami to launch a new op box that will unbalance everything again.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous No. 2 10hour ago Reply
I agree completely.
There are decks that usually crush Sylvans, but they are very boring decks to play.
Also, it would be motivating to not get Sylvan deck opponents 90% of the time.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 9hour ago Reply
But how many times you'll see a Sylvan player's field being empty?

Sylvan packs a lot of low level monsters and both Komushroomo & Marshalleaf nukes your board. If anything, most of the time it's your board that's gonna be empty.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 9hour ago Reply
Furthermore, limiting Rose Lover doesn't change the fact that triple Komushroomo + Marshalleaf would still nuke your board, then any low level beaters they have will deplete all your remaining LP away.

To nerf Sylvan, it's Komushroomo and Marshalleaf that must be hit.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 9hour ago Reply
If you insist Rose Lover must be hit, I'd say Semi-Limiting it is enough. Then Semi-Limit both Komushroomo and Marshalleaf too. And Limit both Guardioak and Hermitree.

That way, Sylvan players are forced to choose which ones to run, while other Plant decks still can work with 2 Rose Lover.
No more! 19days ago
I was waiting to see how duel link will change the game to use skill more than money. But NO! Now you can reach KOG every month without skill by simply buy all the new packs. First Alien, Fish, Sylvian now what else?
Alien and Fish loose to sylvian and what will this pack do to sylvian? Good job only thinking about making money konami
<< Anonymous(No more!)
Anonymous 18days ago Reply
I'm confused about what you want Konami to do... do you want them to give out packs for FREE? that doesn't seem very economically stable, I'm just saying. Also, I'd like to see you build a deck that requires "SKILL" and play it.
<< Anonymous(No more!)
Anonymous 18days ago Reply
Look they have employees to pay and if you think uploading new updates and data does not require money then you are wrong. They need the programmer and all those people which they pay money for to do so. It is only natural that they want to make money and will find a way to make more to generate revenue. From business perspective it is totally make sense. So put yourself in their shoes.
<< Anonymous(No more!)
Anonymous 18days ago Reply
By the way if you think those decks does not require skill to play too then you are wrong... Since you need to be able to also counter play your opponent that are using similar or different decks that once you missplay you may lose the game. Look if they are just thinking about making money then why bother even giving you free gems and events. Its because they still care about f2p player as well.
<< Anonymous(No more!)
Anonymous 16days ago Reply
just like kaiba said before "u could never defeat duelists with talent"

No one cheats -.- 3days ago
Well I haven't met one single "cheater" and I played a lot last month from Legend 1 to Kog, not a single suspicious players -_- you guys are lying.
<< Anonymous(No one cheats -.-)
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
Ehh you never met any cheaters meant there are no cheaters? What a statement. Come on be realistic.
<< Anonymous(No one cheats -.-)
Grim 2days ago Reply
Hey genius I got hacked in kc what do u mean no one cheates nobody is lying I was in rank 600 but not anymore because of the hacker
<< Anonymous(No one cheats -.-)
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
Dude, my connection were good, but suddenly i lost the game. If i lost due to the connection, the sign will show that i lost. but nope, i can't even check the duel log.
Anonymous 21days ago
That Crystal Beast deck should be named "hiding in the backrow deck"
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 20days ago Reply
>20 cards deck
>Only 2 CB type cards
>75 percent cards not related nor synergies with CB archetype

And you guys call this deck as "Crystal beast" deck?
<< Anonymous(Meta FU)
Anonymous 19days ago Reply
The deck itself isn't original, it basically Dino deck but he replace Dino with CB
<< Anonymous
Meta FU 19days ago Reply
"Only 2 CB type cards"

3 pegasus and 2 tigers = 2

Nice math!
<< Anonymous(Meta FU)
Anonymous 19days ago Reply
2 CB Type = Pegasus and Tiger

Use your logic, duh..
Anonymous 12days ago
Please banned slyvan forever, its too damn annoying.

<< Anonymous
Darth 11days ago Reply
Sylvan is tier zero yes.
<< Anonymous(Darth)
medikando 10days ago Reply
Right now the almost tier zero are masked hero uptimized and geargia 3 brethren. Sylvans are a solid tier 1 but weak vs Hazy cyber angels and archfiends.
Personally really think that been nerfed... for been f2p KOG deck ultra cheap vs all tier one decks
I miss triple champion BEWD
<< Anonymous(Darth)
Anonymous 9days ago Reply
if you think sylvan is tier 0... you dont know how to play this game
<< Anonymous
Geo 8days ago Reply
The only reason that sylvan is not tier 0 is coz its easy win for CA... No other reason.

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