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Duel Links King of Games decks, the top meta of Duel Links in April 2018.
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update 11/04/2018
Destiny HERO KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
Sapere AudeDestiny CallingApr 6
  • Sapere Aude:
    Small Note: Because of our Meta we nowadays have i put in Forbidden Chalice and Ultimate Providence, it is a must have when you play against Sylvans. And i also put Snipe Hunter in there, if u have him on the board it is 99% of the time an insta win, because of the draw power this deck give you. To the extra Deck, I put one Masked Hero Anki in there because he really harmonizes with forbidden Chalice, most of the time you don´t need him but he is a really good opportunity to have.And don´t be afraid to summon Vison-Hero Trinity he can win you really fast a game if ur opponent has two monsters on the field and nowadays no one runs protective Backrow or Sphere Kuriboh.

Sea Stealth Attack

Hammer Stealth KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
AbefortMythic DepthsApr 4
@DjongaMythic DepthsApr 6
RCF • DiededMythic DepthsApr 11
마츠리Mythic DepthsApr 18
mr.zeroRestartApr 19
MkingBalanceApr 21
YokoWasisBalanceApr 22
FlyThaiMythic DepthsApr 26
FatblackMythic DepthsApr 27
TakeANapMythic DepthsApr 30
  • Abefort:
    In essence it is the citadel deck with hammer sharks. The deck can be constructed in many different ways keeping the core (3 whales and 2 SSA). Personally I would add 1 more chalice because pvp is plenty of sylvans, but I dont have it. I also tried to replace atlantis warriors, fisherman and legendary ocean for 3 golden flying fish and powerful rebirth (there are a lot of fish in this deck) but after some tries it didn't work because there is not backrow to protect the field.
  • @Djonga:
    This deck would be better with an Atraentum Princess and Another Abyss Soldier, if you have it.

Cyber Angel, Masked Hero is a very difficult match To Sea Stealth. Hallowed Life Barrier can be the key.

  • Mking:
    So this is an SSA deck, it's focused on getting your whale out as soon as possible like in turn 1 while potentially having another water monster for you to banish in case enemy has cards to destroy your SSA / LOC. Use your sharks to summon 2 monsters get the whale out. since your legendary ocean reduces lvl of water monster you can special summon another lvl 4 water monster from your hand, the ideal hand is 1 hammer shark 1 beautunaful princess or hammer shark 1 citadel whale and a legendary ocean plus another oyster myster if u got turn 2
  • YokoWasis:
    With the current Meta, Whale isn't worth it anymore. Slow to summon (compared to legendar fisherman 2) and it can be easily destroyed by marshleaf / geargia / rose lover effect. That's why I prefer Fisherman 2, because those effect can't affect fisherman 2. Targeting or not. Shark cruiser used to deal with Mirror Match / enemy Whale. It can easily swarm the board with 2k beater, which often result to OTK. Another notable card is Gravity Lash. To deal with Monster that can't be destroyed by SSA / Effect. Such as Rose Lover Summoned monster, and Protected Cyber Angel. I am avoiding TRAP at all cost because there are a lot of sylvan / rose lover player on the ladder right now which makes your trap pretty much useless against them.
  • FlyThai:
    As usual the goal is to get out Citadel Whale ASAP, than control the game from there. Watch out for monsters summoned via Rose Lover because they will be immune to SSA Trap. Banish the Whale instead to save it.Sinister Serpent gives the deck real synergy. You can use the Sinister Serpent as fodder for Providence, Wrath, and Abyss Soldier. Ontop of that Hammer Shark can summon him and you can use that as fodder to summon your Whale. The Serpent really gives this deck card advantage. Make sure to not get to aggro with your cards unless you have SSA or Providence/Wrath protection.
  • Fatblack:
    Divine Wrath is good to counter Slyvans flip effect and its good with fishborg and whale. Skreech to find whale and fishborg. Princess + shark or fishborg + princess is a god way to summon 2 monsters and activate the effect of whale in 1 turn. Gishki+fishborg to summon whale or to defend yourself. Soldier to discard whale and fishborg. Control to defend-tribute fishborg-counter some decks like dakini
  • TakeANap:
    This version is very solid. It has both OTK & control potentials. 2 copies of Tribute to the Doomed is the highlight here as it usually counts as 1 for 1 with Fishborg/Whale. If you go second and your opponent has no back row (mostly Sylvan), you could go for OTK with Hammer shark + Atlantean Attack Squad after using Tribute to the Doomed. If you go first, summoning whale would be 1st priority to lock down your opponents from the start. I usually get whale out on the 1st turn with Hammer shark skill or Abyss soldier + Fishborg my Umi.

Alien & Alien Ananta

Alien KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
blasterRestartApr 3
RhaegarBalanceApr 9
SwordmasterRestartApr 19
Flash KOParasite InfectionApr 24
CarloRestartApr 25
  • Swordmaster:
    I used Enemy Controller to counter Cyber Angel, Forbidden Chalice to counter Sylvans and Geargia, and Mirror Wall to counter Masked Hero Decks.
  • Flash KO:
    Using aliens plus divine wrath and forbidden chalice to neutralize both attack defense and monster effect. Then it's basically aliens as usual.
  • Carlo:
    Very consistent with "restart". Added 2 Divine Wrath to counter Sylvans and Geargias mainly. 2 kuribohs in the case I face a problem with my back row and because it is something players does not expect from an alien deck. 1 hour aprox. from Legend 1 to KOG, losing about 1 or 2 duels. I did not play many traps because many decks run "rose lover" and that could make you lose the duel inmediately.


Archfiend KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
K.J-LP Boost αApr 1
SomeguyRestartApr 2
C.Fonseca4RestartApr 14
PerditionLP Boost αApr 21
NigashiLP Boost αApr 24
Φ PKaze ΦRestartApr 25
wytukazzzRestartApr 25
Ricmal94Duel, Standby!Apr 27
AarukumaRestartApr 30
  • K.J-:
    First time reaching KoG. My IGN is K.J- and this deck is pretty simple to use. Use life boost alpha and card of soul to draw archfiend emperor and banish the biggest threat on the field. Pandemonium always more draw power when triggering emperors ability once normal summoned with half attack. Great starting hand would involve emperor, pandemonium, and call of the archfiend. That way when he leaves the field, pandemonium pulls another monster then on your opponents turn, special summon emperor with the monster you just drew.
  • C.Fonseca4:
    -The main thing you want to do is special summon an Archfiend Emperor as soon as possible;
    -Lyla is great to deal with your opponent's backrow and mill cards from your deck;
    -Monster Gate is a good way to special summon Archfiend Emperor or Archfiend Empress from the deck;
    -If you have both Achfiend Empress and Emperor in the graveyard, you can use Archfiend's Roar to special summon Archfiend Empress. When she's destroid at the end of the turn, you can special summon Archfiend Emperor;
    -You can also use Archiend's roar on Archfiend Cavalry to special summon Archfiend Emperor, but it cannot be destroied by battle;
    -A good Starting hand should have a milling card (Lyla or Needlebug Nest), and a trap to special summon Achfiends from the graveyard. Starting with Emperor, Call of the achfiend and some other archfiend monster would also be a good starting hand.
  • Nigashi:
    Archfiends are fun, Monster Gate is a blessing, Invader to stop mask change and other quick plays dead.
  • wytukazzz:
    Very similar deck to others, but used chaos hunter to negate rose lovers effect, because most of the people play sylvans.
  • Ricmal94:
    This deck works very well with the synergy between archfiend cards and dark world. Kuriboh is important for difense and for trigger call of the archfiend. This deck become more powerful when you discard ceruli as effect of call of the archfiend, special summon emperor and with ceruli effect summon reign-beaux, specially in your opponent's turn, so you can destroy his backrow or monsters. Duel stand by is the best skill because is fundamental to start with 5-6 cards in your hand and do your combos.

Hammer Fish OTK

Hammer Fish OTK KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
Flash KOMythic DepthsApr 1
  • Flash KO:
    Deck description: The basics of this deck is to use Hammer shark to pull out your smaller beaters to sworn the field. One example is to pull out spiked gillman to power up your shark and himself and attack. Also has the ability to OTK your opponent or grind out wins.

Crystal Beast

Crystal Beast KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
Tristan.TRestartApr 2
  • Tristan.T:
    The deck works as follows, using the Pegasus to serve as pro bullet holding the game and made the base of the deck supports, Electro Sergeant latch fine to the opponent's spells and traps.


RA OTK KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
GmanDraw Sense: LightApr 2
alfilunaDuel, Standby!Apr 26
  • Gman:
    This deck is surprisingly consistent and can beat just about any deck in the current meta with the right hand going second, even if you don't draw photon booster just one equip spell and either parallel twister or tribute to the doomed can get you in OTK range while anti-magic arrows and other backrow removal to ensure the win. Cosmic cyclone and anti-magic really help against SSA (Sea Stealth Attack) and having parallel twister in your hand and sylvans crumble under tribute or twister
  • alfiluna:
    Summon Ra's disciple and having hey trunade and photon booster in hand make things easy and of course the consistency would be better with a third copy of into the void but I don't have it, actually the current meta specially the games against sylvans are more common all the time and masked heroes too, this OTK deck makes games fast with the right combo in hand.

Cyber Stein OTK

Cyber Stein OTK KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
ZanketsuLife Cost 0Apr 2
LuxunLife Cost 0Apr 14
  • Luxun:
    Basically, you either rely on solemn scolding to get yourself to 1000lp (ideally if you play first and have it in your hand) or let your opponent deal damage until you have around 2000lp and a cyclone in hand to both remove a spell or trap and be able to use life cost 0. Works great against sylvan because they usually use providence on winged kuriboh. I'd run another Dark World Dealings if I had one because it makes the deck faster.

Ancient Gear

Ancient Gear KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
pollizMiddle Age MechsApr 8

Magnet Warrior

Magnet Warrior KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
KoozlStraight to the GraveApr 8
DeltaHunterLRestartApr 9
  • Koozl:
    Tip: As presently Sylvans, CA and fishes are swarming at the ranked player should consider denying Monster effect. At that, Ultimate Providence will come in handy. Plus Tribute to the doomed with Tackle comander will save you from desperate situation. For the back row Straight flush or Cosmic cyclone alone are plenty as Beta Electromagnet warrior will drain opponents' spells, traps and monster effects.
  • DeltaHunterL:
    Beta is the key to defeating Sylvans. Use it's quick play effect to dodge their destruction effect. Downbeat is vital to summoning Beta and Valkyrion easily, you should Restart if you don't have a Magnet Warrior and Downbeat in your initial hand. Block Golem can be summoned by Downbeat and it can recycle Beta and other Magnet Warriors. Hey Trunade helps avoid Ultimate Providence(Prevents Delta from summoning Valkyrion), while Anti-Magic Arrows helps against SSA.

Counter Fairies

Counter Fairies KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
BlueMinotaurBalanceApr 8
LlyudBalanceApr 9
  • BlueMinotaur:
    Note: The deck is quite good against a meta infested with Sylvans and Cyber Angels. Divine Punishment stops their plays dead. The 2 Mirror Walls and 2 Super Rush wins games against opponents who think my set cards are mostly counter traps, and just try to run over my fairies with bigger monsters. Turning toggle off and turning it on at the right moment does the trick. I would have replaced Magic Drain with Divine Wrath but I don't have it.


Hot New Top
التنين الأبيض ازرق العينين أقوى من كل الهبل ده!!!!

ده هزم بيجاسوس وطبعا تاير 0.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Well, I guess it better than the porn posts.
<< Anonymous
Zane lover Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Translation from Arabic to English: "BEWD is stronger than of this nonsense. It [BEWD] defeated Pegasus and of course it is Tier 0."
<< Anonymous
Yondu Reply
I hope konami will not limit sylvans or rose lover, just because some P2W player cry why their expensive deck cant OTK all the other deck in the game.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Concerning your definition of OP i just want to add that it's overused because it a lot more easier accessable to a wide audience. to build one of the very strong top tier decks you would have to spent like 1000$ or more (or you save all gems for only this one deck ignoring every other card box) so these decks are stronger than sylvans but only very few people can build them.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Then explain to me why do you think nobody complained about Rose Lover and Carrot in Aromages until Sylvan show up?

Simple, it's because they were not the problem to begin with.

Sylvan must be excavated to do their job, yes, but that has nothing to do with Rose Lover and Carrot. Sylvan can still nuke your board even without Guardioak and Hermitree, their low level monsters can excavate too.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
OK so I do want to say that Sylvan users and 'Surprise Attack' ocean users are wanks but honestly, Konami'r the real cunts here. they should've known that these little fuckers would exploit something like that. I love the fuckin 50 Sylvan decks and how every cunt who has KOG tries to explain away how their's is different. Fuckin wankers lol
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
sylvan is archetype. just like all the others. But sylvan is easy to make and difficult to beat. people who use sylvans are not doing anything different from others who use different archetypes. Sylvans are too good and is not limited to pay2win players.
I am a Hazy Flame User and i win against Sylvan decks 60% of the time( if my deck doesn't brick which happens a ton or if I don't get caught with ultimate providence). My opinion is that i'm tired of seeing Sylvans 80% of my games, btw yall should really fix Mask Heros, the OTk is real.
I think i am the one and only who reach kog with mokey mokey.
<< Anonymous
Zane lover Reply
Lol dude why to try to duel me (:
update this i dont wanna see sylvan kog trash.
Why is it still april list while its already late May...
I didn’t think burn would still be KoG worthy at this point.. guess 1 guy got lucky
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Does nobody understand that all of these “KoG” submissions are simply one picture of a deck. And One picture proving that the player has reached KoG for this season. They can post ANY deck they want and it will get posted as a KoG deck. Yes a lot of these posts are probably real. But many of them are not. GameA has no way of knowing. They simply take submissions from players and post them.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Amen, this guy know the real truth.
Testing Monarch Deck Before the Realease of Crusaders' Battlegrounds!!!
Can’t wait for the worst meta in yugioh history to finish and I can start playing again.

I think the games lost too many players now.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Its only in your mind, there's still many sylvan players
20 days and gamea still didnt link the right kog may xd
I like the crystal beast deck, is just 3 pegasus and 2 tigers and automatically is a crystal beast deck lol.
vintage dev95
KOG deck for May 2018

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