King of Game decks [Apr 2018]

Duel Links King of Games decks, the top meta of Duel Links in April 2018.
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update 11/04/2018
Hammer Fish OTK KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
Flash KOMythic DepthsApr 1
  • Flash KO:
    Deck description: The basics of this deck is to use Hammer shark to pull out your smaller beaters to sworn the field. One example is to pull out spiked gillman to power up your shark and himself and attack. Also has the ability to OTK your opponent or grind out wins.

Crystal Beast

Crystal Beast KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
Tristan.TRestartApr 2
  • Tristan.T:
    The deck works as follows, using the Pegasus to serve as pro bullet holding the game and made the base of the deck supports, Electro Sergeant latch fine to the opponent's spells and traps.


RA OTK KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
GmanDraw Sense: LightApr 2
  • Gman:
    This deck is surprisingly consistent and can beat just about any deck in the current meta with the right hand going second, even if you don't draw photon booster just one equip spell and either parallel twister or tribute to the doomed can get you in OTK range while anti-magic arrows and other backrow removal to ensure the win. Cosmic cyclone and anti-magic really help against SSA (Sea Stealth Attack) and having parallel twister in your hand and sylvans crumble under tribute or twister

Cyber Stein OTK

Cyber Stein OTK KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
ZanketsuLife Cost 0Apr 2
LuxunLife Cost 0Apr 14
  • Luxun:
    Basically, you either rely on solemn scolding to get yourself to 1000lp (ideally if you play first and have it in your hand) or let your opponent deal damage until you have around 2000lp and a cyclone in hand to both remove a spell or trap and be able to use life cost 0. Works great against sylvan because they usually use providence on winged kuriboh. I'd run another Dark World Dealings if I had one because it makes the deck faster.

Ancient Gear

Ancient Gear KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
pollizMiddle Age MechsApr 8

Magnet Warrior

Magnet Warrior KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
KoozlStraight to the GraveApr 8
DeltaHunterLRestartApr 9
  • Koozl:
    Tip: As presently Sylvans, CA and fishes are swarming at the ranked player should consider denying Monster effect. At that, Ultimate Providence will come in handy. Plus Tribute to the doomed with Tackle comander will save you from desperate situation. For the back row Straight flush or Cosmic cyclone alone are plenty as Beta Electromagnet warrior will drain opponents' spells, traps and monster effects.
  • DeltaHunterL:
    Beta is the key to defeating Sylvans. Use it's quick play effect to dodge their destruction effect. Downbeat is vital to summoning Beta and Valkyrion easily, you should Restart if you don't have a Magnet Warrior and Downbeat in your initial hand. Block Golem can be summoned by Downbeat and it can recycle Beta and other Magnet Warriors. Hey Trunade helps avoid Ultimate Providence(Prevents Delta from summoning Valkyrion), while Anti-Magic Arrows helps against SSA.

Counter Fairies

Counter Fairies KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
BlueMinotaurBalanceApr 8
LlyudBalanceApr 9
  • BlueMinotaur:
    Note: The deck is quite good against a meta infested with Sylvans and Cyber Angels. Divine Punishment stops their plays dead. The 2 Mirror Walls and 2 Super Rush wins games against opponents who think my set cards are mostly counter traps, and just try to run over my fairies with bigger monsters. Turning toggle off and turning it on at the right moment does the trick. I would have replaced Magic Drain with Divine Wrath but I don't have it.
  • Llyud:
    The skill is Balance. Opening with Ties of the bretheren is basically a win condition. The hardest matchup is the sylvan one, because that deck is just broken. Counters and enemy controllers are super strong against cyber angel and the many negations can easily stop sea stealth attack decks.

Fire Fist Hazy

Fire Fist Hazy KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
DabDabDabDabBeatdownApr 9
HeartfiliaBeatdownApr 20
emaraquinoBeatdownApr 20
  • DabDabDabDab:
    Sylvans were getting boring to play so I figured I'd throw this together. 3 Starter cards: 2 Dyna, 1 Mausoleum are 2 Dynatherium is necessary because relying on Coyote means relying on opening 2 cards rather than 1. Mausoleum is another card to fix dead hands and start strong going 1st. 2 Tensu 2 Gyokkou is standard imo, the random wall is for CA or Geargia. The Geargia matchup is a bit annoying since Anchor doesn't target. The Sylvan Matchup isn't horrible. Monster Line up: 2 Coyote because that's all I have but opening multiples is kinda bad, 3 raven because 1800 def is good, 3 sphinx, 3 cerb, 2 Pery. I found Pery necessary but also very cloggy, so I feel this ratio is the most consistent. Changes to the deck: maining 1 cosmic cyclone for SSA, the only problem for the most part as SSA players will flip it during SP so Gyokkou does nothing.

Hazy Flame

Fire Fist Hazy KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
OrangisgoodBeatdownApr 16
José-CRBeatdownApr 21
  • Orangisgood:
    -Main Part about this deck is that it has 20 Monsters which means that Sphinx never misses with its effect so you will be able to always get another monster out
    -Use Dynatherium when you need a way to summon a Peryton or a Sphinx but only if there is no 4-star Monster in anyone GY.
    -Use Flame Tiger if you already have Peryton and another fire monster in your hand to make sure you can bring him back next turn and get 3 Monsters out after
    -Use Komusoshroom if you go first and dont have a Flame Tiger and Peryton + another fire monster
    -Sphere Kuriboh can be used to protect a Monster for 1 Turn so you can tribute it later or turn a monster into defense mode so you can kill it more easily
    -Use Horus only when you need a bigger atk monster since it is only immune to magic effects and not the same as hazy monster
    -Use Chow Len the Prophet whenever you arent sure what the backrow is. Usually you wanna see if its a trap card (WoD or Mirror Wall) since econ cant target hazys
    -Use Earth Armor Ninja whenver you dont have another possibility (Dynatherium) to get a tribute summon out.
    -If you cant check the backrow withc Chow Len you usually wann place 2 Sphinx in defense mode and 1 Mantikor in Atk mode so even if its a WoD you can make sure you can return Mantikor next turn
  • José-CR:
    This deck works basically on an OTK, make special invocation for tribute and use the Hazy effects and win in one turn


REZD KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
AquaremStraight to the GraveApr 9
RedStraight to the GraveApr 15
  • Aquarem:
    This is aready a pretty old deck, but still very powerful, because it can give you a lot of possibilits depending on the situation that you're against, you can play very agressive or you can play it safetly. The most powerful plays that this deck can do is the combo with gozuki and enemy controller, you tribute gozuki takes control for one of the enemy monsters and also you can special summon one zombie from your hand, giving you room for the OTK. I use the skill straight to the grave because it gives a boost atk to Zombi Monsters and it also gives an extra card to Destroy with storm.

Chain Reaction Raider

Chain Reaction Raider KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
WellaWeissChain ReactionApr 9
AmedinaChain ReactionApr 18
  • WellaWeiss:
    During my climb I found that witch raider was a bit cannibalistic at times and so many counter traps would destroy her, you really have to be ready for the worst, but have enough answers in your backrow and summons, she can be a good asset.
  • Amedina:
    You really should be patient with this deck and try to read your opponent's deck as early as possible. Set your cards and let him play and try to destroy your backrow. You really should not care for Sylvans effects most of the time. I find that only one Witch works perfect as there is to much effect negation at the time. The best scenario for this deck is when you can thin your deck quickly with Pikaia, Marella and the jars.


Nephthys KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
FutanariBeatdownApr 14


Burn KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
^V^Bird^V^BalanceApr 16

Red-Eyes Exodia

Red-Eyes Exodia KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
DankirothGranpa's CardApr 19

Destiny Board Invader

Destiny Board Invader KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
F2P KingDestiny BoardApr 22
  • F2P King:
    Very good against masked hero since they can’t use their quick play spell. Also good against sylvans with the counters allowing you to discard necrofear while protecting your monsters. Some other cards to help you discard too. Also Econ helps to tribute your doomdog to get necrofear faster and also is very good against CA. Very good and fun anti meta deck in general.

King of Games Log


Hot New Top
PK 1hour ago
What is a good replacement for snipe hunter in that Destiny Board Invader deck?
Anonymous 1hour ago
Honestly RESD decks work well against sylvans, but it depends if you can get that warrior attached to it before they start their chains which is difficult at times. Really winning against that type of deck is situational
Malefic 6hour ago
I have no idea as to why people still using Sylvan in KOG. I mean, do you ever having fun playing this game?
<< Anonymous(Malefic)
Anonymous 5hour ago Reply
It's because they are savages.
<< Anonymous(Malefic)
Anonymous 3hour ago Reply
As soon as they win they have their fun
Anonymous 8days ago
I hope konami will not limit sylvans or rose lover, just because some P2W player cry why their expensive deck cant OTK all the other deck in the game.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 9hour ago Reply
The OverPowered cards in any Plant deck are only Carrot Champion and Rose Lover. Carrot discards Rose to special summon him, then use Rose Lover to summon Sylvan tree or guardioak or Aromage Bergamot. Not sylvans that are OP. Like Glad Beasts must attack or get attacked to activate their effects or Gergia that must be flipped up and down, Sylvan must be excavated to do their jobs, that is all.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 7hour ago Reply
Concerning your definition of OP i just want to add that it's overused because it a lot more easier accessable to a wide audience. to build one of the very strong top tier decks you would have to spent like 1000$ or more (or you save all gems for only this one deck ignoring every other card box) so these decks are stronger than sylvans but only very few people can build them.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 5hour ago Reply
Then explain to me why do you think nobody complained about Rose Lover and Carrot in Aromages until Sylvan show up?

Simple, it's because they were not the problem to begin with.

Sylvan must be excavated to do their job, yes, but that has nothing to do with Rose Lover and Carrot. Sylvan can still nuke your board even without Guardioak and Hermitree, their low level monsters can excavate too.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 4hour ago Reply
OK so I do want to say that Sylvan users and 'Surprise Attack' ocean users are wanks but honestly, Konami'r the real cunts here. they should've known that these little fuckers would exploit something like that. I love the fuckin 50 Sylvan decks and how every cunt who has KOG tries to explain away how their's is different. Fuckin wankers lol
TeddyPicker 7days ago
I refuse to play Sylvan, such shitty looking cards and it doesn't even look fun to play. Will stick with alien and save gems until a fun and good looking meta comes out
<< Anonymous(hashi)
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
Just be glad we don't have Wind-Up archetype yet.

And not just childish ones, "waifu" decks are getting meta as well nowadays.

See: Trickstar and Sentouki in real life TCG/OCG
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
While in DL, Amazoness will soon reign supreme as the meta "waifu" deck.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
Wind-Up, as cute as they are, has Zenmaity, who is so mighty, it had to be hit by the OCG/TCG banlist TWICE.

It was Limited at first, but even that is not enough, and it gets Banned later on.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 5hour ago Reply know what, thinking about it, Wind-Up feels like something Konami definitely will throw into DL sometime in the future.
Anonymous 8hour ago
Are all sylvan players now KoG? Because I faced only Archfiends in my last 8 duels
Anonymous 7days ago
Where you can get 3rd Wetland? I already check how to obtain, but it only obtainable on Duel-A-Thon and Ex Jewel
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
Well, you just answered your own question....
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
Only 2 Wetland that obtainable, but that WellaWeiss guy use 3 Wetland in his deck
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
You can get a third one through a special ticket but not the pvp one
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 9hour ago Reply
I wish we can get Wetlands a permanent way.
Yami Dovah 2days ago
If weren't for Sylvians, the list of meta decks would be very good. Not that it is impossible to defeat, as many say; it's just a very annoying deck to play against because you need very specific counter at the right time. I think semi-limiting Marshaleaf and Guardioak would be the right way for them. All other decks are balanced for me. Now just wait for Konami to launch a new op box that will unbalance everything again.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous No. 2 10hour ago Reply
I agree completely.
There are decks that usually crush Sylvans, but they are very boring decks to play.
Also, it would be motivating to not get Sylvan deck opponents 90% of the time.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 9hour ago Reply
But how many times you'll see a Sylvan player's field being empty?

Sylvan packs a lot of low level monsters and both Komushroomo & Marshalleaf nukes your board. If anything, most of the time it's your board that's gonna be empty.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 9hour ago Reply
Furthermore, limiting Rose Lover doesn't change the fact that triple Komushroomo + Marshalleaf would still nuke your board, then any low level beaters they have will deplete all your remaining LP away.

To nerf Sylvan, it's Komushroomo and Marshalleaf that must be hit.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 9hour ago Reply
If you insist Rose Lover must be hit, I'd say Semi-Limiting it is enough. Then Semi-Limit both Komushroomo and Marshalleaf too. And Limit both Guardioak and Hermitree.

That way, Sylvan players are forced to choose which ones to run, while other Plant decks still can work with 2 Rose Lover.
JustFacts! 4days ago
Meta has:
Masked heroes
Flying fish
Abyss warrior/SSA
Saffira and her angels
The bee from rampage of the forest
Red eyes zombies

There's actually a lot of variety.
And Sylvans kinda suck, the typical sylvan player plays usin GRIT, and leaves game in 3rd turn with 1 hp. Lolz
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
Yeah, and the all mighty blue-eyes and ancient gear golems
<< Anonymous(JustFacts!)
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
Not considering that Sylvans are more than 50% of the time, the other 30% are masked heroes or cyber angel, the other 15% are fished, the 5% are the rest of the decks.... so yeah!!! pretty much variety
<< Anonymous(JustFacts!)
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
Sylvan makes the games boring. 11 out of 10 Duel match against sylvan. That is the exact opposite of variety
Math 5days ago
For the well balance and versatility of the game, I believe Konami will semi of even limit “Rose Lover” to 1 just like they did with all the accessible cards or easily obtainable cards (Machine angel ritual, Dakini, Red eyes spirit, champion vigilance, golden bamboo sword etc..)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
The only thing that will happen with limiting Rose Lover, is killing all the other Plant decks while letting Sylvan remains alive and well, the exact opposite of what everyone wanted to see.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
Nerf Marshaleaf. That's all. Limit it to 1.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
Lol, I murder marshaleaf with chalices, divine wraths, and SSA, it's very weak against some particular decks lol
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
Lol, they are talking about marshleaf when they are excavated from the deck. I don't think anybody will worried about marshleaf when it is on the field. It only excavate 2 cards. You don't need SSA/Divine Wrath/SSA to murder him. Just attack him with (UR) Axe Raider and he is dead.
Anonymous 1days ago
Even a monkey can play Sylvan and hit KoG with it
No one cheats -.- 3days ago
Well I haven't met one single "cheater" and I played a lot last month from Legend 1 to Kog, not a single suspicious players -_- you guys are lying.
<< Anonymous(No one cheats -.-)
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
Ehh you never met any cheaters meant there are no cheaters? What a statement. Come on be realistic.
<< Anonymous(No one cheats -.-)
Grim 2days ago Reply
Hey genius I got hacked in kc what do u mean no one cheates nobody is lying I was in rank 600 but not anymore because of the hacker
<< Anonymous(No one cheats -.-)
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
Dude, my connection were good, but suddenly i lost the game. If i lost due to the connection, the sign will show that i lost. but nope, i can't even check the duel log.

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