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Duel Links King of Games decks, the top meta of Duel Links in June 2018.
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update 01/06/2018
Season Duration June 1 - June 31

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Number of users per deck

Alien & Alien Ananta1
Amazoness Stein1
CA Saffira1
Cyber Stein OTK2
Dragon Beatdown1
Extra,Extra Stall3
Fur Hire4
Masked HERO6
Masked Stein1
Noble Knight1
Ojama Go! Burn2
Parasite Infection1
Silent Spellbook4
Volcanic Hunter1


Alien KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
BaroneRestartJune 13


Amazoness KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
ZaneRestartJune 1
3-BRORestartJune 4
C-G Awan ッRestartJune 5
HeartfiliaRestartJune 7
Pduque13RestartJune 10
ColtzRestartJune 16
Satsujin888Holy GuardJune 17
Yami LeonRestartJune 18
SINRestartJune 18
JedinyawkaBalanceJune 19
ButteredTatoRestartJune 20
RaV∆eL☆Parasite InfectionJune 20
MSTNegateMind ScanJune 20
Black♡BulletDestiny DrawJune 21

♦ Zane:

  • I use fighter instead of sage because we are not in heavy backrow meta and fighter can crash without damage.
  • In order to win against spellbooks you need to play mindgames to them and let then vanish your trap instead of monsters. You have 3 onslaught so make sure you set at least 2.

♦ C-G Awan ッ:

  • Lava golem just a good way to deal spellbook cuz they cant use fate when there is no spellcaster on field. and some other benefit to burn ur opponent out
  • Cosmic cyclone just a good tech card.

♦ Satsujin888:

  • Holy Guard>Restart - because it allows me to be more aggressive during my turn, banishing big attack monsters using weak monsters, and attacking directly with the stronger ones.

  • Chaos Hunter is mostly there for the mirror match (Onslaught), but depending on the situation, you can also use it to disrupt other decks as the meta relies on banishing for powerful effects (Rose Lover, Spellbook of Fate, etc.). Can also be used to clear your field of lava golem / massivemorphed monsters via tribute summon.

  • Rest of the cards are pretty standard. Cosmic Cyclone is for Onslaught and Umi (SSA). SRH to protect Queen from banish, SSA, etc. Treach is anti-swarm.

Amazoness Stein

Amazoness Stein KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
AbysslordLP Boost α June 13


Bujin KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
uridiazRestartJune 7

CA Saffira

CA Saffira KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
PauloDybalaBeatdownJune 5

Cyber Stein OTK

Cyber Stein OTK KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
ZanketsuLife Cost 0June 6
D-D-D-D-DuelLife Cost 0June 13

♦ D-D-D-D-Duel:
The 1000+ life point change made cyber stein decks more useable. Just summon ojama king only and not use life cost 0 when going first just in case your opponent uses treacherous trap hole your next turn so you can try to summon a second cyber stein. If you go first against a stall deck just skip your first turn, you need those trunades and then go full force.

Dragon Beatdown

Dragon Beatdown KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
RodarkRestartJune 14

Extra, Extra Stall

Extra, Extra Stall KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
PokiExtra, ExtraJune 6
George [RBT] Deck 2Extra, ExtraJune 7
KanarExtra, ExtraJune 17

Fur Hire

Fun Hire KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
McBobXBeatdownJune 20
DarkSeto92BeatdownJune 20
LucaScozzysRestartJune 21
AlfieBeatdownJune 21

♦ McBobX:
The goal is to fill the field with Fur Hire monsters. The good combo here is to summon Beat then summon either Donpa or Recon, activate Beats second effect and search for Wiz (usually to avoid backrow) summon Wiz then destroy your opponent's face up or down cards, then deal some damage until your next turn then go for game.

♦ LucaScozzys:
There are a lot of versions of this deck. Maybe you want to run more Cosmic Cyclone or different numbers of Fur Hire monster. An essential card of this deck is Wiz that can stop Spell/Trap activation and goes in combo with Mayhem that can Special Summon the Fur Hire monster discarded with Wiz and triggering the effect of the others Fur Hire on the field. Dyna is the beater of the deck and its removal effect is very useful against some decks. Of course Widespread Ruin is very good against every deck (lucky me I found 3 of them at the beginning of each reset of the box). However this deck is not so easy to use, a wrong choice with a Fur Hire can cost a loss.


Geargia KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
[DS] GrandeBalanceJune 15
JarodRestartJune 21

♦ [DS] Grande:
If you got first turn and Ties of the Brethren on your hand, it's almost a guaranteed win. If you got second turn, you gotta play smart against what deck the enemy use. Tribute/Offerings to the Doomed are the key to deal with Sylvan and Spellbook users in case you got second turn. Against Spellbook, always destroy their blue Magician of Prophecy so they can't use Fate, and never ever use Ties on your second turn as they will banish your Geargia and you're gonna waste 2000 LP. Use Paleozoic Canadia on Noble Knight and Magician of Prophecy. Everything else is just a flip-flop business.

Note: This Geargia deck already implement the forbidden/limited list card ahead. So, I only use 2x Pulse Mines and no Enemy Controller.

Masked HERO

Masked HERO KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
HellKaiser KRestartJune 3
EC| CloudRestartJune 4
Barbol [MS]RestartJune 5
LuxunRestartJune 6
George [RBT] Deck 1Titan ShowdownJune 7
GNCellRestartJune 16
Grand DantonRestartJune 20

♦ GNCell:
Most of the deck is Spellbook and amazon right now. Most slyvan player doesn't show up since the nerf had been announced. I just need to make sure Cyclone is in hand using restart skill. With cyclone in hand, we still had possibility to go for otk in turn 2 with this deck. Drilldark can used to summon malicios as well, it is very good to fight with spellbook with the swarm monster field ability. Decipher no longer needed in fusion destiny hero deck as i dont see saffira player even once. I facing stall deck once, i just swarm the field with monster, if they monstermorph me, then i use polymerization and maskchange to swap the monster. This strategy work well so far.

Masked Stein

Masked Stein KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
BlasterLP Boost αJune 20

Noble Knight

Noble Knight KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
LucasDheinBalanceJune 5
CurraheeRestartJune 14

♦ LucasDhein:
The deck's potential is to put the three noblemen in the first round with Ties, but if it is not possible, you can make the normal moves with Medraut equipped to call the Drystan. Bedwir in the first leg may be a small problem because of his lack of combos when on his own, however, with the ability to balance and 5000 life you can hold a turn of up to two to set up the combo with Drystan or Ties.

Ojama Go! Burn

Ojama Go! Burn KOG PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
iAn!Ojama Go!June 1
DuelistYlanaOjama Go!June 15


Hot New Top
Tone City 17days ago
Its funny how people get all excited when they hit kog w sylvans lol sorry to burst your bubble but there is no skill in a retard helmet deck w cruise control...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 12days ago Reply
Answer to post yes/no --> YES I win
<< Anonymous(Tone City)
Anonymous 12days ago Reply
Unlimiting CA would make life harder for Sylvans.
<< Anonymous(Tone City)
Anonymous 11days ago Reply
now let's admit there ARE good, skilled sylvan players that can manage to win even when you manage to play around their main playmekers (kumoshroomo, merchant, rose lover and carrotweight); and frankly they are an absolute delight to play with. But they are rarer than bigfoot riding nessy while eating a golden egg
<< Anonymous(Tone City)
Tone City 11days ago Reply
Are yall really still BSing in this post lol
Tone City 15days ago
With all of the retards running around using Sylvans you would think it was the special olympics rather than a world championship
<< Anonymous(Tone City)
Anonymous 9days ago Reply
Tone city you need to calm your tone other wise I'm going to have to call you angry city
<< Anonymous(Tone City)
Roy 9days ago Reply
Hey, Roy here. I appreciate you taking the time to write this post. But if what you say is true, explains my KoG garoozis deck with 100% win rate? XD
<< Anonymous(Roy)
Anonymous 9days ago Reply
Explanation = modded apk
<< Anonymous
Tone City 6days ago Reply
Not gonna lie the angry city thing made me laugh lol
Anonymous 5days ago
lol people still play this dogshit game?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
I don't get why this guy keeps saying 'nigga' Is that supposed to make you sound cool?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
i am cool nigga
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
^No, I'd say you are a piece of fil.thy sewer scum HAHA !
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
that's just not true
Anonymous 19days ago
RCF = sylvan guild
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 12days ago Reply
Look at that RCF guild, there are 2 members of them who upload their sylvan deck, have they not a brain or something?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 12days ago Reply
klan cupu
make sylvan
gak ada otak
otak nya cuma yes yes doang kali ya
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 10days ago Reply
^ pure gibberish
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 10days ago Reply
Is fact
Meta changes. 11days ago
Amazones, lavagolemn and sylvan need nerfs.
They give nhealthy gameplay and are too disruptive.

Limit princess/onslaught to 2. Possibly share.

Lava golemn.
Do something about the "only use backrow and stall till deckout/lockout" gameplay which is next lvl unhealthy and too easy.

Limit rose lover to 2 for sylvans by making it share with an important sylvan card so that it doesnt harm non-sylvan decks that use rose lover.

This would make the meta lot more balanced.
<< Anonymous(Meta changes.)
Sexy Carrot 11days ago Reply
You call those disruptive? You clearly never play TCG where everything is chaos. Stop crying babies and don't expect it's Judge Man and Axe Raider gameplay forever. Hah.
<< Anonymous(Meta changes.)
Tone City 11days ago Reply
Your spelling needs a nerf i can definately tell you that lol. "Lava golemn"
<< Anonymous(Tone City)
Anonymous 9days ago Reply
<< Anonymous(Meta changes.)
Anonymous 6hour ago Reply
tell that to furrys
Please nerf 15days ago
It is boring to duel with those sylvan and spellbook players. No brainer!!
<< Anonymous(Tone City)
Tone City 13days ago Reply
And you are a pussy who cant come up with any new comebacks or strategies man if you suck this bad at trolling/shittalking then im sure you suck at duel links too
<< Anonymous(Tone City)
Tone City 13days ago Reply
Very funny lets pretend to be tone city and post dumb shit when its obviously not him ... man only an extra chromosome/ inbred sylvan player would do something like that
<< Anonymous(Please nerf)
Anonymous 12days ago Reply
"Spellbook no brainer"?. it's probably the most complex tier 1 deck, and if you don't like, what you expect?, a random 30 cards deck with vanillas?.
<< Anonymous
Godzilla 12days ago Reply
Complex tier 1 deck is only belong for 20 cards spellbook, meanwhile 30 cards spellbook is indeed for no brainer.
Anonymous 4days ago
So dudes, I decided to destroy the myth behind Silent Magician and the "pay to win" issue; I tested if it was true, so I choose Cyber Angels, a Spell based deck. Took out Saffira and started playing, and guess what EVERY SINGLE TIME I FACED THAT POOR WIFE, I ENDED WINNING; because she's only able to negate spells ONCE PER TURN.

How do you say the card is too op?
I don't bother if these EX packs become series, they are exclusive cards for fans, who want to support the game. No one is forcing you to buy it, because it's not by any means "Overpowered".

So that's it, even Handicaped, with a Spell-based deck, and NO SAFFIRA AT ALL.
You can win against Silent Magician.
And these haters, yeah, these people that keep complaining. I'm afraid they have never played duel links; but they keep hating, trying to boycott the game for no reason.

Anyway, leaving these raging and incoherent folks aside, I wish you all happy dueling !
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
yeah you have until 26th to stall all you want xD
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
Stall wont die there are other cards to win.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
Floodgate the waifu, problem solve. Stall will live for ever
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 5hour ago Reply
so many wimps complaining about this card
Anonymous 16days ago
So Sylvans get crapped on for
"no skill" but Amazoness can ban any monster that attacks + holy guard cheat and no hate...ok
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 16days ago Reply
Appreciate Amazoness for making the battle phase relevant again.
<< Anonymous(Anonymous No. 2)
Faded 16days ago Reply
Sylvans is ALL luck-based. The problem is, the luck is usually on their side and you have to cross your fingers. It's like a roulette. The game should not be played that way. It eliminates any bit of skill required to win.

Amazons depend on one OP card. Get rid of that, and the entire deck crumbles 9/10 times. If you can't, you're screwed.
<< Anonymous
DuelingMonkey 15days ago Reply
Even though the meta seems to down play Geargia (possibly because it’s expesive to put together a proper build), it’s a guaranteed win against amazoness, at least when I’ve used it. G Attacker cucks onslaught as well as the rest of their back row. G Anchor rekts amazoness monsters particular the one that can’t be destroyed by battle. And for the cherry on top, Pulse Mines ruins amazoness’s day.
<< Anonymous
zzz 14days ago Reply
You have to be a bit careful about wod. If you WoD amazoness swords woman, it can bite you in the ass. 2cc's will almost always win, but I havent found too many other matchups where cc is helpful (ssa, but I haven't seen that lately). Chaos hunter <<< Cosmic Cyclone as a Amazon answer. Idk man.
Zane⚜ 19days ago
hey guys its me Zane .. come join our friendly discord and check my small youtube channel for more good decks..

thanks gamea for always posting my KOG decks..
<< Anonymous(Zane⚜)
Anonymous 19days ago Reply
No you suck
<< Anonymous(Zane⚜)
Anonymous 19days ago Reply
No you suck
<< Anonymous
Zane⚜ 19days ago Reply
I’m a furry. Come to my discord if you want to yiff
<< Anonymous(Zane⚜)
Taylor 19days ago Reply
I'll join as long as you consider dolphins furry.
Tone City 9days ago
I can't deal with how unimportant myself and my opinions are.

I'm so mad at the world! It's everyone else's fault!
<< Anonymous(Tone City)
Tone City 5days ago Reply
I like to say other people like the things I like and do the things I do. lol
<< Anonymous(Tone City)
Tone City 4days ago Reply
You are just mad because your boy friend marshalleaf can't take care of you anymore
<< Anonymous(Tone City)
Tone City 3days ago Reply
I love sylvans! They’re the best!
<< Anonymous(Tone City)
Angry City 3days ago Reply
Anonymous 17days ago
I don't understand why Konami have not nerfed Sylvans yet. Limiting Marshaleaf to 1 would make this deck more fair.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 15days ago Reply
At the top they still won the Japanese tournament and placed in both first and second place. I have a hunch you're wrong.
<< Anonymous
Waffles 14days ago Reply
OMG yes. Spellbook is an easy counter but it takes for ever to play a match against one. The animation alone is killer. I'm trying to play a game while a poop. Not trying to sit on the john for 30 minutes...
<< Anonymous(Waffles)
Anonymous 14days ago Reply
Turn off the animation then. I usually play without any dialogues or animations. They are just a waste of time.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 14days ago Reply
Man let f2p players use silvans in peace. Stop asking for a nerf.
Patrick Star 12days ago
Just throwing in on the Sylvan subject.
Sylvans are not OP rose lovers effect is. Nerf Rose and the game would be balanced.ezy fix
<< Anonymous(Patrick star)
Patrick star 12days ago Reply
Cum to thimk of it I'm gonna go make a room with these criterias only one copy allowed should be fun. Cum join me in room 2 chat group user name Genevieve
<< Anonymous(Patrick star)
Anonymous 12days ago Reply
I'll cum on you and your group
<< Anonymous(Patrick Star)
Anonymous 12days ago Reply
How would you nerf rose?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 11days ago Reply
Limit the card.

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