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update 15/05/2017
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Lvl 30

Lvl 40

Surprise Present

Score6,000 - 8,000
SkillSurprise Present
Essential cards

Example deck

Mystical Beast of SerketThe Unhappy GirlThe Unhappy GirlThe Unhappy GirlGravekeeper's VassalRai-Mei
Rai-MeiRai-MeiDian Keto the Cure MasterUnion AttackUnion AttackTemple of the Kings
StormJam Breeding MachineJam Breeding MachineJam Breeding MachineMagical MalletMagical Mallet
Hieroglyph LithographSecret Pass to the Treasures----


Try to get Jam Breeding Machine as fast as you can, then set and activate the skill. If you find it difficult to get it early, you can put in some more cards that can help with your draws like Crystal Seer or Jar of Greed. Then stall the duel until you can perform your damage dealing combo at the last turn.

Unhappy Girl & Deckout

Score4,000 - 5,000
SkillHoly Guard
Essential cards

Example deck

RelinquishedThe Unhappy GirlThe Unhappy GirlThe Unhappy GirlPinch HopperPinch Hopper
Rai-MeiRai-MeiRai-MeiRed-Eyes B. DragonSummoned SkullPolymerization
Goblin ThiefBlack Illusion RitualSoul of the PureSoul of the PureSoul of the PurePot of Benevolence
Jar of GreedJar of Greed----


Made for newer players that don't have Union Attack and rolled the older packs, this deck is easy to make. Using the unhappy girl as the base method to stall the duel, perform tribute/ritual/fusion summon that are interchangeable with any card that you have. Perform the bonuses without dealing any battle damage and pass the turns until Super Joey runs out of cards.

Piranha / Vassal

Score7,000 - 8,000
SkillHoly Guard
Essential cards

Example deck

Des KangarooThe Unhappy GirlThe Unhappy GirlThe Unhappy GirlCrystal SeerCrystal Seer
Rai-MeiRai-MeiRai-MeiPiranha ArmyBig KoalaFusion Gate
Pot of BenevolenceRain of MercyRain of MercyStormGift of the MartyrSecret Pass to the Treasures
Security OrbSecurity OrbWindstorm of Etaqua--Master of Oz


While getting a dead hand is still possible, this deck performs consistently well against both level 30 and 40. It is also interchangeable between piranha army and vassal. Set a security orb to bait Super Joey's stamping destruction, and use rain of mercy to recover some LP while still maintaining LP difference for comeback victory.

Note: If you want to use vassal, you can change kangaroo, koala, fusion gate, and pot of benevolence to serket, temple of the kings, and 2 union attack / 1 union with spell reclamation. As well as changing piranha and master of oz to vassal and blue-eyes ultimate dragon

Lvl 30 Super Joey's deck

Soul of a True Duelist

Lvl 30 Super Joey drops


Hot New Top
Anoymous 8days ago
Are the probabilities for getting each Super Rare different? Check it out!:
Anoymous 8days ago
How about toon buster blader ? It increase 500 atk for each dragon type that Joey have in grave and field.
Anoymous 8days ago
LVL 30 so far is harder to farm for me cause he has that Dragon's Gunfire somehow he always draw it in like his first 3 turns and use it to destroy my Unhappy Gil before i can set Riryoku Field and attack me for game make me rage lol
CSK channel 8days ago
A Surprise Present
Work for level 40 too.
watch video here
Anoymous 9days ago
What are all those Pinch Hopoers used for? What is the bebefit of having them in your deck?
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 9days ago Reply
Usually LD's won't attack them when they are in face up atk position, you have cards in your hand, and not in range of lethal
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 8days ago Reply
The AI is afraid that if it killed your Pinch Hopper, you would be able to special summon Grasschopper or Insect Queen from your hand. It's the effect of the Pinch Hopper.
Hen 9days ago
Works good
<< Anonymous(Hen)
Hen 9days ago Reply
Piranha over 10k damage
<< Anonymous(Hen)
Hen 9days ago Reply
Lvl 30
<< Anonymous(Hen)
Anoymous 8days ago Reply
Why do you put 2 Temple of the Kings in this deck?
phoen1x9 9days ago
I like how this event is more difficult than previous events. However, those rewards, in my opinion, are not worth the effort.
<< Anonymous(phoen1x9)
Anoymous 8days ago Reply
You may feel the rewards are garbage. But I still haven't gotten any SR garbage from this event...
R,k 9days ago

this is how to use this deck it work with super joey
<< Anonymous(R,k)
anonymous 8days ago Reply
did you record that youtube with a potato camera??? cant see anything, so blurry
Anonymous Commenter 10days ago
Poor Joey.
<< Anonymous(ConfusedDuelistLeg27)
Anonymous Replyer 9days ago Reply
Yes, it does.
<< Anonymous(Anonymous Replyer)
ConfusedDuelistLeg27 9days ago Reply
Damn.. I only got one :,(
<< Anonymous(ConfusedDuelistLeg27)
Anoymous 9days ago Reply
2xBEWD = 3000x2=6000. 3xUAtk=6000x3=1800. GKV=700. 18000+700=18700.
<< Anonymous(ConfusedDuelistLeg27)
Anoymous 8days ago Reply
Use Spell Reclamation, but have to beware of Stamping Destruction. Also need 2nd copy or Crystal Seer to avoid being bottom deck.
Anoymous 9days ago
i feel lv30 is harder than lv40 lol only one loss against lv40 and i cant count how many times lv30 has killed me.

Anoymous 9days ago
Man for some reason I cannot beat lvl 30. Either he gets REBD on the first turn or unhappy girl is depressed at the bottom of my deck wtf???
Anoymous 9days ago
I wish super joey would not have the same starting hand every time. I still have yet to beat him and im still new to the game (lv 20)

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