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Duel Links King of Games decks, the top meta of Duel Links in June 2018.
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update 29/06/2018
Fun Hire KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
McBobXBeatdownJune 20
DarkSeto92BeatdownJune 20
LucaScozzysRestartJune 21
AlfieBeatdownJune 21
CrashThe Ties That BindsJune 22
RandomBeatdownJune 22
Mert1337BeatdownJune 22
DeidaraSanjiBeatdownJune 22
RoseRoseJune 23
KneuperBeatdownJune 23
沙穀栗子BeatdownJune 23
Delta #2BeatdownJune 23
player2bBeatdownJune 23
VegathewhiteBeatdownJune 24
Chaidir ISBeatdownJune 24
SlashBeatdownJune 25
Tone CityBeatdownJune 25
MayksBeatdownJune 25
StuBeatdownJune 25
emaraquinoBeatdownJune 26
gilgamesh New BanlistBeatdownJune 26
RCF • 2ndRun New BanlistBeatdownJune 27
Mitjans New BanlistBeatdownJune 27
KoolShades New BanlistBeatdownJune 28
popie195 New BanlistBeatdownJune 28
TakeANap New BanlistBeatdownJune 28
KÖNRAD New BanlistBeatdownJune 28
Braylen New BanlistBeatdownJune 28
Niisan New BanlistBeatdownJune 28
MatthewS New BanlistBeatdownJune 29
Quazar18 New BanlistBeatdownJune 29
YamiNoGameNew BanlistBeatdownJune 30
Chris [SK] New BanlistBeatdownJune 30
TheGreatMego New BanlistBeatdownJune 30
Fernando91 New BanlistBeatdownJune 30

♦ McBobX:
The goal is to fill the field with Fur Hire monsters. The good combo here is to summon Beat then summon either Donpa or Recon, activate Beats second effect and search for Wiz (usually to avoid backrow) summon Wiz then destroy your opponent's face up or down cards, then deal some damage until your next turn then go for game.

♦ LucaScozzys:
There are a lot of versions of this deck. Maybe you want to run more Cosmic Cyclone or different numbers of Fur Hire monster. An essential card of this deck is Wiz that can stop Spell/Trap activation and goes in combo with Mayhem that can Special Summon the Fur Hire monster discarded with Wiz and triggering the effect of the others Fur Hire on the field. Dyna is the beater of the deck and its removal effect is very useful against some decks. Of course Widespread Ruin is very good against every deck (lucky me I found 3 of them at the beginning of each reset of the box). However this deck is not so easy to use, a wrong choice with a Fur Hire can cost a loss.

♦ TakeANap:
I don't run Spell "Mayhem Fur Hire" to reduce the chance of being bricked, and it works amazingly well. You will surprise how consistence the deck will become after removing "Mayhem Fur Hire". Spells and traps are all about negate monster effect as you already have Wiz to deal with opponent's spells&traps. Ultimate providence or Forbidden Chalice can handle lots of stuff in mirror match or even with Blue boy/Silent Magician/Cyber stain which are shown up like 80% on Legend 1-3 according from what I have been facing.

♦ Tone City:
A little different from most fur hire decks since most only rely on dompa and recon for backrow removal. was using sealed tombs at first but ended up staying with beatdown.... TTH and offerings to the doomed for any unwanted monsters and especially for the mirror match cant let them bring out wiz!! And 2 cosmic cyclones for amazoness shinanigans ... Sealed tombs and no mortal can resist arent too bad either

♦ 沙榖栗子:
One thing to love about them furries is the amazing rebound potential of this deck. The right cards and some luck could easily get an OTK, but when that doesn’t happen, you can still make ridiculous comebacks as long as you have cards in your hand. Going first is often bad news – you can get field-wiped if you run into a mirror match. I would usually summon 2 (preferably Beats and Dyna) and keep other monsters to summon next turn. You can also get stuck if you fill your monster zone and can’t special summon anymore, esp. against burn/stall – sometimes it’s useful to use Donpa to destroy one of your own monsters, or tribute summon Wiz to make a monster zone.

Forbidden Chalice, Memory Loss and Treacherous Trap Hole are all there to deal with monster effect decks (sylvan, hero, spellbook, our very own furries… you name it, all usually die if you stop the initial trigger). Use Recon to remove Set monsters to prevent flip effects. You can also use econ to control trigger monsters once they’re summoned. Wiz is not a solve-all for spell/trap – hence Trunade/anti magic arrows. Running one of each tech card is my personal pref …


Geargia KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
[DS] GrandeBalanceJune 15
JarodRestartJune 21

♦ [DS] Grande:
If you got first turn and Ties of the Brethren on your hand, it's almost a guaranteed win. If you got second turn, you gotta play smart against what deck the enemy use. Tribute/Offerings to the Doomed are the key to deal with Sylvan and Spellbook users in case you got second turn. Against Spellbook, always destroy their blue Magician of Prophecy so they can't use Fate, and never ever use Ties on your second turn as they will banish your Geargia and you're gonna waste 2000 LP. Use Paleozoic Canadia on Noble Knight and Magician of Prophecy. Everything else is just a flip-flop business.

Note: This Geargia deck already implement the forbidden/limited list card ahead. So, I only use 2x Pulse Mines and no Enemy Controller.

Masked HERO

Masked HERO KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
HellKaiser KRestartJune 3
EC| CloudRestartJune 4
Barbol [MS]RestartJune 5
LuxunRestartJune 6
George [RBT] Deck 1Titan ShowdownJune 7
GNCellRestartJune 16
Grand DantonRestartJune 20
iBakuraSwitcherooJune 23
LordGuitchiDestiny CallingJune 23 New BanlistBalanceJune 26

♦ GNCell:
Most of the deck is Spellbook and amazon right now. Most slyvan player doesn't show up since the nerf had been announced. I just need to make sure Cyclone is in hand using restart skill. With cyclone in hand, we still had possibility to go for otk in turn 2 with this deck. Drilldark can used to summon malicios as well, it is very good to fight with spellbook with the swarm monster field ability. Decipher no longer needed in fusion destiny hero deck as i dont see saffira player even once. I facing stall deck once, i just swarm the field with monster, if they monstermorph me, then i use polymerization and maskchange to swap the monster. This strategy work well so far.

Masked Stein

Masked Stein KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
BlasterLP Boost αJune 20
ActarusLP Boost αJune 24

Noble Knight

Noble Knight KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
LucasDheinBalanceJune 5
CurraheeRestartJune 14
GinobiliBalanceJune 22

♦ Ginobili:
To use balance you'll need 6/6/6 at least so that's why there are traps. Floodgates and Canadia helped tremendously with Fur Hires and Spellbooks.

♦ LucasDhein:
The deck's potential is to put the three noblemen in the first round with Ties, but if it is not possible, you can make the normal moves with Medraut equipped to call the Drystan. Bedwir in the first leg may be a small problem because of his lack of combos when on his own, however, with the ability to balance and 5000 life you can hold a turn of up to two to set up the combo with Drystan or Ties.

Ojama Go! Burn

Ojama Go! Burn KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
iAn!Ojama Go!June 1
DuelistYlanaOjama Go!June 15

♦ DuelistYlana:

  • Pretty standard, just be careful with econs when using Inaba. Remember that Ojamas cannot be sacrificed by the enemy, although treacherous trap hole can be a pain in the neck.

Parasite Infection

Parasite Infection KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
YT IAMLGAMESParasite InfectionJune 4


  • Wall of Disruption and Impenetrable Attack - stop Amazon and Mask Heroes.
  • Kuriboh - stop Silent Swordsman OTK
  • Floodgate Trap Hole & Massivemorph - stall the game
  • Parasite Infestation - add 1 to 2 copies of Parasite Paracide to our opponents deck with when drawn will special summon to our opponents side of the field , inflict 1000 damage and turn all monsters on their side of the filed to Insect, thus making spellbooks rather useless.
  • Zombie World - turning all monsters into zombie type monsters (Spellbooks and Noble Knights are very effected)


Psychic KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
SickmanfudoSwitcherooJune 23

♦ Sickmanfudo:
This deck competed at a much higher level than expected. It beat all meta decks (Noble Knights, Amazon, Spell Book, Heros, Stall, etc...) consistently including Fur Hire. This is because the deck keeps field advantage very well due to the various flouters and has powerful spot removal. However, this deck can struggle against Amazons due to onslaught, but it is not impossible to beat.

Silent Spellbook

Silent Spellbook KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
KiraRestartJune 14
CarvalhoRestartJune 17
chemicalist RestartJune 19
Gaararei miRestartJune 20
YAMIAquaRestartJune 22
ShadowI3ladeSwitcherooJune 25
Anton New BanlistDraw Sense: WaterJune 27
Tnobes99New BanlistRestartJune 27
  • YAMIAqua:
    Prefer this version over 30 card books post patch, hit KoG pre patch so just exchange restart for switcheroo and twister for cosmic cyclone. Loop fate as with any book deck.

♦ chemicalist:
The Tricky is important for cases where you go second on a mirror and your opponent keeps hitting your blue boys with Fate, in which case the blue boy will lure out the Fate and you can use Tricky afterwards to get Silent Magician on the field. Otherwise, just be smart with your Fate recycles especially since this only has two copies of Master.

♦ Carvalho:

  • Spellbook organization is a core card in my opinion since it helps to get Silent Magician out as soon as possible. Without Silent Magician on the field the deck is helpless due to magician of prophecy low status.

  • For the rest, the mechanics of the deck is for the most part still very similar to the non silent magician version but the ability to negate spells is very strong on mirror matches and against Masked Heroes.

♦ ShadowI3lade:
A powerfull deck that can deal with every meta deck. In the mirror match who goes first usually won, but I added a cosmic cyclone to have a chance if I go second.All you have to do is to banish fate and easy win. Besides that after you use Cosmic Cyclone you can activate your Switcheroo so is a realy nice tech card for this deck.


Spellbook KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
LionKing[SK]RestartJune 1
BlueMinotaurRestartJune 6
Chri sRestartJune 15
SwordmasterRestartJune 17
danielpclRestartJune 20


Sylvan KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
RCF • DiededGritJune 2
RCF • SylvanThe Ties that BindsJune 7
YataLockGritJune 9
LandisThe Ties that BindsJune 13
KortezzyGritJune 14
urvianoobAroma StrategyJune 19

♦ RCF • Dieded:

  • During this month, there are many Spellbook deck, so I used Providence to make sure blue boy death and they can't fate you..

♦ YataLock:

  • This month's meta is very Spellbook heavy, so two copies of Ultimate Providence replaces a second Card Advance and Treacherous Trap Hole. Also, the new 5k life point regulation has reintroduced burn/stall to the top, so I'm running one copy of Lotuswain instead of two Hermitrees to recycle my cards. Also running Grit because there are too many decks with OTK potential right now, almost any deck would benefit from the skill.

♦ urvianoob:

  • used with mai valentine and aroma strategy rather than restart because it gives you a 1 card advance. This is especially useful when you open with a marshalleaf and wouldnt normally summon it.

Volcanic Hunter

Volcanic HunterSet SkillDate Submitted
iDrumZ!SwitcherooJune 11

♦ iDrumZ!:

  • Spot removal worked better this season with the randomness out there.
  • 5k LP makes Cyclone more playable and gives great card advantage in combination with Switcheroo.

King of Games Log


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Take action
If they dont balance fur hire soon than next season ranked you will see 90% fur hire in the meta.

Its stronger than old sylvan and old dakini.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
There was more counterplay vs sylvans.

Fur hire is too strong, too oppressive.
<< Anonymous(Take action)
Anonymous Reply
Fur hire has more counter decks than old sylvan and especially old dakini.

Fur hire is weaker than both.
<< Anonymous
DuelRageQuit Reply
name me 2 counterdecks
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Name me just two CONSISTENT counters to Fur Hire.

Bet you can't, because there's none. All of its so-called "counters" are unsearchable cards, making them just inconsistent checks as you won't always have them in your first turn. They're not consistent counters.
Hey there!
Just spent 9k gems and got a full Noble Knight deck, so, I'd say u can built ANY deck for free, you just need some patience :)
I'm missing some Tornados but... whatever, getting a couple of those is not going to take me that long =P!
<< Anonymous(Hey there!)
Anonymous Reply
Hey bro stop misleading people,as if its all right to dump so much gems into a deck. That's bad intention.
<< Anonymous
F2P Reply
Good job! 9k gems is not bad, considering u need to get UR's from a big box. U could have easily spent more. I'd say you were quite lucky.
<< Anonymous(Hey there!)
Bryan Reply
Take ur insecurities aside people, the guys just said: "I did it, then it's possible and therefore u can do it as well". That's all ¬¬"
<< Anonymous(Hey there!)
Anonymous Reply
If patience means start a new account and level up the characters again, then I agree with you.
infestation with amazones why?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
the amazon is a dangerous tropical jungle with wild woman and crazy insects that can bite you and give you sickness,it suits the theme well
they killed my sylvan deck, its fair, it was too strong...lets see if konami will kill fur hire, sea stealh and amazoness too for the same reasons
KOG with this
<< Anonymous
Lol Reply
I really LOL at people who think you need cash to build a deck, they give away gems ALL THE TIME.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Awesome bro
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I really love ur Relinkuriboh ! XD ! It's cool af
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I built Archfiends with gems only, however it took a while ^^, congratz for ur deck mate !
Lol furries are ok, not broken.
These folks who keep whinning are the very same who were crying like babies when Sylvans, Heroes and Amazoness came out; I think it's part of their own nature, just ignore them. That's why they never win and are stucked in Bronze.
However... gotta admit I would have preferred to have this dude right here.
<< Anonymous(Isaac)
Sean Reply
this guy is mvp
<< Anonymous(Isaac)
O' Mac Reply
hey dude, gotta say u r right m8!
Some players just love to complain bcuz they are very bad in this game. Couldn't beat sylvans lmao... now they can't beat furries PFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!! LOL
If you are that bad... then u should practice instead of just crying.
<< Anonymous(Isaac)
Tone City Reply
That bravo would be cool then u wouldnt have to use beatdown for them at all
<< Anonymous(Isaac)
Anonymous Reply
Amazones is a deck need more nerf
There are many furries decks here, just because the deck is new and everyone wants to share ^^
Not really because they are broken
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
lol they r not broken at all
This is my 6th times KoG using cyber stein. Keep crying my boi.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Pleeeaseee share your deck recipe, Anonymous-samaaa
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Cyber stein player use life cost 0 my boi, duel standby is useless.
<< Anonymous
Tone City Reply
Thats whats up homie Ive gotten kog w stall twice, ca once, and last month w fur hire... shit im not hating on you some ppl just get salty cuz they get ojama kinged during the first turn
<< Anonymous
Tone City Reply
Cry baby that deck is beatable tth, ttd,offerings to the doomed can get rid of the ojama king just have to whoop em before they pop life cost 0 if they haven't yet
Psst. Read this.
Guide on how to beat Fur Hire:
GOLDEN RULE. Destroy or stop that first summon. Don't wait till they activate that effect unless you got a chalice or divine wrath in the back. Use floodgate or paleozoic canadia to stun. Treacherous also works. When destroying watch their hand and or backrow because they can have Mayhem. Watch the skill, beatdown ones are the one that hurt, otherwise Dyna is the only one to watch out for. Powerbased ofcourse. Wiz is key. Once they get that out, bait its effect, it's your only chance. If they do get 3 cards on field, you can stall till you get a hand that can turn it around. Be carefull with the beatdown version tho. Good luck.

Sincere, a fur hire deck player and exploiter.
Anyone get KOG with a custom deck? (i.e. one they put together on their own?)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Define custom please.

<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Tier 0? Are you referring to the very beatable Fur Hire? Lmfao. Another bronze player who has no clue. Git gud!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Or with a draw engine. You could use vyon draw engine to summon random fusions for example.
<< Anonymous
Helxabe Reply
A unique deck. Spellbooks but you use other spellcasters, LV 5 warrior swarm, Flame Princess OTK, Air cracking storm repeat, Fatal Abacus burn and really any Unga Bunga deck. Essentially you one did not copy, and two as long as its only the draw engine, there is no archetype. You make a bunch of cards work together instead of using cards that have to.
I actually i prefered the 5000 lp rule, it was more difficult to otk. and was better.

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