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update 04/06/2017

Spell Economics

Spell Economics
TypeSpell Card
Card Effect TypeContinuous-like Effect


You do not pay Life Points to activate Spell Cards.

How to Get

PackGalactic Origin [N]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--










ActionsReduces costs


That this doesn't work on mausoleum is complete fkn bs! Are you kidding! You "play" mausoleum, then you pay LP to "ACTIVATE" it. FUxK this card .what a jip
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Calls others noobs but can't spell the word "the" lol wanker
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
LOL .. you dont understand a thing . maybe you're new to duel ..
this card is effective to cards like Toon World where it says "pay XX life points", etc. not mausoleum where it is triggered only when you normal summon lvl5+ monsters
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Mausoleum's LP payment isn't even a cost to begin with, it's actually a part of Mausoleum's effect.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Uh, no, it actually is a cost. (Though not the cost to activate a Spell, just the effect of one.)

LP payments that AREN'T costs are incredibly rare. Archfiend Giant, Gishki Photomirror, Vampire Grimson and Clashing Souls are literally the only 4 that pay LP as an effect.
Toon World, Ties of Brethren, Cosmic Cyclone, Twister, Abyssal Designator, Diffusion Wave Motion, My Body as a Shield, Dark Magic Curtain, Cybernetic Fusion Support, Autonomous Action Unit, etc. are just like a boss with this card
Good Combo with My body as a Shield, autonomous action unit, cosmic cyclone
jefferson steelflex
anyone know a good use for this card? i looked it up and people say dark magician decks but anything else?
<< Anonymous(jefferson steelflex)
Anonymous Reply
I tried to use it with Theinen, to send the Pyramid of Light to the gy... But it does not work. Mayne in a Ninja deck ?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Edit : my mystake, I was thinking of another card.
Somebody knows if it'd work on mausoleum?
<< Anonymous(Stalker)
Fyudo Yuusei Reply
It doesn't work, Spell Economics only lets you activate spell cards without paying LP as cost, but you don't pay any LP to activate Mausoleum, you only pay to activate its effect. The first thing you must know: There is a HUGE difference between activate a CARD and activate its EFFECT in Yu-Gi-Oh!
<< Anonymous(Fyudo Yuusei)
sjp91 Reply
Can't really blame people for getting confused. These kind of rulings aren't exactly obvious sometimes
<< Anonymous(sjp91)
Fyudo Yuusei Reply
But it's clear, you just need to read the rulebook properly. There's a golden rule in Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG, if 2 things have different names, so they're 2 different things. Actions like Discard, Send, Tribute, Destroy, in all of them the card ends in the GY, but they all 4 different actions that have different effects in the game. It's the same for activating a Spell Card and activating a Spell Effect.
<< Anonymous(Fyudo Yuusei)
sjp91 Reply
I don't know what makes you think I don't read the rulebook properly because I know the difference between discard, send, tribute and tribute amongst others. Case in point I can see a lot of ppl making the same excuse as the op since it is isn't really obvious (unless you read the rulebook)that this doesn't work for "effects" of spell cards.
Ahlix the Unbeatable
Broken card
<< Anonymous(Ahlix the Unbeatable)
sjp91 Reply
Yeah let's ban it along with red medicine (sarcasm)
<< Anonymous(Ahlix the Unbeatable)
sjp91 Reply
Yeah let's ban it along with red medicine (sarcasm)

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Don't forget to NOT convert your dark magic attack. XD
Trunade in this deck will get Maximus semi-limited soon. That’s just insane when they open ...
You fool! Your dick will be roasted!
Is the attack of this card optional or not? Although it says "it must attack first", th...
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