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Duel Links King of Games decks, the top meta of Duel Links in April 2018.
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update 11/04/2018
Season Duration Apr 1 - Apr 30

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Number of users per deck

Flying Fish12
Cyber Angel Saffira1
Masked HERO Slash1
Masked HERO21
Destiny HERO1
Sea Stealth Attack10
Alien & Alien Ananta5
Hammer Fish OTK1
Crystal Beast1
Cyber Stein OTK2
Ancient Gear1
Magnet Warrior1
Counter Fairies1
Fire Fist Hazy4
Hazy Flame2
Chain Reaction Raider2
Lava Golem Burn2
Temple Mind's Eyes Burn1
Red-Eyes Exodia1
Destiny Board Invader1
Insect Queen1


Sylvan KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
JuzoRestartApr 1
ImCuhfsMythic DepthsApr 1
G0rgromAroma StrategyApr 2
magiThe Ties that BindsApr 4
modiXYZRestartApr 4
God DeadRestartApr 5
Yami_TrapacaRestartApr 5
FSS94CreatorApr 6
Redragon91RestartApr 7
rFelixThe Ties that BindApr7
kupattahuThe Ties that BindApr 8
Seagryfn The Ties that BindApr 9
KiritoRestartApr 11
HagoromoRestartApr 12
FoxRestartApr 12
Capkcaj87RestartApr 12
ChrisCaineYTThe Ties that BindApr 14
bossunRestartApr 14
Chris [SK]RestartApr 16
Thanks OjamaRight Back at YouApr 19
ValcixRestartApr 19
MitjansGritApr 20
《S》LibraX67RestartApr 22
OrangisevilRestartApr 23
AESTHETICRestartApr 24
CapecrusadeGritApr 24
XandeonRestartApr 25
blablaBeatdownApr 25
TruthRight Back at YouApr 26
Mav MaverickBalanceApr 27
FerscGritApr 28
JORGE VRestartApr 29
Pduque13GritApr 30
  • Juzo:
    Unlike other players, only use 20 cards for Sylvan deck. I use 2 copies of snapdrassil to thin my deck. This is because I am aiming for consistent quick victories. If any case it will last more. I added Lotuswain to recycle my marshal and kumosh. As for the spell card. I used 2 raging mad plant and hey trunade. The hardest archatype I fought is Hazy deck.
  • ImCuhfs:
    Little different Skill Mythic depths is amazing because ssa is almost as popular as sylvans with also golden flying fish running mythic depths as well i switched to it because OPPONENTS are naive an they dont think about what that face down card so they get tricked into attacking an then they lose. Again i believe prov. Is a must because its discards rose lover, heavyweight etc. Always try to use mushroom because merchany is inconsistent in excavating.
  • G0rgrom:
    I like the Aroma Strategy skill cause it greatly reduces the rng and raises the ceiling of the deck, fixing "bad" hands without giving away information like restart does. Otherwhise its pretty standart.
  • magi:
    Ultimate Providence:

    • mirror match
    • Citadel Whale and Golden Fish
    • some times against Cyber Angels and Hero

    " The Tie that Binds" skill for game finishing;
    you dont need a high lvl. monster for this skill and you wont giving too many information (Ultimate Providence) like restart does.

  • modiXYZ:
    The deck uses Sylvan Komushroomo or Marshalleaf to mil good cards early on to clear my opponent's board. I do not run an otk version since I think that some opponents might be able to stop it easily, I thought the rose archer was very useful especially towards the last couple of games.
  • rFelix:
    -i use 3 trees for a better control of draws,.
    -try to count your cards at gy and your hand
    -if you don't start with shroom try to use leaf to destroy the face down card or put your carrot face down to be destroyed then next turn you can combo with rose lover then OTK.
    -Bad matchups - cyber angel (negate his searcher), archfiends(negate call of archfiend), mirror match(negate rose lover or shroom).
  • Seagryfn:
    -Don’t rely on 1st card as face down with a flip. Too many PvP decks (SSA, CA, Divine Wrath, other Sylvans, etc.) destroy your facedown with no effect getting activated. Magical Merchant is ineffective.
    -1st turn SET RoseLover or Carrot; use the graveyard effects next round. Set Komushroomo only if you can guard it with Ultimate Providence. If you don’t have those, open with Marshalleaf in attack mode.
    -Key is to use RoseLover’s effect to special summon high level monster immune to Trap effects the turn it is summoned. Can use Carrot from the graveyard, or use your spells or trap, or tribute/lose her on the field, to send RoseLover to the graveyard.
    -Lotuswain recycles Komushroomo and Marshalleaf from the graveyard. It is also handy to use to tribute any card you need off the field.
    -Marina’s special lets you destroy 1 opponent card if another of your plants is destroyed. If needed, charge a monster as a sacrifice to activate Marina.
    -”The Tie That Binds” lets you overpower most similar level opponent monsters. This deck needs no restart skill; you can often have 3 powerful monsters by your second turn
  • Kirito:
    Divine Wrath has definitely been clutch especially when it is in your opening hand. It has helped beat the tougher matchups in CA (bigggest challenge for me) and for the mirror matches. Max Hermitree was to help manipulate the deck for better advantage.
  • Fox:
    Restart if you don't have ultimate providence honestly this is sylvans so yeah no surprise KOG worthy but if you use this list you can run snipe hunter over tribute if you don't have it just snipe gets destroyed by every Sylvan hate card it's just important to destroy set cards and negate effects so you can do Sylvan stuff
  • Capkcaj87:
    A very quick Sylvan deck. Spell/trap cards work good against other Sylvan. Use "Restart": you need to draw magical merchant/komushroomo if you play first or a spell/trap card if you play for second. If you don't draw spell/trap cards you may suffer against CA and Archfiend.
  • Thanks Ojama:
    It's a fairly standard 20 card Sylvan deck that can flood the field on it's 2nd turn. I like the Right Back at You skill because you can usually absorb a turn of big damage and then turn that around to let one monster punch above it's weight class to help score the OTK.
  • 《S》LibraX67:
    Budget deck to reach KOG.
    The strategy is about what the first hand you get. I'm using restart because the important card about this deck is ultimate providence. Since so many player using combo by card effect you can negate activation by this trap. If you deal with dakini make sure you negate senju first because almost all dakini player summon senju. Even deal with hazy fire beatdown this deck can be usefull. Turn off ur toggle when you activate card effect to make sure your opponent didn't know what the card you set. When opponent activate card effect to summon another monster which is hazy name, negate it. If you facing anki just negate when anki call mask change that would destroy anki before anki call it and percentage win duel would be increase
  • Orangisevil:
    To start of, I decided to only use three spell/trap cards so I would get the most use from my Sylvan excavate effects. Try to get a Komuso and a Providence on your starting hand if you go first and if you go second try to get a Rosearcher, Roselover, Tribute to the Doomed etc to your Hand to set up new plays and break your opponents board with Tribute to the Doomed and auch, you can also discard a Roselover or a Carrotweight by using this cards so you can set up your plays. Play restart to better your odds to get the cards I mentioned above.
    Hope you get first, save ultimate provinence for enemy keycards and think all your plays through.
  • Capecrusade:
    Several OTKs using Econ + Rose lover take and special summoning Hermtree using rose. Also Grit versus Anki and cyber angels won me few duels on the way to KOG. This deck doesn't fare well with Hazy.
  • Xandeon:
    Against Dakini, try to reach for Control
    Against Sylvan and Flying fish, try to reach for Providence
    Against HERO, try to reach for Komushroomo
  • blabla:
    Note to play: use beatdown skill to boost attack in order to lower down LP quicker and beat high attack monster when needed. The idea is to summon asap strong monsters, thus E. Controller to send Rose lover graveyard and sacrifice monster of opponent or protect from Anki or Sylvan deck also as well as Embodiment trap to summon Guardioak. I use Talya as it protects plant monsters and has high attack.
  • Truth:
    I found this to be the most consistent of all the versions of this deck that I've tried. 3 Hermitree's for deck control, 1 Gigaplant for summoning from the graveyard, 1 Guardioak for recycling Gigaplant, 2 carrots seemed to be a good balance. The most important part of this deck for the current meta is 3 copies of Ultimate Providence and Enemy Controller each. Ultimate Providence works wonders against CA, Fish, Alien, and other Sylvan decks, Enemy Controller for everything else including Masked Hero, Destiny Hero, AG, etc. The toughest matches I faced were against Hazy and Citidal Whale/SSA decks. The skill "Right Back At You" helps with matches against Hazy if you can survive the first turn, and you have to hope you hit multiple card effects simultaniously against Citidal Whale/SSA.
  • Mav Maverick:
    I chose to run Balance over Restart because I consider my backrow crucial for protecting and setting up my Sylvan plays. Though Balance is not always guaranteed to work in my favor, the card ratios helps to ensure that I open with at least two monsters and a spell/trap almost all of the time. Tribute to the Doomed can replace either one or both copies of Dark Core; it is in some cases better because it can target face-down cards, but I prefer to run Dark Core because of the stronger removal.

Flying Fish

Flying Fish KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
ZaneMythic DepthsApr 4
ECI CloudMythic DepthsApr 4
RikiMythic DepthsApr 6
jhall5013Mythic DepthsApr 8
VayuMythic DepthsApr 9
PokiMythic DepthsApr 11
Rand Al-ThorMind ScanApr 15
yugiMythic DepthsApr 22
HepoMythic DepthsApr 23
JaszaMythic DepthsApr 25
StuMythic DepthsApr 29
everMythic DepthsApr 30
  • jhall5013:
    Of course the idea is to get golden flying fish out asap. Flying fish effect works well with oyster meister due to meister's effect. Throw in a powerful rebirth to gain 4 tributes to destroy 4 opponents cards. I use spined gillman as a back up attack booster. Easily summoned due to hammer shark effect.
  • Rand Al-Thor:
    With the massive amounts of Sylvan and gear players, running Forbidden Chalice is a good option if you have them to negate their effects. I ran with Mind Scan, often people bluff their face down cards. 200 attack isn't worth seeing what is facedown.
  • Jasza:
    FC vs Sylvan/Fusion (Vyon etc)
    Econ vs Masked/CA
    WoD vs Hazy
    FF vs other decks.
    You can destroy opponents cards with FF's effect or swarm field with Swamp Mirror&Hammer's effects.



Hot New Top
smh sylvans..maybe i should start back using them
Noble Knight Deck Before The Release Of Crusaders' Battlegrounds
is archfiend emperror deck tier 1 or 2.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Apparently tier doesnt mean anything. But Archfiend obviously is strong against most decks, they're like Alien on steroid (control deck with great engine)
Rose Lover
Pls help, just asking how the EFFF to counter Spellbook deck?
<< Anonymous(Rose Lover)
Anonymous Reply
A good Amazoness deck tend to go well against it as it can bring up multiple monsters and traps in few turns making the use of Spellbook of Fate limited. If you havent invested much in a good Amazoness deck ypur only hope will be to use things like Skull Invitation or Fatal Abacus. Amazoness, Sylvans and Spellbooks are all Tier 1 decks, only a well built Tier 1 will counter another.
<< Anonymous(Rose Lover)
Zane lover Reply
Just using masked hero
It’s so funny to see all them “Tier1” Sylvan noobs rage quit all the time as soon as they see another OTK deck such as Masked Hero’s, Dark Worlds, Geargias, Hazys, CA and so on. But the most funny part is that these Sylvan OTK dudes (former gold/silver players) are scared of other OTK dudes and use Grit to prevent an OTK xD kinda ironic
<< Anonymous(VENOM)
Anonymous Reply
How do you know sylvans quit against these shit decks ? You might be that type if player ! My sylvans can easily beat the shit out of these sub meta decks.
And dont call other sylvans former gold silver folks like you were never on silver or gold anytime?! LMFAO
<< Anonymous(VENOM)
Anonymous Reply
I don't hate sylvans for it's a free 2 play friendly deck. But gotta say the quitting is real :D, so, stop dat please :D
<< Anonymous
You can’t target Hazys dude and if I play Beastrising you are done. Nothing can save you. If I play dark worlds sometimes your grit can’t save you from being OTKd. If i play Masked hero’s, nothing will stop my double Anki Powerboostet with AMA. Stop defending your braindead deck clicking all the time YES and hoping for the best mill. Yugioh is card strategic card game
<< Anonymous(VENOM)
Anonymous Reply
Lmao Sylvan player rage quitting all the time? All sylvan deck with 3 mushroom must be KoG unless the user is total noob.
despite the new meta and grabbing new cards, I have actually had more fun playing with my dark magician deck. although i have multiple tier decks, going old school with new tricks isn't such a bad idea
I wonder why people think that Chaos hunter is good against Amazoness.. If she gets attacked by an amazoness monster with more AP,she's getting banished too. -_- So she's kinda useless IMO.
<< Anonymous(TIP)
TIP Reply
(p.s. - opinions are like butt holes = everybody has one.)

And what's with all the chicken farts posting porn pics? -_- Must be some limp noodles playing duel links. LOL
Zane lover
This is my deck i use it to get KOG(:
<< Anonymous
Zane lover Reply
Wow man that is great idea i'll try that(;
<< Anonymous(Zane lover)
KiritoBrazil Reply
I'd play 3 Econs anyday :D and would take out fire formation gkyokku :D!
<< Anonymous(KiritoBrazil)
Zane lover Reply
Good luck dude(:
It's one of the best card it will be so useful with Amazoness and SSA.
<< Anonymous(KiritoBrazil)
Zane lover Reply
and don't forget Super rush and Enemy controller it'great with Amazonees because they work before damge calculation and they work even your oppnetnt summon a monster by rose love effect
These trolls want ppl to leave the game, but now instead of bashing konami they have decided to flood this website with porn.
So lame.
<< Anonymous(READKONAMI)
Anonymous Reply
Judging by the amount of porn pics they have, I guess they are just lonely pitiful 50years old virgin that can't get past bronze XD
<< Anonymous(READKONAMI)
Anonymous Reply
Haha... that would be funny, but the only reason why a full grown man would be here is because some other company hired him to vent rage. He wants you to stop playing, so he'll say: "this company succs, konami is komoney, the game is p2w bla bla bla", but since he COULDN'T CONVINCE ANY1, now he post his own porn pics.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Then he will say something like: "so, this is the kind of pervs who play this game?? Ewww! I don't wanna play it anymore, I'm going to install it Ewww I'm so offended Ewww! My mom watched ewww!" That's pretty much the job he is doing here.
<< Anonymous(READKONAMI)
Anonymous Reply
And now that troll is getting personal, ppl is not leaving the game and therefore he doesn't know exactly what to do lok, Konami should do something about it. Not allowing pictures in comments could be an option, or just having one more person assigned to this section.
This is why this game is f2p, because they give away gems all the time. (Without mentioning the gems u can get from rising characters with the bonus exp). So please, stop whinning already -.- lol
<< Anonymous(dude)
Anonymous Reply
U can get any deck for free, you just need to be a player and not a complainer
<< Anonymous(dude)
Anonymous Reply
I dont complain about the numbers of gems the thing that sucks as a f2p player is the fact that the meta changes too quickly
<< Anonymous(dude)
Anonymous Reply
Yeah, the meta changed so drastically with valiant souls, but u know what? Here in the west almost EVERYONE clinges too much to new trends, if u are not part of the new trend, you suck. What im saying is that u dont really need valiant souls, u can play hazy flames, ssa or cyber angels and still reach KoG.
<< Anonymous
... Reply
For me the last awesome box was Abyss Encounters, didnt spend a single gem on Valiant Souls bcuz Flying Fish kicks so much ass! :D!
What is the trap card at the end of the deck
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Tragedy with japanese artwork
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yep, senju of thousand hands has a different art work in the japanese version as well. Many cards have it :)
And again they deleted my comment praising sylvans meanwhile sylvan flamers continue to thrive! Get this deep down people the person who runs this site is fucked up by sylvans in every single match!
<< Anonymous(Terra)
Anonymous Reply
Only that explains why my comments are deleted!

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