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update 03/12/2017

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The Ultimate RisingAge of DiscoveryNeo-ImpactFlame of the TyrantValkyries Rage
Wonders of the SkyChaotic ComplianceLand of the TitansCrimson KingdomDawn of Destiny
Electric OverloadEchoes of SilenceServants of KingsGalactic Origin
Blades of Spirit Primal BurstSelection Box Vol. 01Resonance of ContrastAbyss Encounter
Rampage of the ForestValiant SoulsVisions of IceSelection Box Vol. 01 MiniCrusaders Battleground
Clash of WingsBurning NovaEmpire of ScarletGaia GenesisStardust Acceleration
Power of BraveryBlackstorm RisingSecrets of the AncientsSelection Box Vol. 02Revolution Beginning
Tornado of Phantoms----


Brotherhood of Fire Fist


Gladiator Beasts

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I really, really hate this box. Want my 3rd Andal badly but most cards here suck and I already went through almost all of it once.
OH MY GOD it's 10 packs left and I still not getting any Sphere Kuriboh!!! This game is bs!!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
This isn't Sphere Kuriboh's box though

Unless that's the joke
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
This clown is comparing getting an UR in a large box, the ultimate difficulty, to the difficulties people are having in getting N cards, which should never be as bizarrely hard to get as they are being.
Wow... this is really bizarre. I’m down to 83 packs left and not one single Fire Formation Tensu... I got lots of SRs and URs, as well as zillions of literally every other R card, but not one single of Tensu... it’s a card I want to too, so frustrating. R cards shouldn’t be this extremely hard to get.
this box.... only for cosmic cyclone. like wow.
<< Anonymous(Phantom)
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Phantom Reply
Well, I agree, but as with anything, it chooses decks, and I have no use for that atm.
<< Anonymous(Phantom)
Phantom Reply
Perhaps I can run Gladiator since I have good support, but my point was this box is rather irrelevant.
Oh my God Jesus Christ. I'm down to freaking /94/ packs left and no second Neo Bug. My god what the hell. It's just one goddamn N card I need, my god. I got more than 1 of literally every other N AND R card (some even zero'd). That's goddamn 106 packs, just for some N card... why.
Man, is it asking too much to simply get a second Neo Bug? I have 111 packs left and only got 1... shouldn’t have to spend so much just for getting 2 of a N card. I got at least 2 of literally every other N card now.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Scroll down, another anon had only 70 packs left before getting the first copy of Pyramid of Light, which is also an N card.

.....Looking at how many people has issue with getting N cards from this box, there's definitely something wrong with this box XD
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Wow, freaking 130 packs for 1 of a goddamn N card... that's really messed up. But my situation is still pretty bad. I'm down to 102 and still no second Neo Bug... it's bizarre that I'm close to half of the box hit and I can't get a second copy of a goddamn N card. I'm not asking for 3 Saffiras man, I just want some Neo Bugs.
Jesus Christ what the hell. I opened freaking 77 packs of this piece of crap box, just wanting Air Humming Bird. One single goddamn N card. I can’t believe I don’t have a single one. I just need ONE. Not two, ONE. Why the hell did I not get one. I got at least 1 of literally EVERY SINGLE OTHER N /AND/ R. God why.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I'm the guy looking for Pyramid.

Let me tell you, I didn't get even a single copy of Pyramid until there's only 70 packs left.
<< Anonymous
pray to god Reply
holy jesus christ mother teresa holy preist!!! this box is a troll, hop you get the card soon,may the lord be with you...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Thank you, everyone who supported my quest for the bird. I managed to get mine with 117 packs left. I'm sorry the Pyramid guy had to suffer all the way to 70... that's really bizarre. I imagine you got happy getting the SR Sphinx master, but then the Pyramid never came... that was me with Storm Neos until I finally got my bird.
<< Anonymous
Konami Reply
Dear player,
Please be aware that our secret algorithm knows very well which cards you need the most, then the RNG processes in such a way that prevents you from getting them. We hope this clears the confusion.
Is this pack still worth getting?
gladiator beasts are hardly used anymore but there are some good cards like cosmic cyclone and impenetrable attack.
If not this box, which main box to go for?
<< Anonymous(Anonymous.)
Anonymous Reply
I think They will release more GB support as done with Six Samurai but we will see .... The only good card now is cosmic cyclone
i want cosmic cyclone but half of the UR and SR in this pack is so terrible. trifortressops, terra firma, neo flamvell sabre, upstart golden ninja, theinen great sphinx, e hero woodsman, gb andal, mask of brutality, rush reckelssly, first aid squad; all were terrible.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
What do you expect, it's Komoney.

Also, Woodsman is actually a decent card.
I've gotten ALL of the UR except Trifortressops, thankfully.

......But I don't have Impenetrable Attack yet......freakin' troll pack.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
In fact, I opened this pack looking for Impenetrable Attack.

I ends up with crazy UR luck instead, but 0 Impenetrable Attack. Lolwut
<< Anonymous
SmartASS Reply
Impenetrable Attack is not that useful anyway. You're better with Defense Draws, Half Shuts, or even Rainbow Life.
Seriously, what the hell is the real chance to get Pyramid of Light?

It's literally the only common / N card from this set that I don't have yet, while every single other N card in this set, I have at least 2 copies.....

Meanwhile, I've gotten more than half of the UR in this pack. WTF why a single N card is rarer than a bunch of freakin' UR
I got 2 GB laquari in the first 20 packs. I'm aiming for saffira and glad beasts but I didn't get saffira, so should I reset ?

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