King of Game decks [Apr 2018]

It’s so funny to see all them “Tier1” Sylvan noobs rage quit all the time as soon as they see another OTK deck such as Masked Hero’s, Dark Worlds, Geargias, Hazys, CA and so on. But the most funny part is that these Sylvan OTK dudes (former gold/silver players) are scared of other OTK dudes and use Grit to prevent an OTK xD kinda ironic
Damn right.
And i always BM em when i get lethal. Like to see that f4gs surrendering and not getting a fkin dime lol.
I mean with 4k lp most people will be in lethal to most decks. Also HEROs and Spellbooks are definitely better than Sylvans. Sylvans are just cheap, you can reroll and pick them up in a few days.
yet still 90% of community calls sylvans OP cancer that deserves a nerf... why? when all the other otk decks are so much worse?
Thats the point of grit you make you mad and overcome it i personally get a huge high from watching masked dudes think they got it
Yes, you are kinda right m8, but u know what? I cant blame such folks for using a Sylvan deck, is not very expensive and also pretty decent in battle. The only thing I could complain a little is that too many folks jump into the same wagon hehe :)
How do you know sylvans quit against these shit decks ? You might be that type if player ! My sylvans can easily beat the shit out of these sub meta decks.
And dont call other sylvans former gold silver folks like you were never on silver or gold anytime?! LMFAO
I don't hate sylvans for it's a free 2 play friendly deck. But gotta say the quitting is real :D, so, stop dat please :D
<< Anonymous
You can’t target Hazys dude and if I play Beastrising you are done. Nothing can save you. If I play dark worlds sometimes your grit can’t save you from being OTKd. If i play Masked hero’s, nothing will stop my double Anki Powerboostet with AMA. Stop defending your braindead deck clicking all the time YES and hoping for the best mill. Yugioh is card strategic card game
Lmao Sylvan player rage quitting all the time? All sylvan deck with 3 mushroom must be KoG unless the user is total noob.



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So by your logic, I guess that we are all not really dueling either since we aren't right in...
i want a second copy of majesty with eyes of blue
I've seen a few people getting to KoG with it. It's actually easier to do it with Gearg...
Kazuki is leyendary!
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