How to beat/farm Paradox Brothers Lvl 40 (Gate)

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update 17/11/2017


Example deck

King of the SwampOjama BlueOjama BlueOjama BlueGravekeeper's VassalOjama Black
Ojama BlackOjama YellowOjama YellowOjama YellowOjama GreenOjama Green
Fusion SageUnion AttackUnion AttackPolymerizationPolymerizationPolymerization
Ojama CountrySecret Pass to the Treasures-Ojama KnightOjama KnightOjama Knight
Ojama KingOjama King----


A Legendary Fisherman

Example deck

The Legendary FishermanThe Legendary FishermanThe Legendary FishermanGravekeeper's VassalThe Unhappy GirlThe Unhappy Girl
The Unhappy GirlCrystal SeerCrystal SeerCrystal SeerUnion AttackUnion Attack
Union AttackA Legendary OceanA Legendary OceanA Legendary OceanSecret Pass to the TreasuresSpirit Barrier
Spirit BarrierSpirit Barrier----


  • This deck can be used to farm Paradox Brothers at level 40 without using any character exclusive skill.
  • Use Spirit Barrier with The Unhappy Girl to stall the duel.
  • When you have A Legendary Ocean, you can normal summon The Legendary Fisherman to stall the duel instead of unhappy girl. He needs to be summoned so that you can later boost your vassal's attack to deal over 10,000 damage.
  • Switch your unhappy girls to defense position so they get destroyed once you have, or want to summon Legendary Fisherman.
  • Summon 2 Legendary Fisherman and pass the turn until the last turn.
  • Deal the finishing blow using Gravekeeper's Vassal and triple Union Attack. This will make him to 11,800 attack, and can attack directly after using Secret Pass to the Treasures.

Lvl 40 Paradox Brothers' deck

Drop rewards


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Anonymous 5days ago
Unless I am wrong, it looks like Gate Blocker is added to Paradox's Lvl 40 deck
Anonymous 10days ago
Hard to farm
Anonymous 12days ago
Bitcoin creators
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 12days ago Reply
lol ikr
Anonymous 27days ago
Use a Ra Fusion deck with Power of the Tributed and 3x Riryoku field.


1x Ra
1x King of the Swap
1x Arrivalrivals
1x Supreme berry
1x drawing card (Jar of Greed, Dark Mimic LV1/3, etc.)
2x E-HERO Blazeman
2x fusion substitute monster
3x Thunder dragon
3x Polymerisation
3x Riryoku Field

Extra deck (at least):
1x Twin-headed Thunder Dragon
1x Meteor Black Dragon and/or Black Skull Dragon

Win condition is trivially either:
(1) have any fusion monster + 2 Riryoku field in play;
(2) have RESD equipped with a monster + 1 Riryoku field in play.

Then it's simply a matter of waiting until you draw the cards to summon 3 fusions, and clear the board then use Arrivalrivals to summon Ra. Alternatively, if he has a Kazejin + Suijin on the field, you can tribute summon Ra, then use berry to get +2000 LP, then use Ra's effect twice to destroy them both and clear the field.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 27days ago Reply
King of the Swamp*
Paradox is the hardest character to farm with.. I want that Archfiend Palabyrinth so much. I only got one from a battle between my not serious deck against his level 20 deck, but when I get serious to farm them, I only get defeated. Sad.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Use Silent Magician farm deck, it works well.
Replace the Ojama suggestion with Silent Magician instead. Works a LOT better.
<< Anonymous(Mavado)
Anonymous Reply
I only got 1 Silent Magician LV8
Remove Ojama as a deck for farming them, pretty much in every mach I use it I lose due soul exchange, and when I tech some cards to avoid that I lose because I cant' properly fusion summon on time due those cards.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Just use Ojama Country to bring the fusion back by discarding 1 Ojama-card -_-
I beat them so many times but yet I couldn't get a single Dimension Gate, and I almost got all cards in Neo Impact, but yet no Mirror Wall, all this effort in making a farm deck for nothing
<< Anonymous(Magohuman)
Anonymous Reply
I remember getting mirror wall on my 2nd or 3rd pack , yet I got my wall of d at the 73rd pack .. it's just luck ,man
<< Anonymous(Magohuman)
Anonymous Reply
I remember getting mirror wall on my 2nd or 3rd pack , yet I got my wall of d at the 73rd pack .. it's just luck ,man
Does A Legendary Fisherman deck still work as of April 2018?
<< Anonymous
Aquablast Reply
Of course. As long as you've got A Legendary Ocean, your Legendary Fisherman is safe from Soul Exchange. And as long as you have Spirit Barrier along your Fisherman, Paradox can't do any damage to you.
<< Anonymous(Aquablast)
Anonymous Reply
Thanks Mate
any updated decks to farm paradox lvl 40?

April 2018
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You can use Tethys Slifer.
So I'm having an issue. I thought I could use a Jurrac deck, try to get two Titano's on the board because they can't be affected by card that target it directly, I presumed this would take care of the effect of soul exchange...I was mistaken. I don't get how soul exchange is not targeting it, when you use soul exchange you select which monster you want to "exchange" there by making it a targeting card. What am I missing here?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The rest of the strategy for the deck was a basic union attack. 2 unions, secret pass to the treasures, gravekeepers vassal. would put the vassal at around 12k attack. Seemed like a foolproof plan, but I must be the fool here.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
whelp.... I'm an idiot, it only states it cannot be targeted by trap and monster effects... Guess I'll have to get riryoku field or magic jammer

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