King of Game decks [Apr 2018]

These trolls want ppl to leave the game, but now instead of bashing konami they have decided to flood this website with porn. So lame.
Judging by the amount of porn pics they have, I guess they are just lonely pitiful 50years old virgin that can't get past bronze XD
Haha... that would be funny, but the only reason why a full grown man would be here is because some other company hired him to vent rage. He wants you to stop playing, so he'll say: "this company succs, konami is komoney, the game is p2w bla bla bla", but since he COULDN'T CONVINCE ANY1, now he post his own porn pics.
<< Anonymous
Then he will say something like: "so, this is the kind of pervs who play this game?? Ewww! I don't wanna play it anymore, I'm going to install it Ewww I'm so offended Ewww! My mom watched ewww!" That's pretty much the job he is doing here.
And now that troll is getting personal, ppl is not leaving the game and therefore he doesn't know exactly what to do lok, Konami should do something about it. Not allowing pictures in comments could be an option, or just having one more person assigned to this section.



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Yeah, this card is actually rather OP for DL.
Same anon troll in all the posts except mine and the OP's. He pretends to be different peopl... using Tuner and non-Tuner whose level totals the level of the Synchro?
I have all the manga volumes, not in my PC, but in real life XD And yeah, it's hard to fi...
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