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Fire Formation - Tenken

Fire Formation - Tenken
TypeTrap Card
Card Effect TypeActivation requirement / Card effect / Continuous-like Effect
ArchetypesFire Formation


Activate only during Main Phase 1. When this card is activated: Target 1 Beast-Warrior-Type monster you control; during this phase, its effects are negated, also it is unaffected by the effects of cards other than this card. (This applies even if this card leaves the field.) All Beast-Warrior-Type monsters you control gain 300 ATK.









How to Get

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Monster/Spell/Trap categoriesUnaffected by Spell Cards / Unaffected by Trap Cards / Unaffected by Monster Cards / Negates the effects of your Effect Monsters
Stat changesYour monsters gain ATK

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Why does cyber angels effect still work on my monster when I activate tenken when they play the ritual spell?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
because cyber angel ritual monster force you to choose monster, not affect your monster directly, you cannot stop it unles you negate cyber angel effect
Can negate the effect from Special Summoning Bonfire Colossus
If only it's effect also carried onto the battle phase even for a turn... it would be UR material. It would protect the card from Mirror, Wall of D, Econ, ect. The only dangerous thing then would be the monsters to destroy it that turn.
during my opponent's turn i used tenken when sogen was on the field and it negated the sogen buff at first but when my opponent attacked my tenken monster it got sogen buff again. is that supposed to happen or is it a bug?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It's not a bug : the effect works only for one phase, not one turn. Impliyng that if yiu had activated it during the main phase, the effect stopped at the beginning of the battle phase.
This... In a Beast Rising deck.

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Axe of Fools this thing and it's a 3100 attack beater that doesn't leave if Sanctuary i...
like i can understand making it a little harder so everyone and their mom isnt runnng counter fai...
Yes, but make sure you still have more than one card of backrow removal
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