8th Full Box: Galactic Origin

Jesus Christ what the hell. I opened freaking 77 packs of this piece of crap box, just wanting Air Humming Bird. One single goddamn N card. I can’t 🔥ing believe I don’t have a single one. I just need ONE. Not two, ONE. Why the hell did I not get one. I got at least 1 of literally EVERY SINGLE OTHER N /AND/ R. God why.
It's 200 packs big box, try another 123 packs opening.
Scroll down, another anon had the same problem with Pyramid of Light and Impenetrable Attack.

Seems like this box is the troll one of the bunch.
It's a large box but this much difficulty for a freaking N card is ridiculous. There are alternatives to Impenetrable Attack that are easier to get, and Pyramid is something you'll naturally get if you're going for 2 of the SR Sphinx dude. I just need ONE bird. Right now it's down to freaking 118 packs left and not ONE bird. I can't freaking believe it.
<< Anonymous
I'm the guy looking for Pyramid.

Let me tell you, I didn't get even a single copy of Pyramid until there's only 70 packs left.
<< Anonymous
pray to god
holy jesus christ mother teresa holy preist!!! this box is a troll, hop you get the card soon,may the lord be with you...
Thank you, everyone who supported my quest for the bird. I managed to get mine with 117 packs left. I'm sorry the Pyramid guy had to suffer all the way to 70... that's really bizarre. I imagine you got happy getting the SR Sphinx master, but then the Pyramid never came... that was me with Storm Neos until I finally got my bird.
Dear player,
Please be aware that our secret algorithm knows very well which cards you need the most, then the RNG processes in such a way that prevents you from getting them. We hope this clears the confusion.


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