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Duel Links King of Games decks, the top meta of Duel Links in April 2018.
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update 11/04/2018
Geargia KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
SickmanfudoRestartApr 5
JahAssieFirm as the EARTHApr 5
Logan777RestartApr 6
fabiantacticRestartApr 8
AmritzerBalanceApr 9
AllinciBalanceApr 13
BroimattiRestartApr 24
Strom14RestartApr 26
Ripped&SweetBalanceApr 28
Captain BlueRestartApr 29
OnsdotoRestartApr 30
deezNutzCreatorApr 30
GAFFERRestartApr 30
  • Sickmanfudo:
    Gain advantage each turn by popping up to 2 monsters and/or backrow with "Attacker" and "Anchor". 99% of decks can't handle those kind of minuses every turn. Plus the addition of single card protection for the whole turn, like "pulse mine" and "curse of anubis" makes it easy to survive and get your monster effects off.
  • JahAssie:
    How to Use: I felt bastions Firm as earth skill was the best fit for this deck. You get a geargia out on your first turn, backdoor it with Brethren, activate skill, your geargia are boosted to 2300-2600 on turn one or turn two depending on when you go. I only had one Pulse Mines, but something to disrupt your opponents monsters is much needed like trap hole, chalice for those effects, etc. Also powerful rebirth comes in clutch too.
  • fabiantactic:
    The desired (and typical) turn one play is to summon a level 4 geargia and follow up with ties of the brethren to get out anchor and attacker. Usually follow by booking at least one of the two (both if you opened up with needle ceiling or desert sunlight). Set trap cards and you are good to go. desert sunlight is a decent card to trigger attacker and anchor (flip anchor first so attacker will not miss timing). If the hand I opened up wasn't what I wanted I would restart.
  • Amritzer:
    Easy KC Cup climb and climbed through legend very fast. Gears control. The best card in the deck is ties of the bretheren if you open up with that card it is almost always a win. Also if you go first against Sylvans and have anchor in hand the sylvans will struggle to do much which is nice.
  • Broimatti:
    It was made with a Geargia deck. The card which helped me win most duels I’d otherwise lost was The life absorbing spell, together with Ties of the brethren and at least 1 geargia monster in the starting hand it’s a win almost everytime. (It’s important for getting rid of sylvan or archfiends, which would otherwise just destroy your monsters and/or backrow). I only played 1 econ but that made me struggle with Cyber Angels, which I lost against most of the time. SSA was also very to play against (abyss soldier gives your only face of geargia monster to your hand, negating the effect of your face down monsters, legendary fisherman II is immune against geargianchor’s effect and with citadel whale and ssa on the field there is no chance to win). Another very important card for me was powerful rebirth. Even with only geargianchor/attacker, powerful rebirth and some good traps in the hand it helps you get rid of your opponent’s cards. The most decks I came across were sylvans and masked heroes, which were both very easy to beat. For sylvan it’s important to kill komushroomo early on and have a quick spell card to counter rose lover summoned hermitree/guardioak. For masked heroes pulse mines is the essential card to win, because it helps with anki. And after paying 2000 lp for ties of the brethren the direct attact effect of anki can be very harmful – most of the times I dind’t use ties of the brethren against masked heroes and played powerful rebirth and pulse mines and also ties of the brethren face down to help against cosmic cyclone.
  • Ripped&Sweet:
    You don't need ties to make this deck work, while it is slower pulse mines and mirror wall protect your monsters in most situations (econ for rose lover effect). Mirror wall is great because people expect it to be pulse mines and attack into it, I would probably run a third if I had it. The only other significantly different card here from other similar builds is MK-II, I prefer it to accelerator as it can provide a swarm effect that accelerator can't if it is the only card in your hand.
  • Captain Blue:
    Pretty fun version with two Tragedy instead of 3rd Ties and Chalice. Generally speaking a third Ties would make the deck more consistent, since you pretty much win if you open up with ToB. However in some cases the Ties are dead cards if you draw them later or have several in hand. Tragedy makes a lot of sense with Pulse Mines & Windstorm, since it is a second win condition. Against Sylvans you might want to hold back some backrow for their Mushroom turn, if you go second without Chalice. Generally speaking if you can have some Geargias stick on the board you will always win.
  • Onsdoto:
    This deck is very reliable, having high chances to OTK people with Ties of the Brethren & The Spell Absorving Life COMBO or just stall with pulse mines until you get your combo pieces. It's important to know that Spell Absorving life pop our cards effects but you should know that sylvan Komushroomo effect will pop if flipped.
  • Onsdoto:
    This deck is very reliable, having high chances to OTK people with Ties of the Brethren & The Spell Absorving Life COMBO or just stall with pulse mines until you get your combo pieces. It's important to know that Spell Absorbing life pop our cards effects but you should know that sylvan Komushroomo effect will pop if flipped.

Cyber Angel Saffira

Cyber Angel Saffira KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
George[RBT]BalanceApr 1
nyut14BeatdownApr 4
Solomon KingRestartApr 4
RouxynineDuel, Standby!Apr 6
HossamBalanceApr 6
DeathstrokeMaster of Rites IIApr 7
Road to 40BalanceApr 8
PopaxBalanceApr 9
AngbandDuel, Stanby!Apr 13
What is loveMaster of Rites IIApr 19
The punisherRestartApr 20
Ocg RNAPBPBalanceApr 20
Mert1337Master of Rites IIApr 21
deltaBalanceApr 22
kaibasGritApr 24
MINDCRUSHBalanceApr 24
danwlfcBalanceApr 25
JoaquínGritApr 29
.1996.GritApr 30
  • George[RBT]:
    From legend 1 to King Of Games, I used different decks that dominate the goal, however, in the end to get the long runs, I decided to use CIBER ANGEL + SAFIRA, adding an enemy controller and a Hey Tornado, on a deck of 21 cards, same that will be seen in the image, do not be afraid to make the combos, even if they go turn 1, although in some occasions they must take risks and wait for turn 3. As an additional piece of information, I added fusion cards, since the deck is played with the balance skill and they may think that they are gladiator beasts.
  • nuyt14:
    I think beatdown skill is very crucial and important in this deck.
  • Rouxynine:
    I used Duel Standby! Because better of Balance and Restart for first summon Idaten, use Hey trunade, Anti magic, Econ in Victory step, dont use if not emergency condition...
  • Popax:
    With the rise of sylvans, this deck is perfect. The best skill is balance without a doubt. Also, you have to know very well the other decks, because you need to win as soon as possible. For this, sometimes you have to use Dakkini, against sylvans, masked hero or hazy, but sometimes is better to not play the ability and just attack. The best first turn is play Saffira and activate its second ability, except agains sylvans and archfiend.
  • The punisher:
    CA Saffira with restart make you have chance to beat any tier 1 deck when you play vs sylvan or any top deck you must have 1 Trunade on start hand to have 90% percent win by Dakini or Saffira.
  • Mert1337:
    I tried CA decks with balance restart and grit but in the end master of rites 2 was the best one especially against sylvans.
  • delta:
    side notes: cyber angels got revived in the new meta. aliens got knocked aside and sylvans is the new f2p dominant deck. due to this deck's good match-up against sylvans it is once again a good pvp deck. nonetheless it bricks even with restart and going first can be devastating. whenever you go first, not having a saffira saummon is really bad because you can't always guarantee an OTK on turn 3. this deck used to be brainless tier 0 but with all the backrow nowadays it is possibly holds the highest required skill cap out of all the decks right now. it can easily get devistated by a single enemy controller or a single WOD so delay reading is crucial in some match-ups.
  • kaibas:
    Grit prevents otk's and lets you play very agressive.
  • danwlfc:
    Pretty much the same as other cyber angel/saffira decks however I only use the one spell card to remove the back row ( hey trunade) however most of the time you don't need to use it. I rely on summoning dakini as soon as possible and idanten to boost the attack of my other ritual monsters. Saffira is also heavily relied on as she can eliminate cards from your opponents hand and or allows you to draw cards and take light monsters out of the graveyard
  • .1996.:
    I like Grit due to the OTK decks. I don't use Hymn of Light so as to get a better first hand — since even with the protection and the amount of monsters' effect you get your Dakini or Saffira wrecked, I preferred not to use it. I also use Forbidden Graveyard to get rid of monsters' effects when needed. To say nothing of "Hey, Trunade!" , which is a nice card to clear the back row when Dakini's combo is in your hand.

Masked HERO Slash

Masked HERO Slash KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
PhoenixSTDestiny CallingApr 3
  • PhoenixST:
    Note : Upgrade from D-Hero Slash Deck, I add Marked Hero Anki to quick speed OTK

Masked HERO

Masked HERO KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
OkenRestartApr 4
satankittyDestiny CallingApr 8
[DMK] JayMaster of FusionApr 9
moduwaDestiny CallingApr 9
KakashiDestiny CallingApr 10
GNcellDestiny CallingApr 10
Evowarrior5Destiny CallingApr 10
ShiroX9RestartApr 11
ZEUSDestiny CallingApr 13
CrashDestiny CallingApr 16
JasonRy8BalanceApr 18
I ADAM IBalanceApr 18
DeciletDestiny CallingApr 19
KerthorokRestartApr 22
Hayden.TDestiny CallingApr 22
SaviJundGuyRestartApr 22
SugarSnifferDestiny CallingApr 25
MuazikaZXRestartApr 27
Curly HairWhere the Heroes DwellApr 28
AmadeusRestartApr 29
asyamGritApr 29
JagsDestiny CallingApr 30
  • oken:
    The deck has a ton of inherent draw power with Celestial and Destiny Draw, this helps you grind down to your Mask Changes. Restart if you don't have any in your opening hand as they are the main combo pieces. Vyon is still a good tech in the deck as a dark HERO and can dump a Celestial or Dreamer depending on what you need even though I'm not running polymerization. Decider helps against the Hazy Flame match-ups that are more frequent than I expected, likely due to how many people are running Sylvans, plus it is able to recover itself after using mask change on it. Sylvans are you worst matchup, but running into a face-down mushroom before mask changing into your Anki so he misses Marshalleaf targeting can win you the duel. SSA is also annoying and largely depends on if you can either OTK them before they get their combo pieces out or get lucky with Cyclone.
  • satankitty:
    The deck is super explosive and is meant to otk. I've relied on destiny calling more than restart. Mainly if I can't otk I can lean on that. 3 tribute to the doomed is my way to deal with sylvans but combo with hey trunade it handles most decks.
  • [DMK] Jay:
    Restart is much better for the skill, but going into a poly did come in clutch a few different times when I have a lot of monsters in my hand. This build with Vision HERO Vyon was much more consistent for me, took me to KOG and DLv. 20 in one night. Probably would be using destiny draw and malicious, but I don't have Aster up to those levels yet.
  • moduwa:
    A very consistent deck, with 2 strategies: “Counter” and “OTK”. If you have Mask change in your opening Hand, you’ll go for the OTK by keeping Mask Change in your Hand, while attacking with oder Destiny Heroes. Once your opponent has used his backrow you summon Masked Hero Anki to quick win the duel. If you rather have Wall of D or Divine Wrath in your opening Hand, you let your opponent attack and counter him with this powerful traps, before attacking him. Always keep Vision Hero Vyon, to grab a Polymerization from your Deck, either to summon Dangerous/Trinity or to have 1 Bonus Card in your hand to use for Divine Wrath. This gives your Deck a lot of consistency. Vision Hero Witch Raider is nice, but can be replaced by Destiny Hero Decider. Also 1 - 2 Divine Wrath can be changed for Forbidden Chalice.
  • Kakashi:
    Decider deals with Lv6 and higher momsters like Cyber Angels and Hazy. I always activate Decider's effect before using Poly to bring out Dangerous and get Decider back in my hand. Celestial for draw power/field spell elimination. Dreamer in case Im about to lose anything I might need. Drilldark for piercing damage and to special summon Celestial or Decider. Vyon to drop a Celestial or Dreamer in the grave, or a Poly if I need it. Mask Change for otk and/or protection. Floodgates saved me a turn or two in order to set up major plays and shut down Flying Fish, as well as Ties of the Brethren with Geargia - if you activate it right they'll all be stuck face down. Wall of D. to take care of Hazy and Sylvans. Finally Cosmic Cyclone to ignite Destiny Calling plus shut down important cards like Call of the Archfiend/Sea Stealth. Trinity was used only a handful of times for otk, however I will replace it with a 3rd Anki soon.
  • GNcell:
    Description: I always summon Dangerous at 1st hand, it give me good defense and draw mechanism. I send dreamer to protect my monster ,send celestial for drawing mechanism in next turn, i go for otk if there is enough monster and mask change in hand. The drawing mechanism always able to draw chalice and cosmic cyclone to play around with monster effect base deck or heavy back row deck.
  • EvoWarrior5:
    Just to explain my Skill: I use Destiny Calling over Restart because, while it's nice to be relatively assured of a good opening hand, I feel like Restart gives you games where you either OTK by turn 3 or you're pretty much done, especially since I only have 2 Anki. Destiny Calling expands my possibilities, and I consistently get it off because I have 2 Cosmic Cyclone and Mirror Wall (the backrow removal or banishing Machine Angel Ritual / Recombination Device that CC gives and the added battle protection from MW are also very helpful).
  • ShiroX9:
    To use this deck, we need our main spell card which is "Mask Change". This card will allow your Heroes to transform into Masked Hero Anki, which is our MVP in this deck. The reason I use 2 Destiny Hero Malicious is that when 1 is sent to the graveyard, I can special summon the other one from the deck. Destiny Draw is also used to thin your deck. I don't use Cosmic Cyclone because to get it, you would need a lot of gems. Getting 3 Masked Hero Anki is already hard enough, so I won't use Cosmic Cyclone. Using 1 forbidden chalice to either negate an effect of an enemy monster (Sylvans) or to do your OTK. Use it on Masked Hero Anki on the Damage Step of his direct attack to deal a whooping 3200 Damage!
  • I ADAM I:
    The goal of this is allready Anki and also wich raider.
    You can play WR fast, when you tribut traps or a swarm whith drilldark and traps. WR destroy all spell and traps, maybe he can also attack, then, when you have a good Hand, you bring anki or you belive in WR. You can also play whith masked Heros, or dheros beatdown. When you only have Dheros and no mask change, there is a good backrow whith all the Traps.
  • Decilet:
    The best way to win with this deck is to combo with Drill and celestial in to a mask change. You have an answer to every deck in the meta. Sylvan/Gear, use chalice to stop their combos. Hazy use wall of disruption. Cyber Saffira, use Econ. As for destiny calling, I prefer it over restart since the main force of this deck is only 1600 power. Once you get dark city though, you can stand toe to toe with almost anything.
  • Hayden.T:
    Pretty simple and straight forward OTK. Use chalice wise to negates opponent monster's effect or boost up own attack. Wall of destruction as protection.
  • MuazikaZX:
    3 Chalice to help either to OTK with Anki or lock opponent monster effects.

Destiny HERO


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التنين الأبيض ازرق العينين أقوى من كل الهبل ده!!!!

ده هزم بيجاسوس وطبعا تاير 0.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Well, I guess it better than the porn posts.
<< Anonymous
Zane lover Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Translation from Arabic to English: "BEWD is stronger than of this nonsense. It [BEWD] defeated Pegasus and of course it is Tier 0."
<< Anonymous
Yondu Reply
I hope konami will not limit sylvans or rose lover, just because some P2W player cry why their expensive deck cant OTK all the other deck in the game.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Concerning your definition of OP i just want to add that it's overused because it a lot more easier accessable to a wide audience. to build one of the very strong top tier decks you would have to spent like 1000$ or more (or you save all gems for only this one deck ignoring every other card box) so these decks are stronger than sylvans but only very few people can build them.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Then explain to me why do you think nobody complained about Rose Lover and Carrot in Aromages until Sylvan show up?

Simple, it's because they were not the problem to begin with.

Sylvan must be excavated to do their job, yes, but that has nothing to do with Rose Lover and Carrot. Sylvan can still nuke your board even without Guardioak and Hermitree, their low level monsters can excavate too.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
OK so I do want to say that Sylvan users and 'Surprise Attack' ocean users are wanks but honestly, Konami'r the real cunts here. they should've known that these little fuckers would exploit something like that. I love the fuckin 50 Sylvan decks and how every cunt who has KOG tries to explain away how their's is different. Fuckin wankers lol
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
sylvan is archetype. just like all the others. But sylvan is easy to make and difficult to beat. people who use sylvans are not doing anything different from others who use different archetypes. Sylvans are too good and is not limited to pay2win players.
I am a Hazy Flame User and i win against Sylvan decks 60% of the time( if my deck doesn't brick which happens a ton or if I don't get caught with ultimate providence). My opinion is that i'm tired of seeing Sylvans 80% of my games, btw yall should really fix Mask Heros, the OTk is real.
I think i am the one and only who reach kog with mokey mokey.
<< Anonymous
Zane lover Reply
Lol dude why to try to duel me (:
update this i dont wanna see sylvan kog trash.
Why is it still april list while its already late May...
I didn’t think burn would still be KoG worthy at this point.. guess 1 guy got lucky
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Does nobody understand that all of these “KoG” submissions are simply one picture of a deck. And One picture proving that the player has reached KoG for this season. They can post ANY deck they want and it will get posted as a KoG deck. Yes a lot of these posts are probably real. But many of them are not. GameA has no way of knowing. They simply take submissions from players and post them.
<< Anonymous
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Amen, this guy know the real truth.
Testing Monarch Deck Before the Realease of Crusaders' Battlegrounds!!!
Can’t wait for the worst meta in yugioh history to finish and I can start playing again.

I think the games lost too many players now.
<< Anonymous
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Its only in your mind, there's still many sylvan players
20 days and gamea still didnt link the right kog may xd
I like the crystal beast deck, is just 3 pegasus and 2 tigers and automatically is a crystal beast deck lol.
vintage dev95
KOG deck for May 2018

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